A Word About Our Sponsor...Plus LAST CHANCE WORKOUTS!!

Judi rocks. I hope you like what my blog is wearing (if you don't, that's ok too!) because I do! Because I love flowers and I love pink. And I love pink and orange. And I love tea, and when it comes to writing things or designing things, I am a pain in the butt. Total control freak, actually, because I like what I like and I get an idea in my head about something and I have to run with it and if anyone is standing in my way I get frustrated. And if I have to rely on someone other than myself to help me carry out my vision, then I can only hope and pray that they share my vision. I know. See what Judi from Doodlebug Designs had to put up with?

On top of being a great blog designer, she is patient. Verrrrry patient.

And miraculously, she did share my vision. Because it came out just like I pictured, and actually better. She's done a lot of pretty blogs, and I like to venture over there sometimes just to look at all the pretty pictures...

I'm a dork.

But among the blogs you may recognize, she's also done Maggie's blog, at Maggie's Mind, and I think she captured Maggie's personality perfectly on that one. Spot on.

And during the last challenge here (the "Summer of Me" weightloss challenge), ET at Titus 2:3-5 won a blog makeover from Doodlebug Designs and hers turned out just so darned cute! So take a look over there, she has something for everyone! There is a blog makeover up for grabs this week so don't forget to weigh-in! If you don't have a blog, maybe this is a good time to start one! :) Good luck this week!

So, guess what today is?

It's THURSDAY! Which means the weigh-in is tomorrow morning. Which means last chance workouts all around! I have a three mile run today and I got brand new sneakers (pink! well, gray and pink) for my birthday and they are so cute and awesome, they are like strapping on air onto my feet they are so light. I usually buy Asics but this time it was the Nikes that caught my eye. And by the way, I found myself trying on a blue pair of Asics but only because they had the word "Nimbus" in the name and I thought, how cool would it be to have Nimbus 3000 sneakers, I'd be like the Harry Potter of running, whatever that would mean. I guess he really never needed to run anyway, he had a broom. Maybe it means I could be as fast as Harry Potter on a broom. I'm delirious. It's late. I just got back from visiting my mom in the hospital and I am hopped up on coffee. She is doing very well, thank you for all your kind thoughts and words. :)

Anyway, back to shoes, I didn't like the blue Nimbuses as much as the pink and they weren't as light as my pink featherlight Nikes which I love. (Have I mentioned I love them?)

I also got a great belt that holds two tiny water bottles for me to wear while I run and beat that still ridicu-florida-heat. I really got it for the crazy 4 and 5 mile runs that are going to be occurring on Sundays that have me scared to death.

So good luck today everyone! Let's post some serious losses this week! What does your last minuteness consist of?
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  1. Ok, I am hoping to win this week as I have been e-mailing back and forth with Judi since the summer and am stuck on the pics! She must think I am such a flake! I really need a blog makeover but have been too busy with the whole lifestyle reinvention to get off my butt and really "develop: the reinvention concept...I know, bad, bad me! Maybe if people nag at me to work on revamping my blog it will actually get done. I feel like a kid who needs to be nagged to do their homework! I know that paying someone to redesign a blog the way I want should be easy and fun but its such a lot to decide! I know, quality problems! As for Hot For the Holidays, I am hoping for a no gain week. I have not been on it like I should have been. Next week....its on!

  2. i SO could use this prize! my blog needs a MAJOR overhaul. i've seen judi's work and it really is great.

    i bought my daughter something similar to the belt w two water bottles...i don't want to call it a fanny pack (she/i hate fanny packs lol). she's going to outdoor science camp in about 1 1/2 wks and will be able to take a daypack. i figured no strain on the back, it has two small water bottles, it can carry sunscreen and chapstick, too.

    i'm excited to report my fat ticker friday this wk...oh yes! lol :)

  3. love your blogs outfit and am JEALOUS OF YOUR SHOES.


    Have a great thursday.
    looking forward to all the results.

  4. I would love to win this prize too! But a loss of weight is great as well.
    I am weighing in early because we are going on a short trip this weekend and there will be no internet. Details on my blog.

    Loss for this week: 0.7 pound.
    It´s going the right direction!!

    Hope you have a great weekend!!

  5. Judi really does do good work, and I love my blog. It was definitely a joint effort, though she did all the hard stuff. :)

    I am not doing much different today than any other day in terms of getting ready. I gained some throughout the week, oddly because I'm on track, but have started losing that, so I expect to be about a half pound down. Maybe I'll get a surprise. Sometimes the scale just jumps down all at once. You know me, though, I'm in no hurry as long as I'm eating better, feeling good and not gaining overall.

    Good luck to everyone!!

  6. Good luck on your runs this weekend! You will do great.

    I have been looking for new running shoes too, but I can't find anything that doesn't make my feet hurt!! So for now I am sticking with my old ones.

    I don't plan on doing anything differently today than I have been doing all week. I am heading into weigh-in tomorrow morning confident that I have lost. ;o) If not, I will cry.

  7. I know I won the first week, but this is THE prize I really wanted when you announced some of them ahead of time. I am in desperate need of a blog makeover and I just don't take the time to work on it.

    I'm doing alright this week. Had a nice dinner out last evening to celebrate my new job, and I had a very tasty margarita. But I'm back on the horse today.

    Hoping for a loss tomorrow.

  8. Judi is a totally fantastic designer! I am even enduring the worst insantiy from blogger in order to keep my amazing design. I will never leave it behind!!!

    Judi was so patient with me...I had only a very general idea of what I wanted to begin with - she brought it to life, then changed this and that and all sorts of little tweaks until I was totally happy.

    Whoever wins this one is going to be one happy camper! :)

  9. I wanna win too... I totally need to get my blog design in order, but am at a total loss and need MAJOR direction.

    I'm off to the gym this afternoon again and hoping to see a little scale movement this week.

    Hope your runs feel better w/ your water bottles!

  10. glad your mom is feeling better.

  11. This is a great prize for anyone. She does great blog makeovers and even if I don't win, I will hopefully be getting one done as soon as I can afford it.


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