"Believe it, Achieve it!" A Word About our Sponsor: Running Free,

I really wish I lived in Ontario. But since I don't I'm glad that Running Free has a cool online store. Except that since the internet's open 24 hours a day, I SO could get into trouble.

Running Free looks like a running store. Because of it's name. But it's not. There's yoga stuff in there. There's BPA-free water bottles. Blister and chafing sticks. Protein powders and energy gels. Workout dvds. Sneakers and clothing for the casual worker-outer and the hardcore worker-outer. I found a rocking Nike Sportsband that tracks your workouts and your mileage and your pace, I could really use that trinket right there (Santa).

They also do a lot of helpful reviews, and that's good to know because now I have the knowledge of a running sportsbra that works nicely for the ladies up top, and the fact that the GU mint-chocolate energy gels taste amazing, which will surely help when I need an extra something something when I start running 6 miles one day (sheesh!) and by the way did you know they make "Jelly Belly" brand energy gels? FYI.

But what I like about Running Free and you know how I prefer to write to sponsors whose message I believe in and admire, is the fact that they get involved. (I mean, they got involved here, right?) But it's more than that. They run a program where people drop off their gently-used shoes and the shoes are donated to people less fortunate. Recently, a bunch of the donated shoes went to children in Uganda and Kenya. They also have a program called "Team Running Free" where they sponsor people who want to get healthy and give back to their community at the same time. Their motto: "Believe it, Achieve it!" If I lived in Ontario, I'd be all over this. I like to organize things. (Bet you wouldn't have guessed that!)

So thanks, Running Free, for believing in our message, because I sure believe in yours!

Head on over there for a visit, honestly. Especially if you're looking for some goodies. Bookmark and Share

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