Wordless Wednesday: Um. Is this baby standing? He's not even 9 months old yet!

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  1. both my girls walked by the time they were 9 mos old, so anything is possible! :) my son, well, he was a bit slower...about 15 months, but he took off running! LOL

  2. awww he is getting so big! those full term babies sure do grow up fast. i miss him :( we need to visit the boys...and i guess you too.

  3. Oh my God he is soooo cute! Makes me almost wished I had one! Its cool to feel the exciting moments a mom would in blog land!

  4. Aw, what a cutie! And, yep, I'd say that's standing. With a little help, but still standing. We all need a little help to stand sometimes. ;)

  5. That is awesome! I wanted to wish poops luck at his first day of school... How sad is it that I am a teacher and didn't even know that kids could start going at the age of two... I better start doing some research on that.. oops!!!

    Can't wait to kick off the hot for the holidays fun!!!

  6. Very cute! He is going to be running next!


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