Thursday Thirteen #11: Milestones, Moments and Madness

It's been a busy week in the O' household. Lots of little milestones and lots of little things I learned about lots of little things. Here's my list of:
13 Milestones, Moments, and Madness

1. Poops started school this week as you may have read about every day so far. He had to bring a plant. They're going to garden this year.
2. He didn't even bat an eye when the teacher came and took him from my car and walked him in through the gate. No "Bye!" no nothing. Which I expected. I did not cry. I am proud. But I did go park the car and watch him in class through the two-sided mirrow-window thing for a few minutes. Just to see. Of course it was only a half-day (which means one hour. Yes. I'm lame.)

3. Can you believe that was the first hour of his two-and-a-half years (besides the two weeks he spent in the NICU) that he has ever ever ever been in the care of someone else besides a family member?

4. I know. Time to cut the apron strings.

5. And that one hour must have had quite an impact on him. Because he came home, wanted a "big boy cup" (without a top), and suddenly wanted to do everything solo. He'd yell, "No! Ay Ay do dat!" when I'd start to do something for him. To which I say, ok! go for it! Mr. Independent...and by the way, how bout wiping that butt?!

6. Meantime over the weekend, Mini started really crawling (he's been crawling for months but in that wriggly military crawl). Now it's the real thing. Like it's old hat.

7. Then as if out of nowhere, he started pulling up and standing.

8. I've learned that he hates pureed green beans, but loves them whole. He loves pureed carrots but hates them whole. He loves peas, any which way. But if you slip in that whole carrot (the mushy can kind) he'll look at it, then at you like you are crazy, bang down his hand as if to say, "Excuse me? You think I am eating that?"And wail till you give him a pea. Oh, and you can add "anything he can pick up off the floor" to his favorite-foods-list too. No matter how clean my floors are, he finds that speck. And eats it.

9. I threw out our area rug this week because it's the type that holds in food and crumbs and hair and just overall grossness which Mini had been consuming entire meals out of.

10. Gag.

11. However, whilst pulling up on the side of the couch, he slipped and fell backward and at that moment I had wished there were a carpet, even of the gross crap-harboring variety, to cushion my poor baby's tiny head.

12. Poops is in a terrible phase in which he CANNOT CONTROL THE VOLUME OF HIS VOICE! And there is yelping and barking and screaming at piercing octaves and anyone who is on the phone with me at any given moment is guaranteed to ask me, "Is this a bad time?"
13. Boy kitty keeps mounting poor elderly girl kitty. And the evil sounds that come out of her mouth whilst trying to flee are enough to tell anyone she is not having it. There is growling and hissing and fighting and then chasing. And the chasing is usually me running through the house after boy kitty yelling, "Leave her alone!! Bad kitty!" My favorite time of day is when all of the above is happening all at the same time. The screaming, the pulling up and falling, the eating stuff off the floor, the mounting, the chasing, the phone this a bad time? Nope. These are the sounds of my house.
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  1. Wow, sounds like ther's alot going on at your house and it definitely doesn't get boring, does it? Thanks for sharing with us :)

    Happy TT and greets

  2. Great list! I'm having a hard time coming up with 13 today.

    I can relate to not leaving my kid with anyone other than a family member!

    Oh, and I love the food thing with Mini. I've spent much time trying to figure out what texture of a food appeals to Esme. Whole? Sliced? Diced? Mashed? None of the above? And what works today doesn't work tomorrow, so we start all over again. What is with the pickiness?!

  3. Awwwwwww, great list. Happy TT:)

  4. Hooray for surviving the first day of school. How neat they are gardening.

  5. Awwwww... That's so sweet. Definitely some milestones going on where you are.

  6. cute are your boys?! I love seeing them together like that. You have had some big time milestones this week momma :)

  7. How cute is Poops starting school? I can't believe he's old enough to go. Where did that baby go? He was just a wee one when I started reading you. Time just flies to quickly. Sniff...

  8. Sounds like a very busy house you have. Happy TT and thanks for visiting my TT.

  9. Such fun times! You will miss it all one day. Well, maybe not the cat stuff, but the rest of it.

  10. What a cool list!!!!

    I had to LOL at the controlling the sound of their voices!!!!

  11. Sounds like your house is a little crazy. How old is your little one? Mine is still army-crawling, and is just attempting to start pulling up. Thankfully, though, he doesn't put little things in his mouth ... yet.

  12. Have your little one come to my house. I have plenty of snacks on the floor for


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