The Inaugural Fat Ticker Friday! (Move, ticker, move!!!)

Woohooo! The first week is done and we all made it!

We walked, we ran, we jumped, we treaded, we jumping-jacked, push-upped, lifted, lunged, squatted, aerobicked, kicked, punched, yoga-d, biked, pila-teed, ellipticalled, and gosh darn it, we sweated and we said "No!" (mostly) to the good bad stuff. High fives all around!

HOW DID WE DO??? I CAN'T WAIT TO FIND OUT! Tell me how much you lost! Stat! I got my "last chance workout" in last night in the form of a 3 mile run and it was great! More than made up for my near-hurl Wednesday run. (As usual I will weigh in at 8 a.m. after I nurse Mini and before breakfast) and I will report back my weightloss below:

WEIGHT LOST: 2.5!!!!! Yes!!! 2.5!!!! Yay! Yay! Yay!! Now, I have been reminded that I have had a stomach bug but whatever!
GOAL FOR NEXT WEEK: 2 pounds. Eat well, get in scheduled weights/workouts. Maintain focus.

And (gentle reminder) if you gained, you must confess! We are here for you, good friend!

I will be traveling in the car after noon but will be checking my e-mail by phone and twittering and I will have the results and the ceremonious moving of the ticker sometime in the evening hours, probably around 9 or 10, along with this week's winner of the fun Starbucks prize! Remember, you must must must leave a comment with your weigh-in in order to be eligible for the prize!

OK, to answer this week's question of "What do you want your legacy to be?", the following is my answer.

I think about life a lot. I think about how short it is and how we only have one. And after I'm done being sad about it, I grit my teeth and think about "my list". My big "to-do" list of life. And I want to be the person who crosses each item off, without having been afraid to do it. Without waffling. Without second-guessing the when and the how. To be as impulsive and passionate as I am responsible. I want to feel and eat and drink and love every morsel out of life that I can. And I want my children to feel the same way. Because there are no second chances. Sure, I have a long to-do list. (Losing weight is one of them.) So, I'd better get crackin!

Don't forget to sign the linky, especially if you answered this week's question so that everyone can come by for a visit!

Good luck this weekend. I know weekends are the hardest part of the week for food and/or exercise, so I hope everyone comes out on the other end okay! Remember, WWBD! (What would bloggers do!)

And come back Monday for the next prize reveal and for the next question of the week! I'm off to run a 5K! High five to Clairanne, yep my BFF since I was oh, in the 7th grade, who's graduating from the Couch to 5k program tomorrow!!! You did it!!!
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  1. Man, I hope I do this right! I'm not really as early as I seem... It's already noon on Friday here! :)

    Weight lost: 1.1
    Goal for next week:
    1. 0.5 pounds
    2. Another 100% exercise week
    3. No cookies

    Good luck everyone! I hope you had a great week. And if not, there's what? eleven more? :)Take care!


  2. Alright. It's officially Friday where I live, so here I am. I LOST 1 lb this week and am excited to continue to lose more! I'm eager to go and meet more blogging friends who are on the same path to being thin as I am! YAY!

  3. wheeew. i lost 0.5kg. walked faithfully every morning with my 3 pups... good luck for the weekend!

  4. I hope I'm doing this right....

    I joined the challenge at 164 pounds. When the challenge officially started I was down to 161, when I threw myself on the scale this morning I was 159 pounds. So I'm down 2 pounds officially for the week I guess.

    My goal for next week is 1 pound.

  5. WWBD
    still love it.

    and perhaps think of it as merely two more days.
    nothing different.
    we all still have stuff to do simply because we are GROWN ASS WOMAN.
    things we (I? who can say :)) dont love like laundry and grocery shopping etc.

    let's make staying on plan just another one of those things we do!

    go us!

  6. My WW weigh-in is at the beginning of the week, so I'm using at home weigh-ins for this challenge. Today I'm down 1.4 lbs from last Friday's at home weigh-in :)

  7. Had a good week, but my numbers tend to be low having already lost 58#'s. So my loss for this week is .4#'s

    Donna B

  8. Down 1/2 a pound today. Down is good. Onward & downward! ;-)

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I lost .5 lb. Not much, but I'll take it! This challenge is really serving as the motivation I need. Thanks!

