My PhotoEssay (FTF Below)

Here is my version of the photo essay and thank you to everyone who participated -- this one was fun!

Believe it or not, I hadn't thought of my own answers when I was thinking about the questions, so leave it to me to stump myself! Specifically on what inspires me because I find inspiration in so many places, it's hard to name one. But when it comes to inspiration for weightloss, I look no further than my house, specifically my closet.
These are special because 25 pounds ago I would not dared have shown my "fatarm" to anyone by wearing the dreaded tanktop. So you could just forget SHORTS! But there they are! I bought a pair a couple of weeks ago because for the first time in a few years I did not want to die before showing my legs. And it is all because of the weightloss challenges that I have had here and the motivation I have gotten from all of you. And losing weight has also helped me buy a pair of cute cargo pants from the Gap which I wouldn't have even WALKED into even just a few months ago. But more importantly, it's not about the clothes, it's about the meaning of them. Like being able to play outside in Florida with my kids while wearing Florida-appropriate clothing without feeling ashamed. And I can play outside and run around without feeling like a heffer and sweating profusely (because of my weight) and bouncing and sitting down with rolls everywhere! So these things inspire me. Every time I can walk into a dressing room and not cry while stuffing myself into clothes that inevitably don't fit, that inspires me. Playing with my kids outside and setting an example for them, that inspires me.

Disclaimer: don't pay attention to the length of the grass.

Which leads me to, something healthy in my life.

Fresh air. The bare-feet-in-the-grass kind. I love being outside and running and playing and walking and hiking and all of those things that I really should do more of and am finally starting to.
And then there's this. Among the many things that make me crazy.

Finally, two things that I love to do (besides writing). Are this:

My beloved Wii Fit. And these:

My shiny, fancy, new pink and gray sneakers that I love to run in. EEk! Egad! I actually wrote the words "love" and "run" in one sentence! I must be getting somewhere finally...

Well, I am in these great new shoes, anyway.
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  1. great photo essay!!! i totally forgot to do this... guess i will play along next week. i need to make myself work on it when you first post the question and that way on friday when i am rushed i can just push publish! hummm, good plan...lets see if i do it!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! Doesn't it feel great when the comfort comes back in wearing certain things??? I know exactly how you feel? Btw...I think I definately need to purchase a Wii Fit. Seems to be pretty popular. Have a great weekend!

  3. Hey! Great photo essay! I'm so glad you are feeling free enough to wear your shorts! That's great & your shoes are "love" worthy :)

  4. whoops, I meant to touch base yesterday and let you know that I have put on a blooming pound!!! Nuts!! Am also in a bit of a bloggy funk at the moment hence the lack of posts!

    Great photo essay by the way!!

  5. please to come to texas and teach me how.

    how to use the words run and LOVE together.

    right now Im at BARELY TOLERATE and run.

    oh that I were kidding...




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