Fat Ticker Friday!

Good morning, ladies! It's Show and Tell Friday here for HFH this week! What do you have to share? A recipe? A tip? A favorite DVD workout you wanna tell everyone about? Do share and link it up!

How are we this week?

I'm so glad to be back in the swing of things. This cold is the one that just won't die, or at least it's dying a very slow death. I feel much better today than I have all week which is good, but as far as working out goes, I was lucky to get my butt out of pajamas at all, much less get in my long run and go to the gym. I did run two miles last night and do the Wii Fit for a 1/2 hour when I was starting to feel better. I don't expect much by way of a loss, but I don't expect a gain either, so we'll see what happens. I'll weigh in around 8 a.m. like usual.

Weight: 0 lost, 0 gained. This is a good thing. As much as I've been sick and trying to exercise in between, I am glad that I maintained. I ate healthy and exercised only a little, so I expected this. I'm pretty recovered except for some runnyness, so back to the drawing board!
Goal for next week: 2.5 pounds will send me into the next decade of numbers! Go 130's!!!!!!!!! (Uh oh, I just proclaimed my weight to the world! Oh well...)

How did you do???

For my extra-special show-and-tell, I'm going to feature a potpourri, a buffet, if you will, of information in my proverbial locker.

First, a list of my favorite things necessary for success in my personal weightloss and/or training:
-IPod with playlists for "training" "working out" and "race day".
-A pink Ironman Timex watch (I got on sale at Sports Authority for $30). It does every kind of timing you can think of, plus it's waterproof, sweatproof, and has a nightlight. I use it to count my time between reps and total workout time, along with running times.
-Ironman sunglasses that hug my face outside, Walgreens $7.99
-An affirmation necklace (that I made, Currently wearing: "Running is Cheaper than Therapy". Though I've been known to wear obsessively "Focus" and "Discipline".
-Under Armour Dri-Fit teeshirts that I got on sale at Sports Authority also -- amazing!
-When I can't work out the gym for lack of babysitter i.e. this week: Wii Fit!!! and Gilad on FitTv. Have you ever done his workouts? Can you say, "burrrrrn!" All my parts. On fire. Well not all of them.

Favorite low-fat recipes:
-If you hadn't read about this one on my blog, it's this one, the Oatmeal Pumpkin Muffin.
It looks like this and it's DEEE-LISH! I did make a few changes, like using eggbeaters and applesauce instead of oil...

But this is my favorite recipe and it's a slow-cooker recipe, and it's been a favorite in my house for a couple of years now. I call it my "Spanish Chicken". And the recipe is as follows:
-2 cups chicken broth
-1 cup red wine (I've used pretty much any kind and it turns out great
-8 skinless chicken thighs (boneless or not), you can use breasts too, but I find they become pretty dry
-1 onion, sliced
-3 tsp garlic (more or less, up to you! I'm a garlicky kinda gal).
-Spanish seasoning, I use the Cholula original (I used to use the roasted garlic kind but it's MIA at my store and has been for months!)

Directions: Pour the chicken broth and red wine into crockpot. Add sliced onions and garlic. Generously rub chicken with spice on both sides and put into crockpot on top of onions. Cook for 6 hours on low, or 4 hours on high.

Serve over yellow or brown rice with side of black beans. You can add a tiny bit of low-fat sour cream if you like, that's really yummy.

It's got a wonderful combination of protein and carb, it's one of our favorites and if you get ambitious you can even freeze it for later if you want.

By the way, you may notice I added "My Humps" to my blog playlist, I heard it and remembered that was one of my original workout songs when I first started this journey. Is that bad? It's such a guilty pleasure that one...

Good luck again to everyone in the drawing! This week's prize is of the homemade variety, a crossstitch Orchid, matted and framed, beautiful, from Sweet Mummy at It's OK to be Weird!
Thank you!!

And before I go, I'm raising babygoods for a sort of Virtual BabyShower to benefit families who have babies in the NICUs. I was there once and I know what it's like, and since my experience in 2006, I have wanted so badly to help other mommies going through this. If you want to send any baby goods along (read here to find out what's needed), please e-mail me and I'll send you my mailing address! Some of you have already e-mailed me and THANK YOU!! Happy FTF everyone! Hope everyone had a great week!!!
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  1. I'm down 1.8 this week. Thank goodness cause last week I was pretty upset.

  2. I'm up 0.4 from last Friday. I've been dancing around a pound all week, not really going up or down. Oh well.

  3. Ok, not very thrilled today. Stayed the same. But I guess that is the way it is sometimes...

  4. happppy friday amazing woman.

    now to get off my arse and clicktoyeretsy.

    I need to buy the running necklace as a gift for a struggling runner friend.


  5. No loss but no gain either... stayed where I was from last week :)

  6. No loss, no gain. Why can't I just lose something?!?

  7. I'm at a plateau this week!! Need to bump it up and work harder!!!

  8. Okay, I'm still at no loss, no gain. Getting frustrating. It's been a pretty stressful and busy last few weeks so I guess I'm just grateful I haven't gained. I'm aiming to lose SOMETHING this week--even just .5 lb. So I'm going to work out extra hard.

  9. So my scale was right last week! Made me so happy! I'm down another 2 lbs this week! Couldn't believe it. I didn't have a great week.

