"B" Week

We had a lot of fun doing "B" week in the O Household. Mainly because there is baking involved. We couldn't help ourselves, really. I mean, "B" for Baking. You know. As in baking brownies. That's a double-b. Who could resist that.

And then of course, there were the "bubble" treats, which are really marshmallow rice krispies but he calls marshmallows "bubbles" so they're "bubble treats" here. And then afterward, cutting them out with "B" shaped cookie cutters. However, when deciding between brownies and bubble treats, brownies win every time. Good thing "B" week was the week before Hot for the Holidays. Or there would be trouble. Not for him. For me.

And you can't do B week without "bubbles" and "baseball", a "B" combo platter.
Then we did some painting "bugs". One of those is a bumblebee believe it or not. The yellow one.

We made a "beaded bracelet".
And a foam "basketball" with "balls", "B"'s "bugs", "butterflies"...

B week really could have gone on forever, I had so many B words and ideas. So that was B week! Onto C week now!

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  1. You are super creative. And I'd like a brownie. How do you do it and not then eat the whole pan? Because I'd eat the whole pan. Did you ever get the edge pan? Just the thought of that thing... Off to eat a carrot or something.

  2. So cute. The bubble treats are neat because in New Zealand Rice Krispies are actually called Rice Bubbles!

  3. Brownies definitely come out on top every time. Rice Krispy treats have their time and place too but brownies are the ultimate dessert. I've been meaning to start doing letter weeks with my son since I started staying home but it hasn't really happened yet. Your posts are inspiring me to get in gear! Thanks for the motivation. :-)

  4. I love your ideas! I'd never have thought of bubble baseball, but it makes perfect sense . . .

  5. Love the B day. I remember those fun days. Aren't we great moms! I'd love to join your current weight loss challenge only I have this thing about hating to weigh myself! Good luck to all of you!! Love you blog..just found it this morning. It's so bright and cheerful. Wish I had some talent that way.

  6. So cute!!! I am in charge of "J" week for my daughters school. Where did you get the letter cookie cutter??

    But now I want brownies!!

  7. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. brownies! chocolate! mmmmmmmmmmm.


    okay, now that i am done talking to myself.... very cute ideas for B week! I love it! We never did letter weeks but we did color days where we all wore that color and ate foods that color, etc. maybe i will do this with my son when he gets a little older. very cute!

  8. Once again, great ideas!!! I only hope that I will be able to fit these types of activities in after work when the time comes to start teaching and working with my son! It almost makes we want to switch my profession from teaching to a home daycare giver!!! Is that what you call it??
    Anyway, great stuff!

  9. You are just about the cutest thing ever!! We are in the middle of B week. I am going to use some of them to reinforce what she has learned at school. Thanks for the inspiration:-)


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