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I sat down with my coffee this morning after dropping Poops off for school and said, out loud, only a few minutes... while picking up the computer.


But I vow to not be doing this in an hour. Just a few minutes. Really.

Because we have had the lonnnngest weekend ever. Sunday, I did my long run, then we went to my mom's, then on to a pool party and then dinner with some friends who were in town with their new baby. Naps were canceled for the day, we ate on the run, by 5 o'clock we were all so exhausted from running around but we still had one more stop to make. So by the time we got home after 8, everyone was all starry-eyed, wired but exhausted, the house was in that place that the house gets when everyone is rushing around trying to leave and stuff gets thrown everywhere and it looks all "Home Alone-y".

But we put the kids to bed, then we went to bed (before 9! hooray!) because we were too tired to pick anything up. But then Mini woke up at 11 for some reason and Poops woke up at 2 a.m. with a bad dream and we woke up this morning like we had hangovers from the day that wouldn't end.

And the house is still in a terrible state of disarray. That's the bad part of going to bed without cleaning up, it is still there when you wake up. I don't know how, but everything is a mess! Down to the closets, the fridge (and this one really stinks because the dishwasher broke!) the kids' rooms, I don't know what happened or whence the cyclone hit but I have no idea where on earth to start. And I don't know when it happened, but I always try to keep the kids' stuff in bins and cubes and put away -- but all the toys have made their way out of their place and it looks like a Gymboree in here.

Just typing this is overwhelming me.

OK, start with coffee.

I have about two sips left, at which point I will close down computer and just start picking things up off the floor. That's a good start. Where to continue from there, I have no idea. What I'd like to do is take a few big garbage bags and just throwing stuff out. I can't even stand looking at it anymore. Can I do that? Maybe I'll do that. That would help our clutter problem.

But I'll have to check on whether or not we have garbage bags. Because we seem to have run out of everything. I had to buy my coffee at McDonalds this morning because we have no sugar and I needed sugar without having to get out of the car. How sad is that?

And I can't do a giant shopping trip until I clean the fridge out. See how it all ties together? OK, shutting down now. Wish me luck.
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  1. This is my every day!!! I have the house all clean and sparkly (ok - picked up at the very least) by the time hubby gets home from work and by the time we go to bed 4 hours later it looks like I haven't cleaned in weeks! WTH?? Good luck to you... I'll be doing much of the same as well... and with a broken dishwasher too!

  2. We are living the same nightmare today, down to the kids closets!!

    Good luck getting through it all.

  3. my house is a clutter zone everyday! my kids refuse to clean up after themselves. my office looks like a tornado swept through, and i have about 6 loads or so of laundry to finish after doing about 4 or 5 yesterday (this is what happens when you tell your girls to bring their laundry down or they won't get anything washed). PLUS, i really need to get back to my exercise routine today. helllllp! LOL

    good luck, and wish me some, too lol

  4. Today was Cleaning Day for me. The day where I clean the whole house top to bottom. It will stay that way about 2.5 seconds. At least I tried:-)

  5. I need to clean, I did a little bit this weekend but I was pretty much lazy. The bad thing is that I'm the only one to blame.

  6. Oh, dear. This just makes me think of all the stuff I didn't accomplish this weekend because I just didn't damn feel like it. And now it still needs to be done, but now I feel even less inclined. ;)

  7. I know all about those days. At least you shut the computer. I usually just give up and stay online all day . . .

  8. I've been there too :) Hope you got things worked out. . . I usually start in the living room or kitchen and the rest of the house follows.


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