He's just not that into me.

Well it looks like I'm weaning.

It wasn't really my decision. For a couple of weeks now, Mini has been so distracted and bitey and claw-ey and just overall not that into me. Anymore.

He's 10 1/2 months. There was a time when he wouldn't accept anything but me. It was kind of frustrating, but secretly I liked it. I was the only one in his life. He didn't want a bottle, he wanted mommy.

And I was hoping to go the whole year, and we may still make one year with one lonely feeding a day, but I'm not sure. The morning feeding is the only one he seems to care about. Beyond that, it's gotten so that every other feeding is a struggle. He seems frustrated half the time to the point where I wonder if there is anything left in there or not. Maybe it's that he's just not as into the process anymore. I don't know. But when I give him a bottle, he is happy as a clam. And he doesn't get distracted in the slightest.

I'm not quite sure what happened.

And then I was ready to give up a couple of the feeds, I started by giving up the one after the morning nap. Then a few days later, I gave up the one after the afternoon nap. Then, as I gave up the one mid-day (he eats 5 times), he got so mad at the feeding at bedtime and just wouldn't eat that much and would wake up a couple hours later, that I gave that one up too since what he really wanted at that time was the bottle. Now, I feel like he's rushing me! He's outta here! He wants no part of me! He's like, "Maaaaaaaa! I'm not a babyyyyy anymore!"

Did I read the signs right? Is this what it's like when your child self-weans? I wasn't quite ready to give up all these feedings, I was really just hoping to keep the morning and nighttime one until he turned one-ish. Now it looks like I'll be able to keep just the morning. I guess that's still ok. I weaned my first one around 6 months and it was completely my decision, so this is all new to me. Is this what happens? I wish he could answer me so I could know if I'm doing the right thing. Watch, he'll wake up tomorrow and want his coffee and his newspaper.

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  1. Yes, he's telling you what he's ready for and it's pretty much how it went when my youngest weaned himself.

    He too was no bottles whatsoever, only mommy for almost a year and then just sort of began not wanting this one, that one and another.

  2. It feels like it goes that fast doesn't it? So, he is done with this phase so now, you can move on to the next:-) It's a heart wrenching necessary period of adjustment.

  3. i nursed my daughter until 13 months and ending it with her was my decision. with my son, he did what yours is doing and did not have the time for me at about 9 months. i moved him straight to a cup during the day and that was great. i soon took him off the night time bottle and was using only cups by 11 months. it actually was easier than all the drama that came with my daughter.

    but i baby is growing up way too fast!!! agh.

  4. Oh, I'm right there with little princess is only 5.5 months and gets frustrated with nursing during the day...and is sooo very easily distracted (doesn't help either that I have a 2YO that insists on playing in the same room while I feed her). Weaning my son was easy as my body just decided to give up. And because I gradually increased the amount in his bottle to keep up with his demand, he didn't even notice the switch.

    I *still* don't know what I'm doing with my little girl. As much of a love-hate relationship that I have with breastfeeding, *I'm* not quite ready to give it up quite yet (just another 2 weeks). DD could probably care less, just as long as she was being fed. But I absolutely enjoy the before bedtime, middle of night (I choose to get her up so that I can keep my supply going), and first AM feeding.

    It's a definitely a hard decision, especially when mommy's not ready. Just go with your instincts (if he's distracted while nursing but not with a bottle, and he's not getting upset with a bottle instead of nursing, then you're probably right--he's working on becoming a "big boy"). As you already know with your oldest, this is a small decision when compared to those that you'll have to make later. ;-)

  5. Yep! It looks like he's giving you the signs! I think all my kids did this but at varying ages. When they get to a certain age where they start to notice more things around them, especially with a big brother around, they start to get distracted easily. Laeyn who is my youngest out of the 4, was already drinking out of a sippy cup at 10.5 months, she went from nursing to the cup, and never looked back. You might still be able to get the morning and nighttime ones in for longer. I would still off it as long as you still want to and if the answers no from him then it is.

  6. My twins went straight from nursing to the sippy cups at 10 months too. They just grow up way too fast!!

  7. Huh. I came to the comments to tell you that it doesn't necessarily mean he wants to wean but I see everyone else thinks the opposite.

    Anyway. I'd do what I felt in my heart. If you want to keep trying, do. That's never the wrong decision.


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