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So remember I am in Atlanta and in 40 minutes (It's 11:2o on Tuesday as I write this) from now my 33rd birthday starts, so don't hate me when I say I am eating steak and drinking a glass of red wine tonight and there might have been a margarita involved (on the rocks, no salt). I have, however, still been getting my workouts in. I did some Wii Fit (I broke my ski jump record!!!!!) and did some serious arms and I am running my 2 miles today during naptimes when we get back from the children's museum-- and yes, my best friend and I are very successful at getting 5 boys to sleep at the same. time. That's talent, my friends.

The good part is, Clairanne and her husband are as much "wagon" as I am right now so there are all healthy choices available and we eat healthy for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and we have healthy snacks in between. I won't lie. Snacks and badness are everywhere, like the aquarium today when I literally put down the chicken quesadilla (WWBD) and picked up the turkey on wheat sandwich and the apple. Which was actually very yummy. So I guess being away, if not for my healthy-eating friends, things could go in a downward spiral. But the only struggle really is trying to find a place for my working out in between child-outings of children's museum, apple picking, aquarium, etc. etc.. How you guys doing today???? Another week almost done!

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  1. Happy Birthday. My birthday is actually the 18th so the day after you but since I'm on the other side of the date line, the 18th comes to me soon so we will probably overlap at some point. LOL I'm not gonna lie, 35th is freaking me out. The 5's are always hard for me. I had way more emotional stress from 25 than I did from 30. 33 was a fun one for me though so I hope you have as much fun. It was one of the last events I got to celebrate with my family in Canada before I moved to New Zealand and, not knowing how long it will be before I get back to Canada makes it all the more bittersweet a memory. Have a great day with you and yours.

  2. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your dinner. You deserve it. I'm very impressed by your master skills at nap time. Five kids napping at one time is quite a feat. That alone deserves a glass of wine.

  3. Oh, good for you!! And very Happy Birthday! I am staying on track, but I am totally impressed with you doing so while out and about, which is where I usually go way out of bounds.

    Please do feel free to direct people over to my Tuesday cookbook post or whatever you had in mind. I wanted to share it because they really are recipes that I look forward to eating, even though they happen to be healthy (or can be made healthy). I needed to have yummy reminders in one place, and that became the place. ;)

  4. Happy Birthday Christie! Enjoy the dinner, you've earned it.

  5. Happy Birthday!

    I think I will be lucky if I don't gain back all 5 pounds this week.

  6. Happy Birthday!!

    Great job getting workouts in! I definitely think you deserve a glass of wine and a margarita. Mmmm.

    I tried a new machine at the gym this morning -the arc trainer. OMG. That was SO TOUGH. What a frickin' workout. I (barely) lasted 15 minutes without having a heart attack.

  7. Happy Birthday.
    I believe life should be fun and Birthdays twice as fun.

    I lost two and three fourths of an inch off my body.

    The coffee is on.


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