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**This space is for you, ye Hot for the Holidays participants! Chatter, questions, ranting, raving, bragging, meeting those milestones, whatever! Share! Share!**

we did it!!! blogging from the 5k! clairanne finished! she graduated!! and I beat my 36 minute time with a 35:55! I was something like "oh sh$@!" when I saw the clock coming up over the hill and I booked it! yeah! more later! happy saturday everyone!!!

we had some late weighins and i'll add them up later and update!

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  1. Wow look at that ticker!!!

    I just have to say we went out to dinner to Applebee's and I had the portobello mushroom & steak off their weight watchers menu and it was YUMMY!!!

  2. Great job beating your time!!! Congrats that is exciting!! And good job to your friend too!!

  3. Look at that ticker!!!! We will blow the 500 lbs. away!! What a great job we did!

  4. We did awesome! I have started great today...For lunch some string cheese and slices of smoked turkey with tomatoes! So good...Plus it really hit my cheese craving spot! : ) My new bff is coffee..Fills me up and I can buy the flavored stuff to fool myself into thinking I am eating junk! Good Luck everyone!

  5. Way to go on the 5k ladies!

    As for chatter today, I'm bummed, didn't go to spin this morning. My knees have been hurting really bad and I'm not quite sure what I'll do about it. I have a feeling it's from kick boxing but I don't want to give it up. I go 3x a week for that and 2x for spin. Ack, oh well, I did go and get a mani and pedi today. That was nice.

  6. Congrats to Clairanne for finishing the 5k! That's awesome! :) And you for beating your time! I love that they have the big clock... it helps motivate me for that finish line sprint!

    Yay for 85 pounds, ladies! :) We are awesome. I had a pizza moment again last night, but I've got plenty of time to turn this week around, and I'm totally going to! Yogurt for breakfast this morning!

    Good luck, and have a great weekend!

  7. Thank goodness some of us are losing weight LMAO! Because I am sure I just gained my 1 pound back, I totally blew it today!!! I couldn't go on my walk because it rained hard all day long! Then my inlaws came to town and took us out to eat. I started out so great with just my salad but the evil dessert pizza called out to me and let me tell you it was sooooo gooooood!!!!YUMMMMOOOO!

  8. So I discovered my new fave lunch protein! I bought those little four ounce tuna to go cups (where all the gross fishy water is already drained) and couldn't get excited about eating them without mayo or something on it. Then I saw my bottle of spicy mustard. *ding* I put a little bit on and stirred it up and it was delish!


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