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I can't motivate! I'm so tired, there's a massive amount of laundry (clean) piled up in my room, my bags are still packed and I have a list a mile long of stuff to do and phone calls to make -- including paying my speeding ticket and taking that darned class. And while I'm on the subject of a speeding ticket, would you believe I got EIGHT ads for law firms/slash/online driving schools in the mail in one day and no other mail whatsoever? Eight. It was almost funny. I'm sorting through and I see one ad and think, hmm. I guess it's public information. How annoying. Or the DMV is selling my info. Even more annoying.

And then I pull out the next piece of mail and it's another. And another. And another. And then I remembered the time I was out at Arigato, the Japanese steakhouse, and I ordered my meal without mushrooms because I hate mushrooms and about 10 minutes later, a waitress appeared at my table with a heaping bowl of mushrooms asking, who ordered the mushroom appetizer? I thought karma was messin with me then, and I'm thinking karma is messing with me now by sending me all these ads.

I did get that post-vacation grocery shopping trip over with though, that's a relief. Time for detox. But as I'm walking out the door of the grocery store, there was a lady weighing herself on the giant scale by the door, which I would never ever do, by the way, and all I hear is her 8ish year old son going, "Wowwww! Mom!!! That's wayyyy past 100 pounds!" And I turn my head and laugh at his childlike brutal honesty that kids display very loudly, but then feel bad immediately because she caught me and I just know she thought I was looking at her weight, which I wasn't, I looked away immediately as if it were a solar eclipse so as to not see the weight because I wouldn't want anyone to see mine. I wish she knew I didn't see it!

In other news, I saw LL Cool J Saturday night! He and his glistening biceps played a concert after the Rays game and it was magical. My cousin and I were in the bathroom earlier in the game that we watched absolutely none of and some lady walked up to us and gave us her wristbands so we could get down onto the field for the concert instead of sitting in our nosebleeds with our husbands! I was giddy. I may or may not have attacked her with a full body hug. I wish he would have sang more songs from the 80s (the tape I had) but whatever. And some guys who were born in 1985 tried to grind dance with us but they ran (literally) when my cousin told him her husband was on his way down. Or it may have been when I said something about us being too old for them, being married and having 5 kids between the two of us. Who knows.

And we did get carded! Yay for getting carded! I might have to make a special ticker on my sidebar for the number of times I get carded this year. But then I'll get all depressed if I don't get carded and my ticker stays at a certain number. So nevermind, bad idea.

I need some motivation! I'm exhausted!!

Oh, and ps. for anyone who's interested in a Hot for the Holidays -- I'm thinking about a September start date, I am currently trolling for sponsors, and it will not be like the last round, there will be a twist and actually, I am so excited about this idea I want to piddle with excitement! So stay tuned for more -- sometime this month!

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  1. I got carded the other day, twice, and loved it. ;) Welcome back to the day to day.

  2. oooh carded would be fun... but alas at almost 35 I don't think that is going to happen anymore... sniff.

    I really wish that I could participate in the new challenge for the holidays. I loved the last one but I'm going to be away from internet almost entirely from mid september until feb some time so maybe if you have one in the Northern hemisphere spring I'll be back around for that.

  3. I am down with the "Hot for the holidays" program...even if you have no sponsors! I know I will need SOMETHING to keep me accountable! I start fitcamp on August 17th and will be back on Sept 1st and will have to keep up what I started. I am going to rejoin the gym today!

  4. I will definitely stay tuned for a "Hot for the holidays" challenge!!! LL CoolJ WoW!!! I would have loved to see that concert. I would also love to get carded.. but for some reason I don't which is a little depressing but I will get over it!!!

  5. I need a Hot For The Holidays challenge too. It's so hard to be motivated when you don't have a dedicated weekly weigh in. Even if there are no prizes, the weekly weigh in is dedication.

    I used to get carded, but this year most of that has stopped.


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