  11. good morning everyone!

    weight loss- 2 lbs!!! :)
    goal for nixt week - excercise on treadmill at least 3 days

    I want to show my kids that they can do anything. I am going back to college to finish my degree after 18 years.

    meg from lower alabama

  12. I lost 1.8 pounds this week and have a goal of 1 pound for next week. My secret weapon this week has been eating Special K red berries for breakfast and dinner several days this week.

  13. Oops - didn't lose anything this week, but neither did I gain!!

    Goal - exercise!

  14. 2.4 lbs lost! 1 lb goal next week...I will credit my flu and strep for losing anything this week. Because well I didn't do anything as far as exercise and I didn't eat much of anything. (I signed Mr. Linky)

  15. I'm down 3.8!! My goal for next week is more of the same... gym each weekday when I drop the kids off at school.

  16. I am down by 1.5 lbs! Vacation starts today. I'll try to be good!

  17. Week 1 on the CP25K program down. I think I'm making least I didn't pass out in the street anywhere!!

    Weigh in- down 0.8lbs

    Goal for next week- 1.5lbs

    Blessings Ladies!!

  18. Way to go, ladies!

    And Christy, I just wanted to say thanks for your kind words on my blog. It looks like my step-father's okay, and he'll be home for a month getting better. :)

    I know exactly what you mean about the post-workout high. I'm always so excited after it's over, like on top of the world, especially after a run. And it's only about 30 minutes between when I strap on the shoes and when the euphoria settles in as a I finish. But it's that pre-exercise time of convincing myself that's so killer. I procrastinate minute after minute, sometimes for whole days. But after it's over... I'm in Heaven. :)

    Thanks for all you're doing to get this challenge moving! You rock. :)

  19. Down 2.4 pounds for the week. And I am SHOCKED!!!!!

    I can't wait to see how everyone else did!

  20. I am down 4 pounds this week. I really had lost my modivatition over the last 6 months and this challenge really helped. I started journaling my food and becoming acountable to what goes into my mouth. I did some walking but my goal this week is to get exercising more.
    Beth H

  21. Weight loss - none. The scale stayed the same this week, but that's okay!

  22. No loss this week for me.

    Way to go everyone, you are doing an awesome job. Keep it up!


  23. Down 1/2 a pound this week. Better than nothing!
    Goal for next week: 1 pound, exercise 4 days at the club, eat veggies every day.

  24. I cut out eating my snacks after the kids go to bed. I guess that really was keeping the pounds on quite a bit.

    Weight loss this week? 5 POUNDS!!

    I guess it's worth suffering though without all those snacks.

  25. Weight loss this week is 1.5lbs. Whee!

    My goal is to keep it at 1lbs/week. I'd love more, but that's being realistic.

    As for my legacy? Mine's simple. To be an inspiration to someone. Hopefully more than just one person, but if I can inspire someone to make a positive change in their own life, then I think that's a pretty darn good legacy.

  26. Lost 1 lb. Seriously! That's pretty cool.

    Goal for the week: 2 lbs lost
    5 days of activity

    Thanks!! I'll come back later and answer the question on my blog. It's a good one, one I have actually thought about before...

  27. My new scale says -2.2 lbs I'm sure that's the difference of the time of month for sure but I'll take it!

    I'll answer the question after I drop kids off. And I haven't used mr linky in so long I forgot what I was entering. Ignore the email address from jacksmommy. hahaha

  28. I run a Tuesday weigh in group, but my loss from last Friday when this offically started is 3 pounds! WOO! My goals this next week is to get through the weekend without gaining back everything I lost!

  29. I tried to post once but I don't see it so I'll try again!

    Weight loss: 0.5 lbs

    Goal for next week: 1 lb. Avoid chocolate. Exercise more!

  30. 1 lb down... not as much as I would have liked but I also didn't exercise as much as I wanted to.

    I found a "5 weeks to a 5K" article that I think I am going to start next week. I may die mid stride or my flabby skin on my butt and thighs may rip from my body... but it's gotta achieve something, right?

  31. Well, I only lost .4 this week, but I'll take it! I thought it was going to be a gain so it's better than that! Next week, I'm aiming for 1.5!

  32. 1.8 pound loss! Not really sure how it happened since I just started two days ago, but I'll take it!

    Goal for next week 1.0 pound.

  33. Well, I officially suck. Totally flubbed up my starting weigh-in... I think I'll watch and cheer for this challenge b/c I can't seem to get organized to actually participate, lol.

