It's a Miracle.

Today, a miracle happened. Remember how I got out of a size huge a month ago?

I lost another size! Rejoice! Rejoice! Happy dance! Happy dance!!!

Over the weekend, my mom was pulling on my pants saying I had saggy bottom and was begging me to just try the next size down already. But I was in denial. I did not want to try on that size and have it be tight. It would crush me!

So I gathered up my courage today and I did it anyway. And yes!!! I am officially in a size 10!!! I haven't been a size 10 since around my wedding!! No, it's not a size 0, but I will never be a size 0. The smallest I get is about size 6 because I am just built that way. (And yes, I'd like to do that by Christmas. Someone say something about a "Hot for the Holidays" contest?)

Anyway, so I bought two pairs of 10s. Just because I could. One pair of jeans, and as God is my witness, A PAIR OF SHORTS! YES! I WORE SHORTS TODAY!! I have not worn shorts in years! (And I live in Florida!)

Anyway, after my huge dressing room epiphany, I came home and in a frenzy, pulled out all my skinny clothes from my closet, and tried them all on. Feverishly running back and forth from my room to the baby's room where there is a full-length mirror trying stuff on. AND THEY FIT! Oh happy day. So no, the ticker didn't move last week, and I did skip that run on Sunday (bad bad me!) but I am on cloud 9 right now.

I had refused to publish anything about my weight on my blog except for pounds lost (I still do) but I'll tell you now that after my first son was born, I was in a size 16. I remember saying out loud "If I could just get into a 12!"

I had lost 10 pounds by the time he was 10 months old, but even then, I was in a 14. I got pregnant again, had Mini, and I returned to a 14 right after. So that's my official story. Maybe at the end of the slimdown I'll feel comfortable enough to say my weight before and after, but for now, babysteps. Meantime I think I want to have these shorts bronzed.


  1. yay for you! i knew you could do it. i tol' ya you were slim and sexy. never go baggy again.

    but please fake bronze tan your legs so im not blinded by your paleness.

  2. Oh, I am just so *thrilled* for you! This made my day, and I'm so glad that you decided to share it. I don't tend to talk about my weight very much on my blog or what I'm trying to do other than here because of kind of opposite reasons (big whoop, you gained 20 pounds, shut up kind of thing), but a several weeks ago I had to actually buy a belt because my jeans were falling down. My little triumph was small compared to the leaps and bounds you are making, so I can only imagine how crazy happy you must have been! I can see you running around back and forth. Too cute.

    Yay you!!

  3. OH that is totally cool, what a great milestone to reach I can't wait until I reach a size 10 what a fantastic achievement.

  4. Yay for you!!! I have yet to dig through my closet an try on my pre-pregnancy clothes.. but that day is coming soon hopefully and maybe then I can stop wearing my baggie mesh basketball shorts!!!... I am so in for a hot for the holiday's contest.. what a great idea!!!

  5. Congratulations! I like to measure body changes by how clothes fit better than what the scale says. When working out a lot of times we gain weight due to building muscle and losing fat. Hot for the holidays... sounds like a plan. Congratulations again and hope you get into a size 8 soon.

  6. WOOHOO woman! You are a machine! Congrats!

  7. That's awesome! Good for you! I know you've been working hard at it. I've lost almost 11 pounds but still have not dropped a size. I think soon it will happen, but I'm still waiting.


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