A Belated Motivation Monday (and this week's prize)

I mentioned that things around my house tend to die in threes, like my microwave, my A.C. and I had thought that the third one was my camera. But no. The third one is apparently my immune system. I have never had so many colds back to back. What the heck??? Then it dawned on me. Poops must be bringing home little kid germs. This is the first year he's been in any kind of school-type situation. He's been sick too. It must be that. Right? So I should be thankful that by getting all these colds right now, we're bolstering our immune systems of the future, right? Or at least he is? Because I'm stuck with mine, right? (Cup half full -- sort of?)

Anyway, sorry this is late. Whatever I got had me laid out on the couch for two days. Even my hair hurt. I'm still not quite right, I have a dragon cough and I'm still all runny and fuzzy but at least I can function as a somewhat normal human being.

This week means we're just a few weeks away from wrapping up. That makes me kind of sad. It went by pretty quickly, didn't it??? Hang in here with me though and don't give up! Remember, doing this now means you don't have to join the hoards of people running to the gym on January 1st because you want to start the new year off right. No!! You get to make a resolution that has nothing to do with losing weight! Because you will have lost it! When you start the next year, you get to focus on maintaining the changes you've made this year to be a healthier you!

I have a new mini-goal for the next week or two, which is focusing on getting to the new decade of numbers, which is the 130's. And by the way, when I started this journey months ago, I never thought I'd be typing that. My mini-goal was the 160's. Which meant I was in the 170's. Yep, I am stating that for the record. These were all numbers that I had never seen on a scale before pre-pregnancy. I had spotted a 5 every once in a while, but never a 6, 7 (or in my latter days of pregnancy, 8 or even 9).

This week, I haven't been exercising that much because of being so sick, but I'm eating very clean. Plain chicken breast, broccoli, eggbeaters, whole wheat toast, oatmeal, turkey bacon/sausage, lots of water. Hopefully I'll be up to normal and exercising by tomorrow.

This week's project is a two-parter. First, fill in the blank. And you can do that in your comments when you weigh in Friday or you can add it to your HFH post on your blog. Either way. Here's the question:

My life would be better if I had more ________________.

Stay tuned for the second part, which will come during the "results" post on Saturday.

This week's prize is being offered to us from Laura of "Adventures in Juggling". Thank you Laura!! She's giving away a book to one lucky HFHer, Living Beauty by Bobbi Brown- "Living Beauty is about creating a new ideal, a new reality, and a new aspiration for yourself. It's a guide filled with knowledge, secrets, and solutions to make you look and feel great."

I really love that philosophy because I don't believe there is some cookie-cutter reality for all of us. I believe there is a reality for each of us, and we are in charge of it. So don't forget to weigh in this week for a shot at this great prize!

Good luck this week!
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  1. "My life would be better if I had more ________________."


    (Sorry, couldn't resist! ;-)

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling well. Those germs spread by our little people are "super bugs". They don't seem to affect the kiddos much, but boy do they lay out us out cold.

    Congrats on your new mini-goal of reaching the 130s! Pregnancy is so tough on a body...I hated seeing my scale read 205 on the day of delivery. I'll be so excited if, in the next couple of weeks, I can say "hello, 160's".

    I just want to say how much I've enjoyed the HFH Challenge. It's been a great accountability tool...and I look forward to submitting a Fat Ticker Friday post each week. Would you considering keeping up with it after Dec. 5?

  3. Something must be going around because my little man had a terrible cough and was completed congested and then dad got it... and low and behold I have it now!!! I hope you are back on your feet soon!!!
    Oh and did I mention that I am only 5-10 more pounds away from the ideal me!!! Thank you for all of your motivation and support.
    On another note, are you still collection for the babies?? Let me know!


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