  10. I lost 1.8 pounds this week. At least the scale is moving in the right direction.

  11. I lost 0.8 pounds this week! I have show and tell post, too.

  12. I gained a pound... DANG IT. I blame TOM.

  13. I am down 2 lbs this week... super stressed so eating crap just doesn't appeal to me!

  14. 2 more pounds gone this week!

    And I'm so excited that I finally grabbed that "5 gone" badge.

  15. I maintained as well. 0 - I was sick last week as well - so had a big loss. I'm just like you and maybe this week I will see a 13? on my scale! I'm hoping keeping busy unpacking and all that will help.

  16. I am up .4 again ... it's been a stressful few weeks so this is expected. I ate a lot of yucky food!

  17. I lost a big fat ZERO! :( Oh well, better than a gain. Lots of changes this week though. I started working with a trainer who has me in agony...good pain, right? And I started medication for a thyroid problem today. So hopefully those will combine to help me lose some weight.

  18. Down 2.5 lbs. I am greedy....I want a bigger number next week!!

  19. Down 2 pounds this week - the secret behind this loss is revealed on my blog. :-)

  20. I gained 0.4 this week, but I am okay with that.

    Have a race tomorrow morning!

    Thanks for the recipes!

  21. I am out of town this weekend and have a scale NOWHERE near me, so I will either weigh-in late or wait until next week.

  22. I'm down .7 lbs this week thanks to a chicken soup diet. Exercise was nonexistant this week due to a bug going around our house. Now that everyone is on the path to recovery we can get back in gear.

    Keep up the great work everyone!

  23. Down 2 this week. Good luck for the week ahead, everyone!

  24. I'm down 2 this week!

    I'm also almost into the new decade of the numbers- the 130's and I hope to break into that for my weigh in next week.

    Woo Hoo!!

  25. Whoops, forgot the "tips" part. I'd say that beginning running sites like "Couch to 5K" ( and Zen Habits' "Beginniner's Guide to Running" ( were key in helping me get started with running. (The tip to sign up for a 5K was useful; I found one that was scheduled for 5 months out from when I started, it really helped me stay consistent with training.) For managing type 2 diabetes, the site Blood Sugar 101 is great ( I also found's "Low Carb Diabetes Diet" ( useful in creating my way of eating (I tweaked it a bit for my own purpose, though.)

  26. I am down the 2 that I gained last week. Hopefully this means that I will continue to lose.

  27. I'm the same. Not up, not down.

    have a good weekend!

  28. OK, once again totally surprised.

    My son's birthday was last Sunday... gotta enjoy those times with the family. And my sweetie surprised me with a cheesecake on Wednesday night - a WHOLE cheesecake. I only had a sliver so far. He's so sweet, and I really don't mind 'cuz I'm not craving the sweets and I still deserve a bit of a treat.

    I've been exercising every day that I can, and at least getting out for a walk on the days when I can't 'really' exercise. I've been making good choices about eating even when we eat out, but I'm just not as consistent as I'd like to be. Like having a bagel and donut for breakfast on my son's birthday 'cuz he wanted to go to Tim Horton's, or like having 2 sugar-free chai lattes on Wednesday when I was in town all day by myself (at least they were sugar-free!).

    All that said, I am DOWN 2 lbs this week. YIPPEE!

    I know that my body is changing shape... I tried on some jeans yesterday and had to buy a size smaller than I initially took in to try on! YAY!!!

  29. I'm down 1 pound this week. I worked out a lot this week and hoped for more, but, at least it's something.


  30. it's been a tough week for me. still dealing with post-op pain and discomfort plus a mild allergic reaction to the pressure dressing i had to wear...had l;atex and yes, i am allergic. no exercise this week and none next week, doctor's orders.
    BUT i lost the 2 pounds i gained last week plus two more for a total of 4 pounds lost...whoo-hoo!! that made me ffeel a little bit better.

  31. Hello.

    Had a bad bout of TMJ this week.

    weight loss= 0 lbs.

    better than gaining I guess


  32. Hope you are feeling better soon! I hate those things that just hang around forever and ever!

    My weight has been like a yo-yo this week. Down 0.8, the next day up 1.0 from the day before, then up another 1.2 from there (yikes!), then down 1.2 the next day, down another 0.2 the next, then up 0.6, finally down 0.2 Overall though, from last week, I'm up 0.4 pounds. I am having a difficult time breaking past this barrier, but I know I'll get there eventually!

  33. No loss, no gain. Just stayed the same. :)

  34. I broke even. No gain, no loss.

  35. I lost .5 lbs this week! It's something, anyway. I hope to lose 2 next week and finally hit that 5.

    Good job everybody!

  36. Lost one pound.

  37. Down 1.2! I am very excited about that because it put me in a new decade...numbers I haven't seen since the 5th grade.

  38. That's a great motto, "Running is cheaper than therapy." I like it. I think it may be my new mantra.
    I, unfortunately, gained 2 pounds this week. Stress stinks.

  39. no change this...i know i'm a 'little' bit late in checking in LOL i will be sharing i'll come back & link up then :)

  40. I'm down .4 Not a huge loss, but a loss I guess. Every Friday, I get so upset that I haven't been able to read all these fantastic blogs and catch up with everybody! My life is seriously crazy right now, not to mention my internet is being LAME! I'll TRY to do better this week! I'm missing ALL the motivation!

  41. I had a touch of the stomach flu and still did not lose weight! I thought it should have been good for something but nope!

  42. down 1 pound. probably because I cut several inches off my hair.


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