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Are you ready?

I sooo am. I gotta get back on the wagon and I could sooo use your guys' help. So I'm glad we're starting this again.

I've decided I must bite the bullet and get me a treadmill that will go in the corner of the room we call the office that will hopefully never end up under piles of dirty or clean clothes. But it's been so tough to get my runs in between finding someone to watch the kids and the still-ridiculous Florida heat. (100 degrees at 8 at night?!!) And how much do I hate lacing up and driving all the way to the gym just to use their treadmill? At 9 at night. After bedtimes. I did, however, buy a jumprope which I will try again after my huge embarrassing failure of 2006 that left me scarred and saddened. (There was leaping and crashing and banging and well, I don't remember it being this hard as a kid.) The good news is, as much as I hate the "plank", I've been doing that a lot lately too and I'm getting much better at that. I can actually hold it now for 30 seconds without wildly shaking and falling on my face. This is progress.

Anyway, I'm so excited about next week. Please help me remain accountable!!!

I wish I had more exciting things to say on this Monday but it's Labor Day and well, I'm taking the day off from my non-job. Whatever that means. But I'll be watching Hurricane Gustav closely and praying for the people of Louisiana (and the surrounding states who will also get him), hoping that they got out in time and that the levees hold up for those who didn't.

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  1. you can do it hillc! you are in the home stretch. stick with it kid! im so proud of you.

  2. I love having a bike at home (stationary) as I KNOW even though I wanna walk or run the heat here(same as yours) derails all my best plans.


  3. Ah, the treadmill. I actually prefer running on it compared to running outside. At least when I started a few months ago. I could keep better track of my time then.

    I'm crossing fingers things go well for me too. I'm in need of a good swift kick in the rear.

    Thanks for another program!

  4. Hi, I couldn't remember whether or not I'd signed up for your Hot for the Holidays thingie! And according to your list, I haven't! But I do have the button on my blog and will be blogging all about it on Friday with the first weigh-in which will be my starting point!!

  5. Oop, I should read more carefully - I will blog on Monday 8th!! Not this Friday!!

  6. I'm ready!!! I ran outside this weekend. It's the first time since last fall. I set some lofty goals and failed. But I'm ok with it and I so enjoyed it!! I ran/walked (mostly walked) 3 miles on Sat. I got lapped by 2 really cute guys but they waved and didn't laugh so I guess that's ok. And I walked/ran (ran more than walked) outside on Sun. 3 miles again. I was going to do it again today but my legs hurt so badly I thought I needed a day off. Hopefully I can get back into this and do it more often. We have a treadmill but it's in our dungeoun of a basement and I REALLY hate going down there and running. It's not the same.

  7. Christine,
    I must say that keeping a food journal keeps me that I am back it is hard to want to do it but I know it is a necessary evil. Its amazing how many hidden calories can be consumed in one day! I found a good online one My Fit and I am going to be on it for real tomorrow! For now, I am doing the notebook. Yesterday on my free day I was supposed to eat no more than 2,000 calories and was at like 2,400. I was positive I was uner 2,000 but when I added it up NOT! I went shopping for today and am ready to rock!

    We can all do this! All the gains I made can be undone in a week or two if I do not continue on the right path.


  8. I think having some exercise equipment at home can really help with the excuse factor. I don't have much room for a lot, but I like knowing that if I want to, I can work out pretty much anytime on my balance ball. Now it's getting that motivation back after going way off track with recent visitors, though I do not regret for a minute the yummy fun that was had, either. Just ready to get back on track soon. So glad you are doing this!


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