Fat Ticker Friday

I'm finishing out this week with a big heaping frothy cup of optimism (with skim milk, of course.)

It was actually tough to get my workouts in this week because of rainouts and scheduling, but I think I may have eeked out a loss this week after last week's big 2 pounder gain. (I'll weigh in around 8 and report back).

Weightloss: 4.8 POUNDS! WEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! WEEEE! So that means that wretched two from last week that I gained, plus another 2.8. Weeeeee! Can you tell I'm happy?? I didn't do anything differently either. I worked out the same (maybe even a little less because our schedules were so whack) and I ate the same plus added a lot of spinach that I had been craving. And nope, not for any reason!
Goal for next week: Eat well, get all my runs in (tomorrow is my sister's due date and I have a feeling the week will be spent hopping on a plane to be with her and trying to run on the Marine base where she lives in between. I can't wait to meet you, Maddie!)

Sunday was supposed to be my long run, but I got about 2 1/2 miles in and had to abort because of the looming clouds. I hauled back to the car, drove home and bam. Lightning, thunder, torrential downpour, and I just made it. And it was a MONSOON for hours, so had I been stuck, I'd have really been stuck. Lucky lucky! Anyway, Monday softball canceled for rain, and Thursday run moved to Friday, so my tally is as follows:
Sunday, 2 1/2 mile run + 55 mins Wii Fit. Monday, gym (legs) 20 mins Wii fit. Tuesday 30 mins Wii Fit (what would I do without this thing!) Wednesday, gym: 2 mile run, arms chest and back. Thursday nada -- went to my mom's, and Friday: 3 mile run. I will have to do legs on Saturday to make up for Thursday.

This week's question was about inspiration. It was about keeping our eyes peeled and spotting it, somewhere, anywhere. Where did you find it this week?

I found it at the gym (surprise surprise!). The interesting thing about when I go is the eccentric crowd. I can only go right around 1 in the afternoon because that's when my mother-in-law comes over to watch the kids. Turns out, that's also the same time the 70 and older crowd congregates. There is the little woman who wears her purple shirt, black shorts and purple tights and brings her rolling suitcase, the man who always comes over to me and says the same thing, "You should be wearing gloves when you work out! You don't want to ruin those hands when you get a fellow to hold hands with!" And the man who comes in bringing his friends donuts. Which always makes me laugh. They are all really sweet and cute and they all know each other. (The only thing I don't like is that sometimes one or two of them can be a little antsy -- they'll sit on a machine facing me and wait -and wait- and wait for me to get off the one they want. But in their defense, the gym changed the setup so that some of my equipment is now in the "circuit" section and there is no duplicate anywhere else so I take a long time on some of the machines. But that's neither here nor there. I just get stressed sometimes when I know someone's waiting.)

Anyway, what inspires me? It inspires me when I see a woman in her 70's doing bicep curls. Or a man pushing 80 doing pullups. Or 20 minutes of crunches. This whole group that I see each week are all lean and fit and I am sure that it's because they've been doing this about twice the amount of time in life than I have. And they have a lot to show for it. For one, they're old. And why is that? What's their secret? (besides an active social life at the gym...) They stuck with it. Through thick and thin, there they are getting their workouts in and probably have for years and years and years. Talk about consistency...

So that's what I've learned this week. I would love to be the one who's 150 still pumping iron at the gym. But here's the catch: I have to do it now to ensure that I'll live to 150. See? I get out of it what I put into it. Or at least that's how it's supposed to work, barring any tragedies or unforseen circumstances.

So let's linky link! How did you do this week???? What inspired you???? Good luck to everyone! And one random winner will be spending $30 bucks in a Barnes and Noble, how sweet is that!? Thanks to Danielle at Alberts Family for sponsoring this week's prize! Make sure you head on over there for some HFH love!
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  1. Yeah I don't want to talk about it this week!! Its my fault and I don't want to deal with it!! But I have to :(

    4.2 lbs gain!!! wwwwwwaaaaaaa!!!

  2. All that hot chocolate contentment has been getting to me. Hope everyone else's week has been going better!

  3. Just lost one pound this week but hey, that's ok.

  4. Down 8 lbs this week -- erm though not a method I'd recommend highly (gall bladder surgery Eeep!)

  5. All right. I am subbing today so I will update my blog later. Alot happened this week and I ate for joy and sorrow, and frustration.

    weight loss= +3


  6. I lost another pound! Yeeaahhh!! I feel so good!

    Total weight loss: 6

    Goal for next week: 0 - 1 pound

  7. Uhm... today's Fat Ticker Friday entry is all about ZERO.


  8. Holding steady. NO gain, but no loss either. My fault. I let things get in the way of exercise and didn't make an effort to work around them. On to next week!

