Don't worry! I didn't forget to post my answer to this week's question: What's on your life's to do list?

This is all part of my introspection as of late, about trying to live the one life I have in the best way possible. So a few years back, I wrote a list of things I need to do in my life. Places I want to see, hobbies I want to pursue, dreams I want to live. And here are some of them in no specific order. This list is wayyy longer but edited to fit the time slot.

1. Watch a shuttle liftoff in person. I better get to this one quickly before they ground all the shuttles!
2. Go back to Germany. You may or may not remember my little dilemma a few weeks ago...
3. Learn to play the guitar. Guess what I got for my birthday????? I get to cross one off my list pretty soon...
4. Lose weight so I can forget about losing weight and spend time on other things, like living my life and crossing things off my list.
5. Go to an Olympics.
6. I guess you may see a theme here -- of seeing things and traveling, I love to travel. When I can, anyway. So taking trips to places like Greece, Ireland, Hawaii, Spain, Italy, India, New Zealand. Looks like I need to put "winning the lottery" on this list...
7. Open a tea room. Or a catering business. Or both.
8. And eventually an Irish pub. I inherited a great last name for it.
9. Go back to school for my Masters in Journalism.
10. Volunteer for disaster relief or a humanity project and have my kids do this too. Here or in another country or both. Not only to help but to show my sons how life can change in an instant and what a profound impact a few people can have on making those changes the least bit bearable.

Don't forget to sign the linky so we can all come by and see your progress and/or answer! Congrats to everyone on a good week! I'll be in the car for 9 hours and trying to visit as many people as I can throughout the ride but I'll definitely be by everyone's blog by the end of the weekend!!
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  1. very good list. good luck with the guitar learning. plus you are well on your way to success with the weight loss! better get to booking a trip!!!

  2. I like the idea of Helping with Disaster Relief. I should probably add that to mine because I've always wanted to do that but with my job it's next to impossible. If there is a disaster in this area, our hotel is usually a haven for disaster victims such as with the recent flooding.

  3. I had to think about mine, since I've completed my 'bucket list' once.

    anyway, I posted my list HERE

  4. great list, I too am a bit of a wannabe traveller!!

  5. Love this list! I'm working on my own bucket list, but having a hard time with it for some reason.

    I can so relate to #4, though.

  6. I did mine as well! It´s up now!


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