    Good job all you girls! Work it! :)

  34. no weight loss so far this week. i just weighed in for my other weight loss group on monday and lost the .4 lbs i had kept on after the uti thing. i'm hoping to have a result next week though! just need the energy to motivate myself to exercise.

    i'm answering your question here:

    my legacy would be that i raised my kids well. that i instilled in them the tools necessary to be successful in life whether it be school, work, or when they have their own kids.

  35. From last Friday up to this Friday - I weighed in the same. No change dang it! I have been sick too ... was hoping that would help ha ha. My goal is to exercise at least 3 times in the next week.

  36. Woo Hoo!! I lost 2 pounds this week. Can't wait to see how we do.

  37. Good job everyone! I seem to be the only gainer so far :-(. I was up .5 lbs. This week was horrible and I'm actually relieved that's all it is.

    I thought about not commenting this week because I was disappointed in myself but then I decide if I can't be honest about it in blogging world, what about the real world? So...there it is!

    Congrats to all of you losers, maintainers,and even the gainers! It takes time!

    Goals this week:
    100% exercise week
    be down 1.5 lbs

  38. Well, I jinxed myself but good signing up for this challenge! I did everything well, but no loss this week. Goal is to keep doing the good stuff and hope for better next week!

    Good luck to you and your friend at the 5K this weekend! I used the "Couch to 5K" program, albeit loosely, over the past 3 months. (That plan was a total revelation to me!) I can now run 5K in 55 minutes, which may not sound very impressive, but for me it's a complete 180. I'm training for own local 5K/10K next month, so at least I know I can finish the darn thing before they pack stuff up and go home, although some of the fast walkers will probably lap me!

  39. No loss this week.
    My goal for next week is to exercise more and eat more vegetables.
    Congrats to all that lost!! Good for you!!

  40. Um - I stayed the same, better than gaining. I had company this week and haven't been getting enough sleep. That always messes with me.

    So next week I hope to lose 2lb and I will be sleeping better, and adding more exercise!

  41. I suck.

    I gained 1.4# this week. I have serveral theories on why, but I still gained. Anyway, I stayed on track with exercise & weight watchers all week & my pants are fitting nice & loose. I'm sure next week the scale will be more kind.

  42. not off to the best of starts...
    sick kids this week, me with a migraine for two days...needless to say not a 100% exercise week
    but it is still a start because i lost 2 pounds.
    i posted too.

  43. I didn't lose or gain. In fact, I've been holding steady for nearly a whole month. I've hit some plateau or something that I can't seem to get over. At least I'm not gaining, but how long can the scale stay at the exact same poundage?!?

  44. Weight lost: 0! This week is a wash I guess but I hope for next week to be much better.
    Goals for next week: lose 2 pounds, core workouts 5 days, walking 5 days.
    Good job everybody!

  45. I'm down a pound!

    Goals next week:
    1. to lose another pound.
    2. to create and follow a menu containing mucho fresh veggies.
    3. to continue walking or jogging 3 miles a day (I try to alternate.)
    4. to keep doing my push-ups and abs exercises.

  46. I lost 1.8 pounds this week. I'm pretty happy with that. If I can average 1-2 pounds a week I'll be at my goal in less than a year. Slow and steady, right?

    Good job on your loss this week! You did great! I admire your running. I used to run, even ran a half marathon in 2002. That was such another life ago. I'm working my way up though. I'm up to running 13 minutes straight without slowing to walk a bit.

    I'm off to write a post and check on others! :)

    1.8lbs down...50 more (give or take) to go. LOL!

  47. 1 lb this week
    2 lbs is my goal for every week but now that I'm behind I'm gonna have to step it up even more.

    I tell ya this was HARD week for me. I walked, I exercised like nobody's business and I even stayed away from the brownies=)AND I only lost 1 lb. But that's ok! I'm going to keep going!

    Did I mention that I am HUNGRY=) Very hungry!

  48. I lost 2 pounds

    I think it would have actually been more, but I didn't plan my splurge day quite right. Should have waited until after weigh in.

    Oh well 2 lbs is good, will work harder next week.

    Want to get up to 30 min of walking in, work on my sit ups & push ups. Oh and can't forget to try harder to stay on track with the diet.