  9. Congrats Christie!!!! Wahoo!!!! What a great week!!!
    I was down ONE lb.
    Next weeks goalt: 1-2lbs

  10. AWESOME job, Christie! All of that muscle you're building finally got the idea...burn fat burn!

    I'm little frustrated to report that I had a 1 pound GAIN this week. :-(

  11. Rough week at the Honey House. I'm up a pound, darn it!

  12. Down 2 lbs! (still up 1 from my lowest so far...darn it)

    I would like to have at least 2 weeks in a row with a that too much to ask?

  13. Down .3 ... Well, acxtually 2.3 for the week, but that just got me caught up from where I had GAINED!!!! So, yeah, .3!

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  15. I'm up .5lbs this week, but considering I didn't work out, and it's that lovely time of the month where I tend to retain water like mad, I'm not that upset about it.

    I have 3 goals for this week:
    - Actually use my WW tracker
    - Drink my water
    - Stop being a lazy butt and go to the gym. I need to get back in that habit.

  16. Ok my loss for this week was 3lbs. i'm happy with that! lets just hope i don't show a gain next week, that will be my luck! Good job ladies and keep up the good work!!

  17. OK I thought I already posted but my response isn't showing so here it is again. I gained 1.5 lbs. :( But I know why. And next week will be better!

    Congrats on your awesome loss, Christie!

  18. WOOHOO! Way to go Christie!! Knew you didn't have anything to worry about!! lol...

    I learned a good lesson this week. Even though the scale may say one thing, you body can totally say something else! I'm back up in the 140s, but I'm seeing definition that I never saw before!

  19. Great job Christie! That's how to do it!

    I lost 1 pound since last Fri - quite happy with that!

  20. I sucked this week. I'm up 2 pounds. Ugh. I'm so upset with myself I'm not sure what else I can say.

  21. Looks like a few of us struggled this week. I gained .6 lbs from last Friday. I was down to my lowest though, so I had a feeling a would fluctuate a bit before I continued going down. That's just how my body works! Good Job on your great loss Christie!

  22. Sorry to make this confusing ... but I did my math wrong! I only gained .4lbs. Please correct my last entry.

  23. i did rather well this week. down 1 pound. yipee! i'll be doing my hfh post a little bit later :)

    looks like you had an awesome week, christie..keep up the good work!

  24. WOW -great job Christie! That is so awesome!

    I am up 3.8 lbs this week. Yup, you read that right: +3.8!!! OMG! I still went to the gym every weekday and didn't do bad eating... until yesterday. I had a total salt binge. Popcorn, pretzels. Salt. Oops.

    I still did not touch the pop though, so it has been almost 3 weeks for me! Yay!

    I am going to do super good this week and one of these weeks the weight will start coming off. Right?!

  25. Congrats on that great weight loss!!! You are gong to be smokin' hot for the holidays. :)

    My weight loss this week wasn't bad, either. I'm down (yes, DOWN!!) 3 pounds.


  26. It was my birthday on Saturday, so we had more food than I usually eat on Saturday and Sunday, and I allowed myself a treat (a sliver of my ice cream birthday cake) everyday. I did hurt my back, so I wasn't as active as I would have liked, but it was sunny so I was outside more.

    Bottom line - I'm down 0.5 lb!

    I was only going to count whole lbs, but I guess I better pay attention to those 0.5 lbs, too, 'cuz that's still progress!!!!

    My Cross-Stitch project is all finished and framed, Christie, just FYI!

  27. WOO HOO to YOU! Great loss this week!

    Unfortunatley, I can't claim the same. In fact, I could have claim no change up until yesterday, when suddenly the scale showed a .4 pound gain. Okay, I can deal with that, payback for some serious food munchies I had this week.

    Then, this morning, ARGH - an even bigger gain must be reported. One pound even. Where did that extra 6/10ths come from between yesterday morning & this morning?

    Oh well. I'll try harder this coming week. But it's a big fair weekend. Which means yummy fair food. Crap. I'm probably looking at another gain next week. Bleh.

