Summer of Me Sponsor: Dirty Red Gear

OK remember when I said that when I was trying to find sponsors for our contest, I was kind of being a little picky? Not that a beggar can be a chooser, but well, why not? I really wanted to pick sponsors who reflected what this contest was about. Which to me, was deeper than just a contest. It was about finishing something I started, perseverance, motivation, taking back my life and being the person I want to be. I hope it was (is) the same for you.

That was why I chose to write to Dirty Red and why I was so ecstatic that Nicol said yes. I found her company on a running web site, checked her out and was sold. I about did flips when I got her e-mail on my phone one day out in public somewhere.

Nicol is part athlete-part fashion designer-all mom. She was a competitive runner in college and had to put running on hold after having her second child and battling post-partum depression. But she laced up again, and surprisingly (to herself) placed 6th in a 10k and essentially got back on that horse! That's true inspiration. She wrote a little about it on her blog:

"I know that you hear a lot of people say "if I can do it, you can do it too!". You realize that there is some truth to that silly little saying! But, what you need to realize, everyone begins at different levels. Some of us have just started putting one foot in front of the other while others have completed their first tri-athlon. Either way, you have started something! "

Sometimes I need to remember that.

Oh yes, she also stars in her own ads and why wouldn't you when you look like this!

Hello, Hottie McSixPack!

(Am I allowed to say that?) I can't help it. If this mother of two can look like this, then like she says on her blog, I can too! (If I get there and my six pack starts peeking through, it will be plastered up here on this blog, centered as the LARGE picture, faster than you can say "sixpack".)

So if you get a chance, please, go check out this amazing woman's company, Dirty Red, ( because it was her dream and she made it a reality. She truly is amazing and inspiring. And so is her line of sportswear. Thanks, Nicol for sponsoring our contest! You're an inspiration to all of us!
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  1. Big thanks to her and Dirty Red! And yes, she is a hottie!!

  2. Awesome clothes! My new goal is to work out hard enough to get legs nice enough to wear that cute skort on the first page. Can she teach me how to get those abs?

  3. Wow, she's a mom! Hottie McSixpack says it all. I went to the website yesterday when you told me that I won the t-shirt and I fell in love with those skorts. I have got to get myself in shape to be able to wear one of the. So cute.

    Don't worry about your stomach Christie, I can tell that you are going to get there. You are the only person that I know who has two kids and is still dedicated enough to work out 6 times a week. I wish I was that motivated.


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