Drumroll Please!

I don't know about you, but I get really excited reading about everyone's progress.

I know there are a lot of blogs involved in this challenge and it can seem overwhelming, but for some reason, it doesn't seem to matter. No one gets lost in the shuffle for me! I have become so vested in how each blog is doing. Each blog is committing to my memory and I really feel like I am with you. I am always thinking, I wonder how so-and-so did... or getting excited when I see someone who was disappointed last week do such great work the next, or so wanting to help the person who had a tough week. I love this!

Ok, to continue the love-fest, we'll start with the rewards-slash-awards, AKA the good stuff.

In our 3rd week, we're already hitting milestones!! Quite a few of us (not me yet though) have hit the 5 POUND MARK! WOOHOOO!! So please, reward yourself with a big shiny badge!
There is one very special lucky lady who has hit the 10 pound mark (well really it's 14!) Holly, from MiHomiPa Family Blog did it again with another 7 pounds, I don't know how she is doing it or what her secret is, but can you please send the Fat-Karma Fairy over here to give a little sprinkly to my thighs and/or bottom? Thank you!

You many have this one: (and so can anyone else who has graced the 10 pound mark already!)

And we do have a Biggest Loser this week, a big Congrats! goes to Dena at SunEGrl Loves to Shop! Dena lost 4.8 pounds this week and her secret was exercising her tail off TWICE A DAY! High five to you!

Now for the next BIG PRIZE, a blog makeover from Doodlebug Designs. The winner of this week's drawing is Mom of 2 Boys from Weighing in on Life, who also happened to lose 2 pounds this week -- yay to you! Congrats!

If you didn't win and you're want yourself a blog-updo, head over there and check her out, she is so reasonably priced and does such wonderful work!!

NOW FOR THE FINAL TALLY! Together, we lost:



Great job everyone this week! Let's keep it up! WWBD AND ALL THOSE OTHER THINGS!

Week 4 is upon us now and I remember when I first began this journey earlier this year and how weeks 4 and 5 were a "make or break" point for me. I remember that there was a lull, where my body was asking itself if it was serious about weightloss or not, and I remember working out 6 (yes six!) days a week, HARD and not seeing much by way of progress and wanting to give up, asking myself, what is all this work for anyway! But I dug deep and kept going and that's when it happened.

My body decided, yes, she's serious, and the one lonely pound at a time started adding up. So to those of you who are getting discouraged, please don't! These things take time and the only thing that will get you to your goal is being consistent and trudging on even though you want to throw in the towel!

PLEASE. KEEP. GOING! You can do this!

Come back Monday for the next week's prize announcement and for next week's project! Have a great weekend everyone!!
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  1. Wow - the grand total of 202 pounds is truly wonderful to see! ;-) Yeah to all of us for working so hard to our goals!!!

  2. Amazing results! Great word of encouragement - Thanks!

  3. Ok, this week is back to success week for me! I know what works....I just need to do it! I am going to join the fitness group at work and walk the track during lunch at least three days for a half hour and then get in three gym workouts of at least one hour cardio. I will continue to eat well and the exercise should propel me back into weight loss mode as opposed to no loss no gain mode. I am ready and I am going to gear up for this week by taking a walk today too! Lets rock this week! I am ready!

  4. great job everyone!!! and thanks for the pep talk. that is so true... you just have to keep at it until your body decides that you mean business!


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