Thursday Thirteen #8: A List of Stuff

I missed you, Thursday Thirteen. A week is not a week without you.

I've been tagged for a six-random-things-about-me meme by Danielle (hers is really funny by the way and totally random -- like loving the smell of skunks. Skunks!) And since it's Thursday, I'll add seven more and make it 13 because why not. So here goes.

1. I have a complex about my arms. I am always afraid that fatarm will get in the picture. I purposely make sure to take straight-on photos to keep fatarm at bay. I hate it when I forget and it sneaks in there.

2. I speak another language. Called "gibberish." Sometimes (often) I find myself in deep thought, and, as if out of nowhere, I blurt out something about whatever it is I happen to be in deep thought about, as if the person I am with had been involved in the conversation in its entirety. Which leaves them often bewildered and confused. Like the time I was at lunch with my husband thinking about what to make for dinner and thinking wouldn't it be great for me to make a yummy stir-fry because I have all these vegetables and chicken and rice at home when I said, "I think I'll wok the chicken tonight." Which came out, "I think I'll walk the chicken tonight." And my husband had this dumbfounded look on his face, and then you could actually see the thought process going on in his head while he tried decipher or translate whatever it was I just said. He knows me well enough now that he's actually getting pretty good at translating my gibberish (which is often completely unintelligible) because I do this all the time.

3. I love Candlebox. I'm going to see them Friday and stand in the front row like I did last summer when I was pregnant. No one seems to like Candlebox anymore. They were so 1993. But I do. I'm their biggest fan.

4. I love those candy dots that are stuck on the paper. The ones that you get like 5 long sheets in the pack. I'm convinced the pink and blue are the yummiest and the yellow is lemon, but really I think they're just sugar dots with a side of paper.

5. Speaking of candy, my sister and I love candy necklaces. We would wear them every day if the colors didn't run down your neck when you sweat.

6. I have an internal defiance machanism. If someone bugs me to do something, I mean really starts to bug me about it, I automatically turn off and do not do it, in a "you're not the boss of me" type of defiance. It's very immature and sometimes I don't even know when I am doing it. Which actually gets me into trouble sometimes when someone bugs me about something important.

7. My pinky toe dislocates. All the time. One time when I was getting ready for work at Denny's (I worked there in college -- no judging! It was good money!) I smashed my toe and hobbled around for about a half-hour before it stopped hurting. Since then, I can hit it on anything and it pops out. It even pops out when I walk in sand sometimes when the sand is so thick. It is so freakin painful! I actually have to stop and tap it back in. Yes, gross. And every time I get a pedicure I have to tell the lady that I broke my toe once and to be careful with it because it's so much easier to just say that then go into the fact that it dislocates, yada yada yada...

8. I have two tattoos. One is on my right calf and it's a mandela, a native american symbol. (Everyone says "I like your dreamcatcher!" but it's not a dreamcatcher! It looks like one, but it is not and that bugs me.) I got it a month after I turned 18. In my first semester of college. When I dyed my hair purple. The other is a symbol that my cousins, sister and I made up, we call it a "compass rose" and we all got one. Mine is "fire". My sister's is "earth". My cousins are "water" and "air". I love this tattoo. It's on my back.

9. My hairdresser calls me "Christine." Instead of Christie. This has happened all my life and I can't stand it. Everyone asks me if Christie is short for Christine and those who don't ask just call me Christine. I asked my hairdress place to stop calling me Christine but it's in the computer this way and for some reason they refuse to change it even though I always ask them to. And I also dread that message on the phone.."Hi Christine, you have an appointment tomorrow with Debbie..." ugh.

10. I've started three books and finished one. But the one I finished is a children's book and I always think, it's probably crap, so I haven't bothered to send it anywhere. The other three I got about 30 pages in before I decided I hated everything about them and aborted.

11. I love the feeling that is being showered and all lotioned up with purty-smelling-lotion (lavender or something sleepy) and going to bed in fresh sheets.

12. I love pajamas. I would like to have a separate dresser for all the pajamas I could want or buy or afford.

13. I dream about waiting tables. I loved waiting tables. Something about the customers and "anticipating the customer's needs" and meeting new people. I think that opening a tea room will satisfy that craving. A girl can dream..

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  1. no one seems to know what a mandela is LOL i have a tattoo of one myself above my right ankle.

  2. Cool TT!!!

    I speak giberish too - my kids taught me!

  3. Hahaha, awesome list. Sincerely, though, on the gibberish? I know that I have you beat. I just know I do. OK, at least tied, I suppose. Everything I say to Tom is crazy talk. None of it makes any sense and any of it that involves real words is completely out of context so that it is nonsense. Half of it is in song. And I have a tattoo, but just one, so far. ;)

  4. Waiting on tables - that's an interesting one . . .

    I like that fresh sheet/warm shower feel, too, especially with nice pajamas!

  5. Wholey long list... but great stuff!! You are so creative! I love it!


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