A word about our sponsor, Blog Designs by Summer

In our fun little shindig going on here we've had a couple really talented blog designers offer up their services generously to one happy loser (and I mean loser in a good way). This week, it's Summer of Summer's Nook, also owner of Blog Designs by Summer. Summer also happens to be one of our HFH participants!! So if you're up for a new blog design these days, you're gonna wanna weigh in Friday for a shot at Summer's work, because I went over there and it's pretty amazing. She's done a lot of blogs that I've heard of throughout the blogosphere, like Flip Flop Mama, Dad of Divas, and Drama Mama. Beautiful work!!!

She also does headers, signatures, Etsy banners, buttons, awards, the list seems to go on and on! And she's very reasonably priced. For the amount of time you spend trying to do these things yourself, and believe me, before I had mine designed for me I had gone through hours upon hours upon hours of trying to figure out HTML and pixels and image sizing and fonts and for such a small price I could have had it done eons ago! Well, we're all a little wiser now...

But take a look at her work and if you don't win this week, her prices are super-affordable. Thanks Summer for your generous donation!!!
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  1. What a nice shout out. Thanks!

  2. This Friday was obviously not the traditional FTF HTH but I did get my little guy dressed up and he's already on my blog for viewing!!! I lost 4 pounds this week... 3 of those pounds were the ones I kept gaining and loosing so in my book I really only lost 1!!! I did not post the usual workouts etc... on my blog! I hope you all had a great Halloween!!!


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