Sunday Special: Supporting a Healthy Train Habit

I supported my two-year-old's obsession with trains this weekend. There's a park by us that has a train that runs through it. The train is really an engine pulling a long board with wheels on it, and everyone sits on it in one long row and it's really low to the ground so your knees are up near your neck. The train is pretty cool actually and the track is more than a mile long, going through a tunnel and over a small pond with a waterfall. It's a really short ride for a kid obsessed with trains. But a really long ride for a 10-month old obsessed with pulling off and/or chewing on his socks. This is us headed into the tunnel.

Here's what the train looks like with other people who are not us on it. It actually looks pretty funny and the picture cracks me up along with the thought of all of us adults riding this tiny train all in the name of the train obsession that our children all have. Days like this make my post-child self want to go back and tell my pre-child self what future-self would be like because pre-child self would laugh and say, "Like, no way! It looks like 'pretty maids all in a row!'" and then pre-child self would go get ready to go out. And post-child self would say, "I know! And guess what?! You won't even miss not going out on a Saturday night when there are tiny trains to ride!" And that's not even sarcasm!

I tried to take pictures of us on the train, but it was too hard while holding my squirmy little 10-month-old and so they mostly came out like this. Which really just looks like we're all sitting on the floor.

But when Mini wasn't chewing on his socks, he was waving and clapping along just like all the other kids. And Poops, well, it looks like we'll be writing to Santa about some train stuff this year.

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  1. Oh what my train-obsessed boys wouldn't give for something like this! ;-)

  2. I love the pic of him clapping his hands!
    Looks like you had lots of fun!

  3. Looks like you guys had a nice time. I know what you mean about the Saturday night thing. The whole time I was prego, I thought god I am never going to be able to go out again. And you know what? I don't even care now!!! The post-child in me can't wait to be able to do those kinds of things!!!

  4. Just an FYI...IKEA has a really fun wooden train set. My 4 year old has to test out their demo everytime we go.


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