Fay, Fay Go Away

Did you happen to see this little ditty hanging out in the open sea? Tropical storm Fay is out there and it is coming straight to my house according to those little spaghetti models. When I watch the television and see the little track (playing over and over again) it doesn't just head toward our area. It lands right at our front door. Literally. It's as if you zoom in as far as you can zoom in on their little satellite maps and you see the color of our house and our neighborhood and our car in the driveway. And Fay standing outside the door. Without a pie or a side dish or anything. Rude!

I was going to do this crazy emotional post about Poops starting school tomorrow. Because he is! He's starting school! He's going tomorrow! So I've been scrambling for school supplies and hurricane supplies. Because we are going to need both. Well, hopefully not. Hopefully Poops will start school and the hurricane will decide that it's much cooler to take a turn and stretch her legs out into the wide, wide ocean. But it seems doubtful. Wish us luck!
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  1. As if the first day of school isn't enough to deal with, now you have an uninvited guest coming your way! Good luck and stay safe! :o)

  2. Here's praying you all stay safe!

  3. I'm a little worried too. I'm moving into the hotel tomorrow to get ready for the possible influx of evacuated guests. I was really hoping that this year was going to be quiet like last year, but that doesn't appear possible at this point in time.

  4. oh Fay is just foolin' us all. she take a turn out to sea. we'll be fine. those news people always like to hype up the storms...ya know those news people can be? lol!

  5. Wow, on both school and the hurricane. I do hope that you will be safe - at your door without a pie is funny. Hope it goes into the drink instead.

  6. Oh my, he's starting school? That's enough to make you want a drink. Add in Fay and you've got a bonanza of frozen beverages calling your name.

    Hoping Fay poops out quickly. We're heading to FL on Sat and I know DH has been watching the news religiously to monitor her progress.

  7. Take LOTS of pics as it is a moment that will never happen again...and don't cry! My mom was way more nervous than I was and started crying when I went off to kindergarden! It ruined me! I am sure your son will have a wonderful experience!

  8. I don't think the hurricane will arrive....I think it will shift...(Ok, I am hoping, I have extended family in Belize and my mom is worried!


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