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At what age did you stop using a monitor in your kids' rooms, or at what age do you plan to?

Just wondering. I'm glued to both of mine still. I slept zilch last night because I heard every move Poops made, fearing he'd get out of bed in his first night in the big boy bed. (Fortunately -- he actually waited in the morning for us to come get him, just like we had asked. Unbelieveable.) Anyway, not only that, but I have a video one for the little guy and I still can't stop staring at it.

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  1. I got rid of the monitors shortly after each boy moved out of my room. In other words, I only used them for a week or 2 when the boys were 5 months and 9 months old. We left our door open and could hear if they were making enough noise that meant they weren't going back to sleep.

  2. I can hear the Little Man because he's right down the hall, but he just turned 4 and he still has a monitor. But don't forget, he has asthma and food allergies and I think it's because I'm afraid he's going to stop breathing. Paranoid much? We probrably aren't the norm.

  3. Our house is huge and it's impossible to hear crying from one end of the house at the other. So I think I'm gonna use mine as long as my baby is sleeping in my house! Or at least as long as she is taking naps.

  4. i have never used a monitor...least not that i can remember. definitely not with my oldest since he was near by. he's 21 now. lol my girls, who are 11 & 9 now, used to sleep w me and my ex when they were very little...but even when in their cribs, i never used one. it's funny how much a mother can hear without monitors. sometimes i still wake up if i hear crying from a bad dream or whatever.

  5. I use my sound monitor when he is napping and I want to catch some sun by the pool.... I have a video monitor but it makes so much static niose that I hate to turn it on. Our little guys room is connected to ours... I can leave the door open and still see him... And believe me when he needs something we can definitely hear him... so I guess I don't use my monitors all that much but I should because he is only 12 weeks old!!!
    I also agree with Ciara.. a mother's hearing improves tremendously after having a baby. I swear I feel like I have whisper 2000 plug in my ears!!!


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