Unofficial Fat Ticker Friday + partial prize list

My official Friday weigh-in will be sometime around 8 a.m. when I seem to weigh the least all day. Then I will fill it in below. I'm feeling good though.

Pounds lost: 0
What to do next: NO MORE TAKE OUT! (Except for tonight. Date night.) Mwaaahahhhaaaa!

How did you do? Anything? Bueller? Feel free to weigh in (unofficially). It's been kind of a lull for me lately. I'm at the same weight I've been at for a few weeks, which is pretty ok. At least I'm not where I was. I am almost even happy with myself! Which is kinda nice.

It's kinda my fault that I've stalled but I'm not really kicking it into high gear lately. My problem isn't lack of exercising, I'm still getting runs in and getting to the gym.

My problem is pizza. Or Chinese food. Basically, eating out at restaurants or ordering in is my problem. When I cook all our meals, I lose weight. When I eat at restaurants, I do not make good food choices. I cannot be trusted at a restaurant. I have a problem. I see what I should have. Then I see what I want.

Guess who wins.

Anyway, when I get downright serious again, I'll lay off the restaurants and takeouts and stick to the good for you stuff. It's amazing how much money I save during my 'downright serious' times, too.

In other news.. the following is a partial list of prizes. I am still working on sponsors and things are looking pretty fun so far! Here's a partial prize list:

-An Autographed Copy of the BodyArt Cookbook from Body Art Fitness
-A $30 gift card to Barnes and Noble sponsored by Danielle at Alberts Family
-A box chock full of fun weight loss and fitness goodies from Angie at Losing It and Loving It

Thank you to all the sponsors so far! And Oh boy, I've got lots of other fun things in the works so stay tuned! There's only a couple weeks left till Hot for the Holidays! Don't know what it is?? Hit the button on my sidebar and join up, baby!

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  1. too bloated or whatever from a darned uti this week. it was slow in coming and i was grateful to get meds right away yesterday. looks like some cool prizes and i'm looking forward to the contest starting :)

  2. My unofficial is that I've gained. At least 5 pounds. And I've loved every single bite. I pretty much knew I'd go off of my plan during my nephew's visit, and the rest of the week I've excused for various reasons, including the need to feed a cold which, thankfully or not, now I have. Either Saturday or Monday I'm back on track. Like you, I know that I can get my game face back on and get serious when it's time, and that's a good thing. Mmmm, restaurants of all kinds... Yummy!

  3. Speaking unofficially, I weighed in on Wednesday and even logged my weight in the WW that I have been paying for all year and not using. Exercise has been pretty much nonexistent in my life all summer. The damage you ask? 12 lbs!! Yeah. I gained 12 lbs.

    But I am back on track as of yesterday and can't wait for the challenge!

  4. I've been eating lots of snacks after the kids go to bed. I need to cut them out or at the very least cut them down to one snack a night.

    That being said, I lost 2 pounds.

  5. My weakness is eating out too. My husband and I meet for lunch everyday and then sometimes we go out for dinner too. I am so lazy when it comes to cooking. I have not gained anything in a while, so that is good.

  6. I have worked out all week and lost 1 pound. I love food...that is my weakness:-(

    I run a foodie blog so, I can't offically play along but, I will comment as I go.

  7. Well, I want to eat what I want to eat, which is why my weight loss is slow too.
    I've lost 2 lbs this week. It was the same 2 lbs I lost 2 weeks ago technically because Aunt Flo showed up last week and caused some bloating and then the scale went back to what I lost 2 weeks ago. I've been running, doing zumba, and weight training so all of this better pay off soon enough. I'm also training for a 10k
    We'll see what happens.

  8. I lost 3 pounds. A total of 27 since January.....only 38 to go. YUCK!!!!

    Meg from Lower Alabama........hey ya'll

  9. After week one of Fitcamp, I was the "Biggest Loser" with a ten pound loss! I think a good chunk of it was water as we are on a low sodium detox diet. I was eating so badly that I had the Elvis Presley bloat going on and I have gained the last 20 pounds fairly recently. I have been eating super clean for the last week and today we had a high calorie day so we decided to go to Ruby Tuesdays as we had to eat 2000 today. Oddly enough, my taste buds were sensitive to all the salt, oils and everything that was in my food. I guess thats what being a super taster gets ya. Anyway, its all good. I have worked out beyond max also.

    PS: If you look at the Livin La Vida Low Carb site you will know exactly what I mean! Good luck to everyone out there striving to be hot for the holidays!


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