  49. I lost around 2 lbs. I also am in Weight Watchers, so I'll know the exact lostt (by 0.2 lbs.) tomorrow at weigh-in.
    I love this added incentive!!!

  50. I am down 2.5 and while I am happy to see any progress I am up 12 from my latest low so it will be when I hit that mark again that I will be excited for the first time.

    Good work everyone!!!

  51. I'm down 1 whole pound since last friday. I sure wish this weight was coming off quicker!

    I'm a little intimidated about our 5k run tomorrow morning. You'll be waiting for me at the finish after having already gone for coffee and breakfast! I can't wait to see you tonight!


  52. The Mr Linky is only for if one is posting Friday fat ticker posts, right? I haven't been doing that (Fridays being for my haikus, and all), but I might have to start double posting or something...

    OK, now for the weight loss. Sometimes the scale is totally chaotic and reads way high (or way low), so technically my loss would be 4.2 pounds, but I tossed out that higher weight date and went with the 9/6 vs 9/12 difference (since I know jack about how this would typically be handled in a challenge/contest/group/whatev):

    Lost 2.4 pounds

    I have no intention of dropping more than about a pound a week, but just stopping the badness was a shock to the body, I think. ;)

  53. Ok, I thought I posted before, but I don't see it, so I will post again. Sorry if it's a dup. I lost 1.6 pounds this week! Weeehoooo what a great start. Let's keep it up ladies!


  54. I'd like to report that I lost 1 pound this week. I don't have my blog updated yet but I will. My fiance got back in town.

    Weight lost: 1.0
    Goal for next week:
    1. 2 pounds
    2. Workout everyday...even if it is just a mile walk
    3. No Three Musketeer Mint Bars!
    4. No pizza!

  55. Great job everybody!!

    I lost 2.5 lbs - yay!!

    My goal for next week is just to lose at least 1 lb and really keep track of WW points...and drink more water.

    And bravo to the people who posted about no loss or a gain - you made an effort and you posted about it - next week will be better! Stay strong!! :)

  56. I'm not sure how since I haven't been very good this week, but I lost 3.5 pounds! Woo hoo!

    Now that we have a nice lull in after school sporting activities, I can focus on getting to the gym again. That is what usually keeps me on track and motivated.

    My goal for next week is to eat better and to get exercising again.

  57. I'm down 1lb! I was pretty sure I would be staying the same weight this week, so I'm pumped about the one pound.

    Kudos to everyone!!!

  58. holy cow. it is very exciting to read all of the weight losses on the list! yeah!!!

    i am going to use my WW weigh ins for this challenge and that way my bi-polar home scale won't confuse or upset me! so, I am down 3.4 lbs! yeah me!!! that also put me personally at 59.6 so next week I plan to cross that 60 mark + some!

    well, off to get in some more activity!

  59. WOW Ladies! I think by looking at eveyones numbers we should have no problem breaking that 500 mark. We might need to increase it.

    I suck! My loss was only 1#. better luck next week.

    My goal for next week is 2# and findng more time to work out.

  60. I must be honest. I was a slacker this week, and did not do any of the good things I had planned. I did not work out ... and I did not eat as well as I intended. The scale was kinder than I expected, though, and I was down 1/2 pound. It's a start! And, next week will be different!

  61. I stayed the same. Boo. But I did start eating better for at least a few of the days and also made it to the gym. So just got to up the ante for next week. :)

  62. lost 1 pound! hoping i can keep it up next week! my bf (my walking buddy) was still recovering after having a little one this week but is planning to continue our walks next week!! thanks for hosting this great motivation party!!

  63. Lost 1.6 lbs. Goal is to continue cardio and start weights next week.

  64. I lost 2 pounds this week - according to our ancient, anolog, hard to read scale. It's a guess really.

  65. Yeah! Congratulations everyone on the first FAT TICKER FRIDAY of this challenge. I lost 0.6 pounds since Monday. I went to the YMCA a couple of times this week to walk on the treadmill but had to ease up at the end of the week due to my RA. WWBD all weekend, I have to compensate for not being able to move as much as I wanted to this week.

  66. I lost 1.2# this week amazingly enough! Had some 'bad' days diet wise.

  67. Stayed the same. Eating wasn't up to par this week. But had salad for dinner, over 96 ounces of water so far and will keep food back on track.

    Goal next week: 2 pounds
    6 days of true workouts


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