Monday Motivation: Just Keep Swimming

I have watched Finding Nemo about 1,649 times over the past month. It's one of my two-year-old's favorites. You'd think Nemo would be his favorite character, but no. He likes the supporting actors. His favorite's Dori, followed by Nemo's daddy. Oh, and "shark fish".

Dori's my favorite only because I picture Ellen doing all the talking and she cracks me up, I love her. Anyway, the theme for last week and I heard it through comments a few times is what Dori says when it seemed like finding Nemo was hopeless (and "finding Nemo" in this scenario is trying to stay wagon after a week with a gain like mine). She sings...

"Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming -- swimming -- swimming."

Who knew Dori would be the quote of the week in an online weightloss contest? See? Inspiration is everywhere, really.
So that's the theme of this week's project: Inspiration.
Keep your eyes peeled for inspiration. It can happen anywhere, anytime (I tend to keep a pen on me, just in case). When something inspires you this week, write it down. Tell us your moment of inspiration, whether it was something that made you get in a workout, refrain from the cupcake, get moving on a project unrelated to weightloss like maybe, cleaning the house... share your inspiration and/or quotes that you've heard that have or do inspire you. Then link it up on Friday so we can all come by and be inspired by you and your inspiration!

Also, I don't think I mentioned it, but feel free to sign the linky no matter what -- it's easy for everyone who wants to come by and visit -- they can just click and go to your site to say hi or congratulate you or offer up some support, anything. If you're participating at all in any capacity, feel free to sign the linky! (It does help if you've done a separate HFH post so people have a place to leave a comment for you, but it's ok if you don't).

Now, for prizes! This week's prize comes to us from Danielle at Alberts Family. She (like me) is getting back in shape after her baby and boy it seems like she's pretty much there! She's rocking her workouts!! And boy is that baby of hers adorable! Danielle is sponsoring a $30 gift card to Barnes and Noble for one lucky random winner this week, woohoo! I love Barnes and Noble -- I could literally spend hours and hours in there (and have, and do). So good luck everyone! Don't forget to weigh in Friday to be eligible!
Have a wonderful week and good luck! We're ticking away at that ticker! (Have you seen it lately???) WWBD!
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  1. I *love* finding Nemo. I even own the movie and don't have kids to blame it on. :)

    I wondered about the Linky and hadn't signed because Fridays I always do my haiku, but I do update the little ticker on Fridays as well, and am totally all about this great thing you've got going.

    I had an extra free day this weekend (on Saturday in addition to the scheduled one on Friday) because I knew it was going to be a really long week if I didn't just have the damn McRib and be done with it, but I'm back in and swimming like mad again today. It's all about the balance for me - sometimes I get to give in just a little and color outside the boundaries I've set (not that I recommend it for all to try), but mostly I don't, and that's cool, too, as long as I'm still swimming in the general direction of where I am trying to be and not just treading water for too long. Or drowning. ;)

  2. OH hell, I'm all over the prize this week! I could spend hours there and still find more books to read. The smell of a new book is soooo good. Hmm, maybe I need to motivate myself by promising myself a trip to BN on the weekend if I do well all week.

  3. Oh I thought I would stop in for peak.
    Looks like all is fine.

    Coffee is on.

  4. Will definitely keep swimming this week!!


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