The Calm Before, During and After the Storm

It's little more than a blustery day here today for me. Not even that, really.

Fay headed way south of us and her outer bands may or may not even hit us with a storm or two. Whoopty doo. They've canceled all our warnings and watches because any storms will likely stay pretty far east of us. Sorry east-coast friends! Stay safe!

But this was a good learning experience for us, even though we had to just prepare. We had to update our hurricane supply kit anyway since the food we had in there expired in 2006. We also learned valuable lessons, like the fact that we have no room in our garage for things like cars. Which would be helpful if we were in a situation that would warrant having shelter for cars, like, perhaps, when projectiles might be flying around at 100 miles an hour.

In other news, yesterday Poops had his first day of school! (Doesn't he look all cute and studenty--complete with tiny backpack? Tear!)

I only just kind of "mentioned" it because I was worried about this storm, but it was a really big deal! And here's where you laugh at me. It was only orientation. Just me, Poops, husband and his teachers and it lasted for a 1/2 hour. I know, I know. I actually think the orientation is more for getting the parents ready for this big day than the kids. I'll bet he doesn't look back once as he heads off through those doors tomorrow. He'll leave me crying in the parking lot. Booger.

But tomorrow is the real deal. Teachers take him and he goes to school. Without me. He already loves what he's seen and I know he's going to LOVE going because like most two-year-olds he loves playing and learning and friends and as soon as we got there yesterday, he took off around the room exploring and didn't look at us once. And that really is ok with me because he seems independent. Especially for a kid whose been at home with this old mom for the past two years.

I'm so excited for him because he is like a sponge right now -- he's soaking in everything. He knows all his letters and colors and modes of transportation (how do boys just know about cars? I don't get it.) and he loves everything involved with the ocean ("seahoss" "cab" "shock-fish" "whale-fish" "doffin fish" "big wawa" "fish sleep big wawa").

It's so amazing to see the things he's picking up that I'm trying out all these things just to see if he'll like it or even, by chance, learn it. Like hanging a giant map of the U.S. over his changing table. Yes, he is still getting his diaper changed and I'm expecting him to know the map? I don't even know the map. Don't worry. I don't really have these giant expectations, but I'm sure it never hurts to have things like this around. (And he does know Texas and Florida though now, does that count?)

I'll report back tomorrow about the actual first day. I hope I can muster up some self control and wait to burst into tears until he is completely out of my line of vision!

ps. I'm so happy so many people are joining "Hot for the Holidays!" Yayyyy!!!! I had started putting everyone's links in my sidebar, but Blogger ate it. Just as I was about to publish. 20-something links. Gone. Meanie.
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  1. We have an open house with the teachers today and school starts on Thursday. I have twins that are starting Kindergarten -one is super excited, the other is dead set on not going. He has already warned me that he will probably cry, so I am sure I will be a big puddle of mush. ;o)

  2. Aww! Hope everything goes well and you enjoy all your "free" time ultimately!

    As for expectations - I really believe it's our job as parents to have high expecations for our kids. Realistic, yes, but definitely high.

  3. Here from the blog award at Titus 2. Nice to 'meet' you!

    Mary, mom to many

  4. I actually got the background from that link in the upper left-hand corner of my page and messed my blog up big-time trying to put the code in. Luckily, a blog friend came to my rescue and walked me through doing it the right away. The rest I figured out on my own. ;o)

    You should try fantasy football on a league with your hubby... that is the ultimate competition -nothing like saying you beat your husband at fantasy football. Haha. And it is surprisingly FUN!

  5. Always good to be prepared for any kind of emergency, and it's nice when it's just a little reminder.

    Aw, how bittersweet the first day of school. I loved the pictures. Sooooo adorable!


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