Final Tally Week 7


First off, did you know we're approaching WEEK 8 of this challenge?

Congratulations to everyone to sticking with it! To staying the course! You've all done amazing work! And how much fun is this doing this together instead of being all lonely and having to rely solely on self-motivation? That's no fun! Well it is sometimes, but why be a sole soul? A lone reed? (You've Got Mail).

But what does week 8 really mean? It means just over 4 more weeks left to goal! (Holy moley it's coming up quickly!)

So now would be a great time to either re-evaluate to see if your end goal needs adjusting and your plans for that goal need a-changing. Are you on your way to meeting that goal and surpassing it? Set a higher goal! Does it look like you might not meet your goal? That's ok! Set a new one and meet that one! Right on track?? Awesome! Either way, take a look at where you are now. You should have a good idea of what works and what doesn't. If you haven't quite dug your heels in yet and you know you can push just a little harder, think about this: there are only a few weeks left. In the grand scheme of things, a few weeks of saying "no" to things so you can lose weight is not that long. And it could mean being able to say "yes" to some things because you'll be in a place for "maintenance" instead of "weight loss". Think about it in terms of mini-goals. Reaching lots of mini-goals means eventually reaching that big goal! So it's the home-stretch, strong women, let's make the most of it!!

Thanks for bearing with me today, we got a late start for the pumpkin patch and you know how quickly windows can disappear with two children who need lunch, snacks, naps, etc. etc. etc.

Plus, can I go off topic again and show off this little beauty?


I can't keep my eyes/hands/paws off it. It makes a cup of cheerios look pretty.

But really we had a great time taking pictures today of things like this:
OK, ok, I'll save my random pictures for another day (i.e. the apple, wine bottle, etc..) And give you this week's final tally:

27.1 POUNDS!!!

We had a lot of people in a lull this week and that's ok, that happens! (I'm one of them, but it's because I ate well and didn't do more to burn more calories, simple math for me!) So that means, this week I'm going to step it up. Maybe even venture outside my comfort zone.

Which segues me into our biggest loser! This week's biggest loser is Laura at Adventures in Juggling with 4 whole pounds! You wanna know what makes this girl steel? She had surgery last week, and with her crazy-bruisy-leg actually walked a mile anyway. I'm going to venture out there and say that maybe she went just a bit outside her comfort zone. Just a hunch. And that's inspiring. She gets a lovely badge for her superhumanness. Congrats!

Now for the winner of this week's prize, sponsored by Sweet Mummy at It's OK to be Weird!
Congrats to you!! An e-mail is on its way!

Way to go, everyone for a great week! We got some more fun prizes coming up over the next couple weeks so don't forget to stop back by to see what they are and don't forget to weigh in, even if the news ain't so good! Have a wonderful weekend!!!!
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  1. I've been neglectful about checking in with my weight, but I'd say I'm right about even - gained one week, lost the next, right back to where I was, so it all works out, right? ;)

    Congrats on the new toy!

  2. Hi Christie,
    I just wanted to let you know I got my necklace in the mail yesterday!! I love it so much. Check out the blurb I wrote on my weight loss blog with a picture of it. Thanks again!!


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