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Afternoon update:

OK since we're all being honest here -- there is some sort of "stomach" thing in this house. It hit me last night after dinner -- when I was supposed to put in my three-mile run. Things were, how do you say, not good. Let's leave it at that. And, whatever evil thing this is woke me up this morning. I think it is on its way out and hopefully the kids do not get it, but I would think they'd have gotten it already because it's already zipped through my husband and MIL.

Anyway, I felt better in the morning and was looking forward to putting double duty in at the gym around noon because I just have to. I am riding on this wave of motivation and inspiration from all of you! So I went and I ran, and rounding the tail end of the second mile and heading into the third I realized things were going to be not so good if I continued because I think I may have jiggled things a little too much so I stopped there at the two-mile mark and headed over to the weights. I got mostly through my 40 min arm workout and had to abort. Stomach is still doing flipflops. But I'm proud to say I squeezed in that workout, a Tuesday-Wednesday combo platter. I have a run tomorrow, it is the last run before the 5k I am running in Atlanta with my best friend, Clairanne, who is graduating from the Couch-to-5k program! Woohoo!! (Snaps to Clairanne!) Not running tomorrow is not an option. Why do things always happen at the most inopportune times? Bugger. That's my story for today. Sending myself healing thoughts for a non-pukey run tomorrow. Yay for all of you rocking, by the way! Yay! Yay! Yay!


Scale looking good this week so far and it's only Wednesday! Hopefully it'll keep going for Friday! No indulgences or cravings so far, big bonus! (Of course, it's only Wednesday...)

Got a 2 mile run and arms at noon today. Remember, this week, next week, the week after that...when you're down and out and you're thinking "Work out or no work out.." or "Donut or no donut" -- about 80 other women are making those same decisions. We're all in the same boat here. Just think: WWBD. "What would bloggers do."
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  1. Hey all. I have a question. Do we need to have a blog link in order to do this? I am just wondering. It has been the longest week and it is only Tuesday. And I am totally PMS-ing this week. Crap.


  2. I'm thrilled at how many are doing this! I've sent over at least a few just by putting up my post because there really is safety in numbers.

    I ate within my goals today, and it was yummy - the highlights were more sushi (looked a little less ugly), cottage cheese with a white nectarine as a late night snack and a fusion avocado at some point (it's in the recipes link on my blog), plus more yummy. I already feel better eating stuff that is not so damn processed or greasy.

    My working out consisted of just the one 20 minute mile break, but I couldn't get away for another. I did walk around Target for an hour, and believe me when I say that I count it when considering calories burned.

    I didn't intend for this to be a novel, but there it is.

  3. I love this!! I'm SUPER excited to come over here and get tons of motivation!!! Thanks for coming up with this fab idea!


    when I had my personal training studio a bunch clients made up bracelets for WWCD (my name begins with C) but I always thought that was a bad idea as I really MIGHTCOULD eat that oreo or pastry.
    the blogesphere? would never let us down, right?


  5. I thought about you yesterday when I didn't want to run. You motivated me. Of course I cursed you the whole 3 miles, but I was thankful for you when it was over :) Thanks for all the motivation. It really does help.
    And paying a ton of bills last night helped keep me from snacking. Also made me lose my appetite but that's a whole other story ;)
    So far so good!!

  6. I am 2/2 for the gym. Monday I had some problems with the eating... it is that evening snacking that is killing me. I used over 1/2 my flex points that day. Yesterday, I finally got ahold of myself and didn't eat after supper. I am pretty proud of myself for that one- it feels good!

  7. I've been sucked into the world of Grey's Anatomy and have spent the past few days watching the first 2 season...just 2 more to go!

    Unfortunately, this also means that I have not gone on any of the runs or walks I have planned for after work. Bad girl! :)

  8. I really wanted to keep eating snacks last night, but since I didn't have any of the snacks I wanted to eat (pringles, cookies, chocolate candy bars) I just didn't eat anything. (Well, other than my bowl of ice cream.) Baby steps.

  9. what would bloggers do? awesome. worth of being printed on a t-shirt (I LOVE slogan tees!)

  10. I was worried as I didn't do any exercise yesterday. I had a good day Monday though & again today - so far. The scale is showing it so that makes me VERY happy! ;-)

  11. I'm hoping I can get motivated by all you ladies to get on the treadmill this evening. I totally sucked for lunch, but DH and I had the opportunity to eat together (which rarely happens). Rocky Rococo's is oh so yummy. ;) I did get the lemonade rather than a soda though.

  12. I got the day off. I'm going to try to visit some others who are doing this today.

    I keep track of my progress over on fitday which is on my side bar.

    If you have the time stop on by and the coffee is on.

  13. Way to go ladies! I'd like to toot my horn a little and say I've put in three decent workouts this week. We start vacation Friday. That might be bit of a challenge. I'll try to be good.

  14. Thanks for stopping by my site and for the help with posting the link, I will give that a try.
    Also thanks for starting the "Hot for the Holidays." This is the time of year I totally fall apart with my diet so this will keep me motivated.
    I just need to get started at the gym now!

  15. Aw.. that stinks that your not feeling very good. I am glad that you were still able to get a workout in! When I am not feeling good, working out always seems to make me feel better. I hope that it will work for you tomorrow. Maybe you will be able to run this little bugger out of you!
    Af for me, another 3 mile run today! I am finally feeling SKINNY!!! It's been a long time since I have felt that way with having a baby and all... but I know you know what I am talking about!!! YIPEE!

  16. Ok, I had a killer workout Sunday and with the stress of a new job have not been to the gym. I have eaten pretty damn good....except for yesterday! I was totally craving Greek food and went for it! I ate Gyros, Chicken solvaki some rice pilaf, pita and a Greek salad with Feta cheese. I ate the meat (needed the protein) half the grain carbs (rice and pita) and half the salad. Salad dressing with cheese is NOT low cal! I did not pack up the left overs, just enjoyed the meal and left.

    I am so glad that I do not even know where the school cafeteria is! What I eat at work is what I bring. My new goal for the week is no more eating deviations until free day and a minimum of three one hour workouts this week. I am glad I have you guys too!

  17. I am loving this group! I think I will loose faster with y'all :) I have mostly been watching my intake and walking/pushing a double stroller. I only step on the scale on Fri - otherwise I obsess too much, so we will see how it goes!

  18. Yuck on the stomach thing.

    Glad to have others to do this with. My b-day was on Tuesday. I want to look so different by the next one!!


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