Sigh. My sister's headed to the airport right now after our, as always whirlwind weekend. She's just so cute and pregnant (one of those "can't tell she's pregnant from the back, just got a bump in the front" types that you want to smack) but adorable nonetheless.

I miss her already. I have always hated goodbyes.

The next time I see her will probably be when she has a baby in her arms (or when she's pushing one out, depending on how long her labor is and how quickly I can get a flight!)

Whenever we get together we find our way to the candy store and boy did we have some yummies last night. We went to Kilwins and I don't know if you've ever been there but they make all their own sugarstuffs, like fudge and ice cream and caramel-covered-Rice-Krispy-treats (on a stick) all of which we procured. I haven't eaten the buy two slabs get one free pieces of fudge we got yet (regular chocolate, peanut butter, and vanilla) but they're sitting right over there in the fridge, waiting for me. Oh yes they are.

The baby shower turned out really nice (I think --- or rather, I hope!). I so wanted to blog about the following but I feared my sister would read it so I can blog about it now that it's over. I had the tea room booked for about month for the shower, it was a beautiful tea room by my house and you know how much I love tea rooms.

Well, one week before the shower, I got a voicemail. Hi, yes, I'm sorry, but we have to cancel your reservation for next weekend. I see it's for a baby shower. I'm really sorry. Call us if you have any questions.

That was it. Call if you have questions??????????????? I think I might have some questions!!!!

So after I restored color to my face and stopped shaking and cursing, I dialed the tea room in a frenzy getting ready with all my might to tear someone a new one. Because my sister was flying in for this and most tea rooms take Saturday (and party) reservations well in advance and what were we going to do now?? One week away!

When the girl answered, I said, Um, our reservation is canceled? Excuse me? I don't think I heard your message correctly. I have people flying in from out of town for this.

Turns out I had heard correctly and yes, it was canceled because the tea room was actually closing. Forever. Honestly. It's been open forever. What are the chances it would be closing a week before a shower I planned there?

Then the girl told me the story about why it was closing, and how they wanted to wait until the reservations were all fulfilled but they couldn't and how the staff took turns crying before making all these terrible calls and suddenly I was glad that I didn't get completely all huffy puffy right off the bat. Because it was so very tempting and I had to really rally the troops for some self control. But I felt really badly for them.

So I got on the computer and called the very first place that came to mind because I knew how lovely and wonderful the owner was, and (as I had hoped) she was able to fit us in!!! I was so thankful and the tea room turned out to be beautiful. If I were going to own a tea room one day, I wish that this would be it. It even has a room that I could picture a little baby (like mine) taking a nap in while I prepare scones and tea for my lovely customers. Oh sorry. I'm getting all dreamy and starry-eyed and sidetracked.

Anyway, then after the shower, we came down to the beach and it has been so beautiful so far and I have a wireless connection even! How convenient! And I have taken some of the best pictures ever but I am getting this terrible message when I plug in my camera, it says, "USB DEVICE NOT RECOGNIZED" and I have decided that I definitely do not like this message at all. Seeing as I have unplugged and replugged and restarted a thousand times. So I will turn the problem over to my engineer husband who will perform a miracle on the USB with his magical engineer hands.

By the way, he so lovingly turned to me just a moment ago to say, "Don't worry honey. We'll get it fixed. And the whole world will know what we've been doing for the past couple days. I promise."

A man after my own heart.
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  1. That same USB thing happened to me after Jasons birthday. I FREAKED. And that's when the guy at Geek Squad had me the Dynex card reader. It works great.
    Glad all went well. That was so horrible about the first Tea Room. I'm so glad that you found another one.

  2. Wow, to be open for years and suddenly close down. Glad you didn't lose your cool before finding out the reason and also that you found another nice place. I have never been to a tea room. I'm not even sure what it's all about exactly, so if you ever think of posting a little something about how to act if I ever go to one, that would be cool.

    Your husband - that is just too cute!

  3. Just wanted to let you know that although I couldn't weigh in this week (I was in CA and off the internet), I have really enjoyed the Summer of Me! I only lost 4 pounds, but considering that for three weeks of this I was either on vacation or at BlogHer or with my husband in CA, I think I did pretty well not to put ON weight. So, thanks for all the encouragement!


  4. Of course you know I had both of my showers at the tea room that my MIL owned.
    What a lovely place, your sister is a lucky girl!

  5. The baby shower sounded delightful even though the original destination had to cancel on you - I'm glad it all worked out so wonderfully in the end.

    I miss my sisters too - saying good-bye is hard.


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