  28. I'm even again. Argh! Stupid Halloween candy goes on sale, so you buy to stock for the big night. How am I supposed to resist opening the bags? I don't have THAT much self discipline! What a racket.

  29. holding steady here. no weight lost and, thank goodness, no weight gained. i did pull on my citizens for humanity jeans that i bought too small as a reward for HFH and i can pull them up and zip them. now to work on that muffin top because gaaaah i won't wear any jeans that do that to me.
    it's going to be a tough week coming up...actually a tough 2-3 weeks because i am having surgery next week and doc says no exercise for 2 weeks post-op. i guess now will be the time to get serious about my eating.


    No loss, no gain.

  31. Yay for you! Congrats on such a good week, and kisses to the new baby.

    I lost 0.60 pounds this week, so let's be fair and just call it:

    Loss: .5 pounds

    I'm content with it because I'm to the point that I can't afford to lose more than .5 to 1 pound per week, and if it's not a gain, it's good. :)

  32. I'm down three pounds. Yay!!

  33. I'm down 1.2 kilo. That's 2.64 pounds. Congrats on your uber loss there!

  34. 4.8lb???? WOW!!! And WOOOOOOOO!!!
    You ROCK! I know... I told you before *g* AND I knew you would leave us in dust this week! *g*

    Hope you don't mind I couldn't resist your etsy store today. Just another hint that you rock... and "discipline" will help me out after this messy week =)

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for Maddy!

  35. I'm happy to report that I am back on track and down 1.7 lbs. this week. And...for the record, I started weights this week and my arms feel like they want to fall off!
    Way to go losers! The only time we want to be in this catagory.

  36. Wow! I already commented once, but I had to come back and congratulate you on your loss!! That is awesome! Isn´t it funny how our bodys work sometimes?

  37. Congratulations! That's awesome weight loss!!

    I am down 2 more pounds!! I didn't get my Fat Ticker Friday post up but I do have my new blog design (thank you, thank you)!! I'll be back to link up.

  38. 1.1 lost...woot!

    Good job this week!

  39. Not happy at all but I knew it was bounc to happen at some point...

    1 pound gain. :-(

  40. CONGRATULATIONS CHRISTIE!!! You rocked the weight loss girl! I hope everyone else did well too. I had a really bad week! I made some HORRIBLE food and lifestyle choices and need to deal with the consequences. I gained 2 and maybe a bit more! Too many processed carbs does not do a body good! Time to get back to what works! I will hopefully posting some better statistics next week.
    Fierce Diva

  41. (I think my previous comment got lost. Rats.)

    I'm down 3 pounds since last Friday. Woo hoo!

    Christie, -4.8?!?! You rock!

    Good luck to everyone in the upcoming week!

  42. WOW...over 4lb in one week. That is amazing. Nice work. I lost two last weigh in and am hoping for the same this week. I was sick at the beginning of the week and was down two, but since then I have been eating again so we shall see.

  43. Wow! Congrats on your great loss! I gained 1.5 lbs this week. :(

    I want to lose what I gained next week - at least.

  44. Lisa @ Stop Eating All The ChocolatesFriday, October 10, 2008

    I keep forgetting to switch where I'm commenting from - the above comment is from me at Stop Eating All The Chocolates (I have 2 blogs).

  45. Congrats on 4.8 down! That's amazing!

    I am down 1.2 since last Friday. It's surprising because I've been doing a lot of snacking. Not too much though, it would seem!

  46. Awesome Christie! Keep up the good work! I'm not sure how to report this, because I weighed in Saturday last week with a 1 pound gain. I lost that pound, and lost one more! Yippee!


  47. 4.8lbs.....Awesome!!! Congrats! I'm so excited for you!

  48. wow... i want your loss!

    sadly i gained 0.4 but i am expecting a loss next week! i tracked my food and got in lots of exercise so i know it will pay off soon.

  49. I stayed the same this week. Sorry I'm late - been getting ready for our camping trip tomorrow and our internet has been a brat today.

  50. I am late but I still wanted to post because I had a miraculous 6 lb loss!!!! Ugh! It wasn't due to what you may think...lots of hard work sweat and tears...mostly just tears. I've been so sickly with a terrible headache. Yuck! But it's a loss anyway=)

    and damn I am LATE TO THE PARTY on this one.

    have a great weekend.

    a healthy on track weekend filled with fun friend family and frolicking!

  52. Woohoo! Great loss :) I stayed the same and wasn't home yesterday. . .


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