"C" Week

Before we went to Georgia, we had "C" week. That was fun. We started with "Crazy Carrot Man!" That was yummy. I had a really hard time not doing "cupcake" or "cake" -- which would have been fun too, but since we were already "bakers" for "b", and I was pretty sure were were going to do "doughnuts" for "D", I figured maybe I'd play "good mom" and throw in a healthy snack or two.

I'm always so amazed at how much mileage you can get out of an egg carton. We used a shorter version of this to make an "ant" for "a" -- use a longer one and you get, "caterpillar" for "c"! Works for me! It's even better if you have a cardboard one and you paint it green, but hey, a pink caterpillar has character, right? Oooh, "c" for "character!"

The flat part of the egg carton, I've found, works great as a palette, by the way! I put some paint in there, took a little dollar store racecar, and we painted car race tracks on paper, which actually looked pretty cool! I would say stay away from the good cars you have and use the cheapo kind.

But I suppose if you don't, you could always do "Carwash" for "c"!

Then we made a cactus -- we painted a sweet potato (you can use any potato, I only had a sweet potato in the house) and then stuck some green toothpicks into it. This was a little scary and thorny to have lying around the house afterward so it went to the "big desert in the sky" aka the trashcan after we had fun taking pictures of it.

I love making these cute little coloring books. I think I like them more than he does, actually. He hasn't been in a coloring mood much. Oh well.

That's "C" week!

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Thanks to: Mosi Esme', DLTK's Printable Crafts, Everything PreSchool

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  1. Great timing! We start C week tomorrow. I'm a little behind in my planning! We always start out on Monday by painting a cut out of the letter of the week so I'm covered for tomorrow. Your post gave me some great ideas for the rest of the week! My son's birthday is this week so we'll be doing cake on Thursday. Ahh! The day before the HFH weigh in! I'll just take a few bites!

  2. haha the big desert in the sky, very cute.

  3. Great job! Did you check out the links I shared on my blog for tot time fun? No Time for Flashcards is awesome & I highly recommend it. You can find it through Google. ;-) it looks like C was a big hit. I need to get back on track with my little guy. I think D is next for us.


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