About this week's prize...

This week's prize is an autographed copy of the BodyArt Cookbook by Tanya Lee. The more I read about it, the more I realize it's yet another prize that I want instead I am giving away. :)

I've found that eating can be an art or a science. Sometimes both. An artFORM, even. But this book has recipes that make meals all of the above.

I'm personally not following any plan, really, except for eating a balance of carbohydrates with proteins, eating whole grains, lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, while minimizing the fat. I pay attention to what I eat after a workout because I want my body to continue to burn calories afterward. I pay attention to what I eat beforehand. I drink lots of water. This all seems to work for me. And I believe that different things work for different people. Look at Michael Phelps who eats something like 12,000 calories a day while training.

Anyway, I also believe that healthy food doesn't have to taste like crap. In fact, everything I eat, I actually like. It's really not unheard of to actually like the healthy stuff. And in fact, crap food (besides birthday cake on someone's birthday who's turning 33 but got carded last night I'm not mentioning any names...) feels yucky after I've been eating healthy for a while.

But sometimes you just gotta mix things up a bit because there are only so many combinations of the healthy stuff that you can come up with on your own. Which is where this lovely cookbook comes in. The BodyArt Cookbook has about 300 recipes. And the recipes are a balance of healthy carbs and proteins that maximize your body's calorie burning potential. It's very helpful if you're already an athlete, but also very helpful if you're just plain old eating healthier.

The recipes were created not only to be yummy, which helps, but to work with your body in whatever state it is in. For instance, the "PMS Yogurt" which helps lessen those lovely PMS symptoms like water retention and *ahem* irritability. Could've used this recipe last week.

Or a quickie breakfast, called "Instant French Toast in a Bowl." There are yummy "Romaine Wraps" and veggie burgers, vegetarian, vegan and meat-eater recipes.

And they're detailed, from the nutritional information down to how well the prepared dish will travel. Seriously.

So, thank you, Tanya Lee, for sponsoring this lovely giveaway! And don't forget to weigh in Friday to be eligible for this prize! No matter what size, shape, athletic ability you are, you're going to find something fun in here!

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  1. You got carded? How awesome was that? It always makes me a little sad when I'm served alcohol and they don't want to see my ID. Do I really look that old? *Sigh* When I was in my early 20s, I was offended when I had to show my ID. At 30, it gives me a high for a week! Happy birthday again!

  2. What a great prize! I know I can always use some more recipes. . . . I love what I eat as well, but sometimes it's great to change it up a bit, especially if it's healthy and tastes good! Yippee! I'll be back Friday for the weigh in!

  3. This really sounds like a good cookbook. I'm always looking for new and healthy recipes. Glad this book has a good recommendation!

  4. Sounds great! If I don't win, maybe I need to buy it anyway!!

  5. Wow ... great book reference. Thanks for sharing! I could use some healthier eating in my life.

  6. i am so excited to learn more about this cookbook!

    i feel much better when i am eating healthy. when i eat "bad" i usually PAY for it!

  7. This cookbook sounds wonderful. Could be an answer to one of my problems. I'm struggling with shin splints, any suggestions.


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