Linky Love Tuesday

One of my dearest friends has come to the dark side!

Now she too will know what it is like to have those age-old inner conflicts: Hmm. Laundry? Or blogging? or... Ok, I'll just leave one more comment. or....I'll just sit down for a minute while I drink my coffee and I'll log off as soon as I finish it. or...I'll be off in a second honey! I'm looking up something really, er, important! (Meanwhile, 4 hours later...)

Because guess why? She has just given birth to a brand new blog, 4 W Questions! Yayy!

My good friend Jen is one of my favorite people ever. We met in Student Broadcasting Society in college and thank God we did because eventually when I moved up to New York for a producing job, she moved back up north to be near her family in New Jersey and boy did we have some fun. New York City was our little playground.

In fact, she broke a bone on one of our little outings that's how much fun we have! (She may or may not have stumbled in her "sexy shoes" while crossing the street at about 2 in the morning. And she may or may not think of that experience as "fun". Sorry Jen!) Unfortunately, that was the second time she broke a bone and even more unfortunate is that the first time she broke a bone, I also happened to be there (it was an unfortunate rollerblading pile-up on Miami Beach during one of our dork Student Broadcasting conventions.)

We've lived parallel lives in many ways. It's pretty amazing, actually.

We both met our husbands in college. (I was actually friends with her husband before I was friends with her). We both dated our husbands-then-boyfriends long-distance while we lived in New York. Our husbands both took forever to decide we were "the one". Something like 10 years. And there were breakups and some seeing-other-peoples in between, but both of us ended up right back with the same guys. I guess they just couldn't live without us. Yep. So we had dated our husbands for.ev.er. and then, amazingly, we got engaged within a month of each other. We both left whatever we were doing in whatever state and moved back to Florida to be with our husbands-to-be. Shortly after, we both got married. Then we both got pregnant (and both with boys) and then, if that's not amazing enough, we both had preemies. (This one I could do without having in common but it has been a blessing having each other to talk to about it.)

In fact, when she went into labor 10 months after I had my preemie, my heart broke into a million pieces and I actually screamed out in anger and mad at the world at why this would or could possibly happen when I hung up after getting that phone call at midnight. And I prayed. And I rushed to the hospital as soon as the sun came up.

Her little man was in the NICU for a couple months, but he is a year and a half now and adorable and healthy and big and wonderful. And by the way, I've written about her a lot and you don't even know it! She's the one who talked me into the meetup group and also the one who took me to Pearl Jam a few months ago and she was the one who was involved in the failed great dancing experiment of '08 with me.

We have fun together. She is hilarious. And that's why I am giving her the linky love on Linky Love Tuesday because I think you'll laugh out loud to her too. So head on over to 4W Questions and say hi! Ask her how long it's been since she's had a hamburger...


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