It's oh so quiet..

This is Poops' first full day of school. (By full day I mean the full 2 1/2 hours not like the hour-ish that was last week.) I know, I know. Still not a full day of school but off in someone else's world nonetheless. Last week we ran errands for that little hour. But now that we have more time, we came home.

And it's quiet in here. Really quiet.

All I can hear is the sound of my typing.

Because it's naptime for the other one. And if I'm not careful, the full 2 hours will go by and I will find myself still sitting here on the computer leaving comments and reading blogs and writing blog entries... and oh boy is that tempting.

But alas, there is leftover cat poop to clean because we left the laundry room door closed by accident for too long while the laundry was running and well, that's where the cat box is. Sorry kitties. Our fault. Not yours.

Plus there's that haunting issue of the folding of the laundry, which never seems to ever be done, and by the way is not my forte. One day I will take a picture of my laundry heap and explain to you my extreme loathing of laundry-folding.

Anyway, some of you asked me about what type of school Poops is going to since he is just two, and we've picked a really lovely Montessori school nearby. It's one of those places when you walk in and you instantly get that feeling of, "This is it." Kind of like a new house. We love it. They garden and cook and learn a lot of practical things in addition to the normal type of a-b-c's and 1-2-3's. It's about independence, mostly. Which is what we try to do at home. If he's doing it by himself, even if it's taking his own dish to the garbage, cleaning it off and putting it in the sink, he is beside himself with glee. And I will ride that wave as long as I can.

He goes for three mornings for three hours. That's the schedule we picked. Because he's only two and he'll be in school five days a week soon enough. We may choose five mornings (still half-days) if he seems to like it enough but that will probably be next year. Right now he loves it. He kicks wildly and squeals with joy when we pull up and he sees his teachers outside. Which makes me happy. Still a little sad inside that he couldn't care less to leave this old mommy. But as long as he's happy and learning...

The winner of the LUVS giveaway is Tasha, of It's a Wonderful Job and I get to do it! (Isn't that such a cute name for a blog!) Congrats! An e-mail is on your way!

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  1. Enjoy your time to yourself!! I know I am! ;o)

  2. I love that he's going to school! And it's so funny how you still have that 'thing' about doing laundry. For as long as I remember, in every place you've lived, I picture you with a side of at least 2 large heapings of laundry somewhere in the house!

  3. Aw, so very bittersweet, I'm sure. Sounds like he is having good times and learning, and I bet you will get more used to it before too long, but still - just awwww... ;)

  4. Oh man! Laundry folding is the only chore I LIKE. Can we have a chore exchange program, and I'll do that for you if you'll vacuum for me? :)

    And yay for liking new school! :)

  5. I hope your son had a wonderful first day of school. I also hope you enjoyed some "you" time, its always nice when we get that.
    Thank you so much for the giveaway, I'm so excited!! Also thanks for the compliment on my blog name, I was just thinking last night that it was cheesy and I might change it, but nope not going to...thank for making me feel better about it:) Love your blog, I will be back everyday to read it.

  6. It's so wonderful when they enjoy school! I miss those half days when I got all my errands done and then still had a little one to have lunch with.

  7. Sounds like the school thing is working out great!

  8. Oh girl..
    You know my heart about burst out of my chest when I read the word Montessori. My kids have gone to Montessori for years! I LOVE that school! You will not be disappointed! Carly did it through Kin.- she is leaps and bounds ahead of everyone in her class. I am so sad that this is Abby's last year there..she will enter the public arena next year. But it is a WONDERFUL start to their little lives...
    Of COURSE you picked Montessori!
    After all, we were separated at birth! :)


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