Summer of Me: Fat Ticker Friday! One More Week Left!!!

Whoot! Whoot!

How'd everyone do this week??

Let's see, for me:

Weigh in: a huge point-five! woohoo! I'm actually ecstatic about a 1/2 pound loss because I thought for sure it would not go my way because of the week i've had.
Goal for next week: more more more! eat well workout more!

I'll tell ya right now, it was a toughy this week with a sick house. As of this writing, my body hurts and I am fearing the inevitable spread of Poops' sickness has begun. Poops is on day three of a 102-103 fever. He has had some stomach issues that have since subsided, but the pediatrician says his fever-slash-ailment could last up to a week. Yikes!

Thursday was interesting. Mini had a well checkup and was grumpy the whole day from shots. Poops had an on and off 103 fever all day.

I got a speeding ticket on the way home from the pediatrician. A very expensive one. The construction zone kind. It was the fastest ticket experience I've ever had. He took my license, wrote my ticket and sent me on my way. I think we said two words: hello and goodbye. I didn't even get an opening to do the whole crying-just-came-from-the-pediatrician-with-sick-kid thing.

Anyway, by evening I began the decline into feeling yucky myself and I skipped my run. I always look at Thursdays as my "last chance workout" and I missed it. Wah.

So for me, it's been a week. I hope everyone else is healthy and happy and lost some pounds! There's a Wii fit up for grabs!! And don't forget, lots of prizes today! Thanks again to my favorite gluten-free blogger, ChupieandJ'sMama at Our Story, for sponsoring a $30 gift card to Title Nine! Leave a comment for that with your weightloss!

AND: Also up for grabs also is a tee-shirt from Dirty Red. All you have to do is write up a post and link to here about one of these: (Winner chosen at random):

-I'd have no problem losing weight (or keeping it off) if it weren't for ___________. (Fill in the blank--and it can be serious or not so serious, you decide!).


-If I were a superhero, I'd be _____________.

Be sure to sign the linky so I can see your story! Winners announced Sunday!

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  1. Ooh, speeding ticket. Ick. I'd be more likely to get a ticket for going too slow anymore...

    I"m about the same weight I was this time last week, but that's actually an accomplishment because my weight went up but came back down for no good reason since I was an angel this week sticking with my goals. Sometimes I think our bodies are just like that, but I expect a little drop after this if it's like typical.

    Hope everyone feels better soon!

  2. i put my post on my thyroid blog, because that's where i've been keeping my weight loss efforts before the 'summer of me'.

    mr. linky sure is convenient for getting to others' blogs :)

  3. I lost 3 pounds this week, so I am down a total of 11.4 pounds since the start of the contest. I feel great about that! I don't know if I'm going to hit my goal, but at least I've shaved over 10 pounds off in the last month. For me, that's great. Now I just need 10 more months of success and I will be where I need to be. I posted my If I could story yesterday.

    BTW, I have a contest going on over at my blog so I hope everyone goes over there to check it out. The Grand Prize includes a $50.00 Target Gift Card.

  4. I lost 2 pounds this week. I'm so happy. That makes the vacation weight gone and now I can get back to serious buisness. Wow, Dena lost over 11 pounds so far. You go girl!

    I really hope everyone is feeling better at your house. And so sorry about the speeding ticket. When it rains it pours. Keeping my fingers crossed that next week gets better for you all. Especially poor little Poops :(

  5. Ouch on the speeding ticket, that hurts. Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

    I'm down two pounds, since I gained a pound last week, that was nice to lose it. AF should be arriving within the week, so I'm hoping I can stick with a 1-2 lb loss in the final week.

    Great job everyone! Keep it up!!

  6. another two pounds...yay!!!


  7. I have a lead foot, so I can relate to your speeding ticket woes. Bummer.

    I sure hope everyone gets healthy in your home, and especially that you don't come down with it (how unpleasant)!

    I'm down another 0.6 this week. Total loss since we started this challenge is 4.2. Seems I have a lot to lose in one week if I've any hope of winning that Wii Fit! But I WILL NOT GIVE UP!

    For the past 2 weeks I've lost 0.6 without 'officially' counting points (I'm doing WW). So if I really watch my points this week, and get in a couple exercise sessions, maybe I can kick off another 2-3. Only 8.8 to goal #1, then another 10 to the end goal.

    I'm totally up for another challenge if you host it. Though my silly friends would call it "Hawt for the Holidays" LOL!

  8. OK, know how I said I expected a little drop because I'd been good all week (except my free day) but hadn't seen it drop? It did, and now I've officially lost 15 pounds since March, even taking my time not in a hurry to lose but just doing the lifestyle change (which includes tracking everything but giving some leeway because I'm doing this for life). I could stop right here and be fine, but I think just about another 5 or 6 pounds more will be ideal. I don't get into this over on my blog, so thank you, Christie, again for a cool way for me to kind of check in and share my happy, even if unofficially. :)

    I'm thrilled for everyone making it happen, no matter how quickly or slowly but doing something instead of just wishing. Awesome.

  9. btw...i gained a lot last week. 4lbs! i'm down 3 this week. i've been fluctuating so much, i feel like a yo-yo lol

  10. Hey, everyone. I've plateaued. I haven't lost one pound in the past two weeks. I need help. Anyone have any ideas how to jump start a 41 year old metabolism?

  11. ooh, i would have to say..whatever you're doing to work out, step it up. make it borderline uncomfortable. like perhaps, if you're working out 3 days, make it 4 or 5. if you're doing 4 or 5 make it six. if you're doing all cardio, add weights. if you're doing all weights, add cardio. do something to mix it up. (and all the while you're doing this, eat healthy because if you're not eating healthy your workouts will just burn off what you eat instead of using the food you eat as energy.) i say this because i have plateaued too and this is what i'm doing. so i disclaimer this with the standard, "not everything works for everybody" thing. this is what works for me. anyone else got something???

  12. I lost 1 pound this week! I need to take Christie's advice and change it up a bit... I think I am finally getting to the point of adding weights without being in pain so that is a big plus!!! I think I'll try some sit ups and pushs next week and we will see how it goes!!!

    Sorry abou the speeding ticket... bummer... take care of you little one. I hope he is better soon!

  13. Sorry about having a sick little one at home and getting a speeding ticket too. I've lost a total of 5.2 pounds now, the scale is finally catching up to how I've been feeling. Hope everyone gets better at home.

  14. Sorry about the rough week, but congrats on .5!

    I'm the same, which is okay considering. One week to go!

  15. Down half a pound this time round ;) WOOT!


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