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I did well eating Monday but didn't have anyone to watch the kids so I could go to the gym for my normal "weights day". I was going to do some Gilad during naps, but I got caught up in the bloggery. However I did play softball Monday night if that counts. There was a lot of running involved. (And we won! We're 6 and 0! Yay! I went 3 for 4, just in case you were wondering. Which I'm sure you were. I am hitting myself out of my slump.)

So today I have a 3 mile run to fit in sometime after hubby comes home and after kiddie swim lessons but before bedtimes. I'm telling ya, when the exact time and place isn't hammered out ahead of time, the chances of doing it actually go down! I hate that!
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  1. Totally understand that if you don't have set time it's less likely to happen. But you can do it!

    I have 3 hours at the gym and my problem is not sitting and talking to my friends. lol I need to do a back workout tomorrow, that's in order. Then not sure on the cardio.

    Food today was good. Made stir fry for dinner and no take out for lunch. Lot's of water. Rode my bike to work and back and that's 11 miles, plus a little workout.

    We'll see what friday brings?

  2. Oh, I love a place to chit chat that isn't my blog. I made a yummy new recipe (will probably be posted with a picture on Sunday) plus tried my hand at rolling sushi tonight (I suck, but it was still yummy), and it feels so nice to be back to good.

  3. Yay chit-chatting! It's like blogging, but with less pressure. :)

    I'm having a good day so far, but it's only 2:16pm here. Woke up at 5:30 (groan) to get to the gym and do my weights in the morning, but I feel cool for having done it. And lunch in the cafeteria was surprisingly delicious.

    Won't have time for cardio tonight, sadly, but I'll make it up tomorrow. Hope you all are doing well! Yay hot for the holidays~


  4. Hi everyone!! I am new around here so I wanted to say Hi. I started a new jogging program today called Couch Potato to 5K. I'm not exactly a couch potato, but I haven't done any formal running for a while now, so it's a good jumpstart. I'm so glad to be joining everyone. Hope your weeks are greatly blessed!!

    Jenn W

  5. Ooh! C25K!! I just did that, and I'm running a 5k with my best friend this weekend who is graduating from C25K herself! Good luck! It's a really great program, I swear by it, it took me from post-partum non-runner to pseudo-runner in like 5 seconds and was the perfect jumpstart for me too!

    stir fry and sushi -- those sound like perfect recipes for HFH!

    Ps. is anyone else worried about this crazy black hole thing? i mean, what would happen to being hot for the holidays then?

  6. I ate well yesterday. Which was good because I didn't get to work out. I put my work out clothes on and everything, but I got stuck on the phone with India for over an hour trying to get the computer fixed and there went my work out time. So I need to try and run today, but I am totally un motivated.

  7. funny how that small window in the day to work out just gets eaten up so quickly!

    wish i could send you motivation-in-a-box! but here's the next best thing -- hey if i gotta do it, you gotta do it too!

    how's that? haha!

  8. Didn't do so well on the eating front yesterday. Got some skin tags removed yesterday under my eye, so was in pain and slept most of the day. Today is a new day!!!! It looks like it is going to storm here, but as soon as I post on my blog, I'm going out for my power walk/jog. Maybe later I will bike to make up for yesterday?

  9. I feel like I'm way behind the rest of you ladies! But, hey, my baby is one 3 months old! (I'll try not to use the "I just had a baby" excuse... my SIL used that one... for 3 years... it was annoying). These last 3 months have been more about survival with a 3 month old and a 3 year old. Ok, let's be honest. The 9 months before that weren't full of workouts and veggies either!

    Yesterday wasn't too bad. My downfall was not drinking much water. Bad mommy! We took a nice long family walk including a hill. Scratch that. Not a hill. A HILL. It's a monster. I had the 3 month old in a sling so she gave me a little extra workout. My 3 year old lost his Doc Hudson car somewhere on the walk so the two of us retraced the entire route to try to find him. We didn't. It's a sad day in our house. His Cars toys are prized possessions. He wanted me to carry him up the hill. He's 36 pounds. That didn't happen! Ok, enough rambling. Point is I got in some good exercise (for me). And I ate lots of veggies. I'm going to be better about water today!

  10. the first three months are total "survival mode"! you're ok! especially just getting back into the swing of things, i'd do it like wading into a pool, nice and slow. AND LOSING A DOC HUDSON! ohmigod that would be the end of the world in this house, i feel for you!!!

  11. Yesterday was a half and half day for me. I did good during the day and ate my Health Choice for lunch, but we had hot wings for dinner. But I did manage to drink enough water. Whew!

  12. I need to actually get moving this week. For the past 2 weeks (when I started my own little journey) I've been mainly focusing on diet. But I'm itching to move!!

    I just had to add about your earlier post...choka ping. So sad, but so cute!

  13. i have to say that i am so excited about this challenge and getting to know others that are on this same MISSION to be Hot for the Holidays! I also would like to start the new year at WW as a FREE member on lifetime.

    ps. please link me! :-)

  14. I caught my 3-month-old's cold this weekend so I am feeling extra tired and unmotivated to move. I can't decide if it's making me hungry or not hungry so I'm going to guess I'll probably be even this week. (Please no gaining!)

    I stopped buying cookies, so that's a start anyway!

  15. Yeah for us! My 2nd will be 3 months on Sat. He's now officially old enough to go in the child watch at the Y. Now I can drop him off there and my 4 yr. old at his pre-k class and have some time for me. Got in 6.7 miles on the bike yesterday. Will shoot for more tonight.

  16. Yesterday was not bad for eating- way better than I have been eating for a while now! I'm sure I'll just get better and better at it! Thanks for coming by my blog, Christie- that was nice. Do you have a link for the C25K program? I think I tried one in the spring, but I didn't care for it. Still would like to do this though. I'm so happy to be working on this issue- can't wait to be HFH!

  17. I just want to say I'm off to a good start, but hope it's not just a fluke. I'm down 1.3 pounds since yesterday...I'm thinking it's a fluke, but hey, I'll take it and hope it stays off. :)

    I did 30 minutes on the treadmill, including 12 straight minutes of running. I know that sounds wussy, but I'm just getting back to running. I'm headed to the gym in a bit to do some work on the elliptical too. :)

    Tomorrow is going to be a lot harder. My husband has to work and then I have a meeting over an hour away for a church function. So hopefully the kids will be good and distracted by cartoons so I can hop on the treadmill again.

    My eating today has been so/so. It was good other than a hamburger for lunch. But it was just a hamburger, no cheese, no fries, no mayo (hate mayo). So I guess it could've been worse.

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  19. So far I haven't worked out but I am down 2 pounds so far this week so that's a good sign. Just imagine if I worked out.


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