Motivation Monday: Prizes, Badges and more badges

Happy Monday!

It's a new week, a new day, a new chance to start fresh if you haven't minded your P's and Q's this weekend. So breathe in, breathe out, and find your zen place because we're going to have a good week this week.

We had a great weekend this weekend and as far as eating, I did pretty good. We did order our favorite Thai takeout on Saturday night following the 5K, and I had a cupcake that I caught the lady at Publix icing and she made one just for me and it was chocolatey goodness. Then I am quite sure that I burned this right off on Sunday, because there was apple picking at the orchard. And no I didn't burn it off picking apples, exactly.

Have you ever used a non-all-terrain stroller on all-terrain?

Besides the stroller threatening to tip over along sides of ginormous hills, there were, ginormous hills. So not only was I pushing the stroller up these huge hills which were combinations of gravel and rocks and large brush, I'm also manipulating the stroller so that it doesn't tip over on the way up because the wheels are refusing to catch the ground. Not to mention that all day there were 5 boys between the two families, two of them require nursing and the remaining three require chasing.

Buns and thighs burning. As we speak.

You'll have to excuse me if I hadn't been by yet (I am trying to make it to as many blogs as I can while I am away) but I am exhausted. My eyes are like swirlies and those animated birds are flying around my head in circles.

Oh, I so loved the response to last week's question regarding "legacy". I found myself getting all choked up at so many of your blogs. Your posts were so touching! This week the question is a little less deep and I thought of it because I'm getting started on one of mine this week.

Wednesday I'm turning 33. And since my husband and I won't be together on my birthday, he told me what my present will be because we are going to pick it out together. It's on my life to-do list and I am so freakin excited I'm about to cross it off.

He got me a guitar. A guitar! I'm going to learn how to play the guitar! I started teaching myself how to play a few years ago and I learned some chords, but honestly, I am not that good at teaching myself guitar from a book, it's kind of like Daniel-san learning his karate from a book. So I am really excited.

That's what this week's question is: What is on your life's to-do list? When you post on Friday, list as many as you like and whatever you like.

Now for the prize! This week's prize comes to us from Tanya Lee, the author of the Body Art Cookbook.

This from the makers: "No matter how hard you train, results reflect what and when you eat. BodyArt meals are fool proof and battle tested by fitness professionals across the globe."

This book contains a ton of easy to make recipes, and this week we're giving away a copy autographed by the author herself! Honestly, who doesn't need new yummy healthy recipes! So good luck! Remember, you must weigh in on Friday to be eligible for the prize!

Finally, on Friday I unveiled a new puffy finger "I Rock!" badge that was given away to the week's biggest loser. (I happen to love the puffy finger.) We'll do it again this week!

That'll go to the biggest loser!

And.... here are some more badges but these are for anyone and everyone interested, just grab it for your blog as needed:

How awesome will it be to see some 20's out there on some blogs?!

Keep working hard this week! It's not about losing weight. Well not entirely about losing weight. It's about removing one obstacle from your life so you can do more without caring about "weight". It's about living healthier. Being a better example to yourself and your family. And taking your life back.
Remember: WWBD!
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  1. OMG, my birthday is Thursday! How cool is that. I'm older, turning 35, aannnd I'm not getting a guitar but still. I think it is cool that we almost share a birthday. I so wish I could be participating in the HFH challenge I miss the fun and not doing nearly as well eating on my own. Been sick with the flu so exercise and blogging have feel through the cracks pretty much but I'm still out here stopping by and checking in.

  2. Thanks for the motivation. Funny about those badges - they make me want one which further motivates me! So silly how little things like that really work. :)

  3. dang! 10 and 20 gone!
    that is amazing and inspiring.
    here's to a great week for us all.

  4. Aw, I think the guitar is just the sweetest thing ever since it is on your list. Really. That's cool.

  5. I love these badges! I can't wait to put up the 5 - and then the 10 - and so on... Great motivation! Thanks.

  6. I love the buttons that we can post as needed! What a great idea!!! A guitar? That's awesome. I think I have told you that my husband sings in a band and plays the guitar. He has tried to teach me and I would probably pick it up fairly quick but that would require me to cut my nails... don't get me wrong, I'm totally not a girlie girl but I do love my nails!!!
    And than there's your cab ride to the rapids.. WOW! I think it's great that you went and did that by yourself. Good for you! I love rafting!!!
    Have a great week burning the calories off pushing your kids in the!!!

  7. Glad your having a great time! Thanks for the motivation and have a Happy Birthday :)


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