HFH Weekend Chatter: (Winner and Results below!)

It was a late night last night, we were in the car for 9 hours on the way back from Atlanta with one stop at a Cracker Barrel that was touch and go. I've mentioned that Poops has a tiny problem controlling the VOLUME OF HIS VOICE particularly the SCREAMING part and he loves to do this in restaurants which typically results in "No yelling, we're in a restaurant" one million times over and over again followed by, inevitably, walking out of the restaurant for time out. Anyway, it's nice to be home although I miss you already Clairanne!!!

This weekend will be a bit of a challenge for me but I will make good choices because you're right, Miz, we are grown women and we can do that!!!

MizFit left me a comment last week that has made me think and I love comments like that and this is it:

"...perhaps think of it as merely two more days. nothing different. we all still have stuff to do simply because we are GROWN ASS WOMAN.things we (I? who can say :)) dont love like laundry and grocery shopping etc. let's make staying on plan just another one of those things we do! go us!"

That is so true. A GROWN ASS WOMAN just needs to keep her GROWN ASS WOMAN attitude about her and not even say "I'll try" to make good choices because that "try" always gives me a little leeway to make a bad choice. I am the one in control here.

Isn't that funny how there is a lot of mental preparation that needs to be done? Even for something like weight loss? I have to use mental trickery and word games. Change my way of thinking. But there are two birthday parties and I'm going out tonight to dinner with my cousins, so I will have to think very much about how much my goal means to me over what I should stick in my pie hole.

So this week's loss, though only a pound, brings me 4 pounds closer to a new decade of numbers! That's over the 5 pound-hump! And that got me to thinking. I don't know how any of you look at it, but one thing that helps me to get through this journey is to make small goals along the way.

Like for instance, I take it one decade of numbers at a time. That big number goal is just so daunting to me sometimes, but dropping weight one lonely pound at a time can get so frustrating too. But say you're in the 180's. And for a few weeks you just concentrate on seeing a "7" on the scale and you work on getting to 179. That's a whole new decade!

And then, it feels like all of a sudden the pounds start to add up and you're seeing 6's and 5's and it gives you the drive to keep on going because you want to see more numbers you haven't seen in a long, long time! See how this works? It's like a built-in reward system! You can buy treats or jeans or shoes or purses when you reach a goal, but there is nothing like seeing brand new decades of numbers on the scale and the personal satisfaction that you have worked your ass off to get there. All by yourself!

It's a babystep approach. But it has worked for me. Anyway, good luck this weekend. It's always easy to fall off, but stay strong, little root! Remember, you are Grown Ass Women! (Thanks Miz. WWBD, right?)
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  1. Yes we are!! You got me all fired up now...
    I have those mini goals as well. For now it´s getting under the 200 lbs. mark. I can smell already...
    We are invited tonight as well, but let´s be strong this weekend!!

  2. So true!!! I saw that comment when she left it and I liked it!

    A few weeks ago someone said something to me that has made a huge difference in my thinking:

    The only difference between a WISH and a GOAL is a PLAN. So true, I used to WISH that I could loose weight and now I have a GOAL and a PLAN!

    I do the same thing you for new decades to show up on the scale. Most recently I entered ONEderland! Now I am watching for 189! We can do this!!!!

  3. I like the decade mentality. I'm going to use that!

    I'm happy to report that I made it out of the local fall festival today without eating one fried/on a stick item. I ate a few kernels of my son's kettle corn but that was it. Hooray! We went to the parade. It was a perfect day, sunny and warm. We had front row seats. My son and daughter were both well behaved. The planets must have aligned perfectly today! Oh and there was a greyhound rescue tent there so we got to pet the greyhounds. I can't tell you how long I have wanted one. We're thinking about adopting one as our family Christmas gift!

    I'm getting a little off track here. Point is, so far so good this weekend. We're planning to grill some boneless skinless chicken tonight. And I'm going to head to the grocery store for more fruits and veggies. Hope everyone else is doing well!

  4. I jump on a pair of scales and I gain 2 pounds, which was Thursday.

  5. I love the comment about the difference between a wish and a prayer is a plan! I like it.....I also love what Issbeau told me when I first arrived at Fitcamp and we were discussing "free days" and eating outside of the eating program she had us on. She told us "The first bite of something tastes as good as the last so you don't really have to gorge yourself with all the food you want to eat in one day!" I have remembered this statement and will eat like 4 croutons instead of half a package and it seems to be working for me....the clothes are bigger and I feel less stuffed full of junk! Props to eveyone participating!

  6. I am all about mini-goals!! That is what keeps me going.

  7. youre AWESOME.

    on all levels.

    just dropping in to check on you & your faithful readers.

    (and laughing that, when I did a big video post on THERE IS NO TRYING ONLY DOING I had no idea that it was a YODA THING! Ive never seen a star wars movie :))


  8. I'll do my very best to stay on the track! Promised!

    Tonight I'm invited for dinner at my favorite restaurant. Delicious Greek cuisine... There's this one dish I can't resist - but a little portion will be enough to make me slaphappy. Tomorrow there will be a fruit day and lots of wii fit to balance :-)

    I came up with a little something:

    Christie, I'd love to see you participating in my first own MEME.

  9. I'm all about mini goals too! So being as we're all GROWN ASS WOMAN we're gonna "fire up the winnebago's and go ludacris" (from Space Balls) on our goals right? Have a great rest of the weekend everybody!

  10. Love the baby step! Baby steps help ease you into big changes!

    I can hardly believe that HFH ticke already says 144.1 lbs gone! Wow, we rock.

  11. just wanted to let you know that i put my life's to-do list up on my blog. :)


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