Skeletons! Skeletons! Everywhere!

I am busting.

Someone at my old high school put together a web site that allows you (for free) to log in and create a page. The news of this seems to be getting around my graduating class quickly because I found out about it, logged on and bam! Everyone, and I mean everyone I used to hang out with in high school is on there. And they have been for weeks!

I swear, it is 15 years later and it is like not a day has passed.

Which is both good and bad.

There are different forums on there where you can let out your secrets of old, like your old crushes and your "indiscretions". And there's a story in there about little old me.

Apparently, a guy I had gone to church with, whose mother was my CCD teacher, who I sat in the back of my math class with and joked around with -- apparently he got detention in his senior year and, as he remembers it, it was because of me!




Now, you have to know that this kid, and most of the kids in my class including me, were pretty straight and narrow. So detention for them would have been a pretty big deal (especially because they were on the football team.)

And so it must be true that it still bothers him enough that he posted about it on the site. Or at least it is a memory that is burned in his brain! Even though he didn't name names. Which was nice of him.

The whole story just baffles me. I guess he and some guys were goofing around in an empty classroom next to the one we were filming a news story in (yes I was a newsgeek back then). And we got the audio of them goofing off on tape. He remembers me being the one who identified them-- but honestly?

I can't even imagine a world or a universe in which I would do that!

(BECAUSE -- I had the hugest crush on him. That all my friends knew about -- and still even joke about to this day!) So would I do that?

I wish I would or could remember even one iota about that day. But I don't. And I feel bad.

Man I wish I had that tape!

I know what you're thinking. And yes, this is the worst of the "bad stuff" we did in high school. In fact, I do remember hearing after graduation about some *gasp* partying but I had no idea about it whatsoever while I was actually in high school. My cousin once called me a goody-goody and I guess she was right. But you would be too if you had my mom! I had an "angel" on one shoulder warning me not to do it, and my mom's face on the other shoulder yelling, "That's right!Don't you dare!"

Anyway. So, as if blogging weren't addicting enough, now I am on this high school web site catching up on all the news, gossip and stories of all my former classmates. Including the boy who was my very first real boyfriend in the 7th grade and who wrote my name in the concrete on his street (I wonder if it's still there?) Who is now a school principal!?

I didn't go to my 10 year reunion. I was living in New York and couldn't travel home for it at the time (I can't remember why -- but I remember thinking I would be embarrassed if I went because I gained weight, but what a laugh that is now! I was at least two sizes smaller than I am now! Oh if I could just turn back the clock...)

In sum, I don't know whether to log on to the site feverishly to find out more or shut the computer down and never come back! I wonder what other stories are out there..

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  1. I think it's funny that you were one of the good kids and that I was one of the bad kids but that you still have skeletons hanging out on the Onlines. Heheheehehe. ;)


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