My Week (so far): A Photo Essay

Shower Day!
My sister and I (the girl on the left is the pregnant one, fyi)
Yum. Yum. Yum. Tea room fare. Deee-lish.
Our favors were a cheese grater with a handle that looks like a belly. It was so stinkin cute (I thought). Turns out, my sister looked exactly like the girl on the grater (you can judge for yourself) including the headband, hairstyle, brown polka dot dress (total coincidence!) Their cleavage even matched. Seriously.

Post-shower relaxation.

Baby on the beach.
Touching sand for the first time.
Followed by eating sand for the first time.

Time to pack up. Waterspout off in the distance.
Uncle Zach catching baby sharks. That's a little scary. I mean, where's the mom?
Do I have any sunscreen on my face? Nope, Colonel Sanders. Ship shape!The weather's been pretty nice, it's only rained in spurts. I even fit a run in this morning along the beach and vowed that if I go tomorrow, I'll run with camera in hand because it's just too gorgeous to keep in my memory only. Plus, I've had to run. We've been to Kilwins almost every day this week. Our fudge stash in the fridge is multiplying. We now have the following: Chocolate Peanut Butter, Turtle, Chocolate, Vanilla, and two Maple Pecan or something like that. Yep. All that fudge. Big slabs of it. Darned buy two get one free sale.

And I am sure that my one measley run hasn't covered the damage, but a girl can dream, right?
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  1. Oh, such cute pictures! Looks like good times at the shower, and I am still very interested in hearing more about this whole tearoom thing since there are little cakes. I like little cakes. I also like beaches and fudge. Just sayin'.

  2. Love those beach photos! When Esme spent her first Christmas at the beach, we had sandy poop diapers that were just terrible to deal with! I imagine it was very cleansing for her!

  3. You two look so cute in the shower picture. You look awesome and look how cute she looks pregnant :) I looked like the Mommy that ate Cleveland at my shower. It was SO NOT CUTE.
    And the baby beach photos are just too cute :)
    I hear ya on the fudge. I had a bad few days (it's that bad ladies time) but I'm back in the groove now.

  4. I love these!!! But seriously, was the one of us the best you could find? I look like I'm thinking about eating you!

  5. Cute party favors!! YOU look great in your dress!! I know you feel great after all your working out and losing weight! You go girl~

  6. Your pictures are great!!! Looks like the shower went well considering the whole cancellation at the last minute thing you had to go through!!!
    We need a hot for the holidays to start very soon!!! I am falling of the wagon... and I think another contest just might be my saving grace!!!

  7. You and your sister are too cute! Love the dresses!!

    Sounds like you are having a fun time at the beach! I am wishing I was *still* there.

    Have fun!

  8. Shower photos are always wonderful! Your sis looks very happy.

    And love, love the beach pics.


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