Fat Ticker Friday: The Post-Gobbler Edition

Good morning everyone!!!

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you cook? Have family around? Travel??? I hope everyone had a blessed holiday!

Well for ours, we had to improvise.

Basically, I had to call off Thanksgiving.


Well, not entirely. I just had to uninvite those with little-to-no immune systems in my family because of our sickhouse. Like my mom who has Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis, my 93-year-old grandmother, and my aunt, who is currently battling breast cancer. I thought that if we were done with all the colds by last weekend, our house might have a chance at recovering too. But we were still sick come Monday, and even though I disinfected everything, I wasn't convinced that the house would be completely clear of germs for everyone and I wasn't about to take that chance on my family. One time long ago, my son caught a cold, he recovered, I disinfected the house and two days later my mom came over. And she caught it. Somehow. I swear, germs hide everywhere. So our guest list went from 18 to 6. And 1/2 counting Mini.

It was really hard to have all those empty chairs at my house. But we still cooked our 25 pound turkey and my husband's family came over and we wore headdresses to celebrate our Native American half (yes, my side is Mohawk! And by the way, the one I'm wearing actually started out as a napkin holder if you're looking for inexpensive, pretty tablescape ideas for next year, thanks Martha!)
But earlier in the day, you may remember I RAN A 10K!!!!!!! With my husband who didn't run a single inch over the last couple of months! Can you imagine running a 10k cold turkey? Booger. (And yes, really bad pun intended...)

He walked a little but he crossed the finish line with me at 1:12:50-something!! Woohoo!!!

Somewhere around the 4-mile-mark something happened as it seems to do nowadays on my long run where I reach some sort of a happy place and the run actually, (get this) gets easier! And as I rounded out mile 5, a song came on that I have to credit Maggie for (thank you for making me add this to my playlist!!!) "Lose Yourself" by Eminem, specifically hearing the following lyrics, when the chorus played...

"You better lose yourself in the music, the moment, you own it, you better never let it go. You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow, this opportunity comes once in a lifetime..."

And as it played and I came up toward the finish, I felt like I was yelling the lyrics (in my head) and I felt my fists pumping and the adrenaline rushing and yes, there I was, getting all teary on the 10k. Because it wasn't about the 10k. It was about the journey. And not just the six-mile one. This whole year. Because are you kidding me??? I'm running a 10k? (The only thing that would have been funnier would've been if the movie that song came from was called "6.2 Mile" instead of "8 Mile". Ha!)

I was lost in that moment and I'll never forget it. This whole year was my moment. And I captured it. I could've let it slip, I could've let another year go by. But I didn't. Thank God I didn't.

I felt so happy and so proud to have run that yesterday and so thankful, really, for the culmination of this whole year, this very long, difficult but so utterly rewarding year of mine that's coming to a close, where I learned that yes, I can lose this babyweight, and yes, I am an athlete under all of this blubber, and yes, I can make my mind up to do something and DO it. And that yes, I can keep going when the going gets tough and when I feel like I can't run another inch, well, yes, I can do that, too. This year was made up of millions of little tiny victories, instead of excuses. I feel like I finally have a defining moment in my history. When I could have defined myself with who I was, instead of who I am.

And there is no way on earth I'd have been able to do it alone. So I am thankful for blogging. And thankful for bloggers, you, those of you who have inspired me day after day, who showed me that results do actually eventually show even when it feels like one lonely pound at a time because you didn't give up. And when you didn't, I didn't. So thank you. Truly.

Sadly, I only have one picture of the whole event. And that's because we grossly underestimated the number of people participating in this run and we had to park a mile away in front of Hector's Market, and had to keep the giant Nikon in the car during the run because neither one of us were going to run with a giant Nikon strapped to the front of them. So here I am. Post-race, in front of Hector's Market. Oh, if you just could have seen that four lane road, closed down to runners only. And standing at the top of the hill looking down at the thousands of runners before me, I wish I could show you what that looked like. If only I could show you the picture I took in my head. The sea of heads...

It sent a shiver down my whole body to be a part of something that felt so big. It was, breathtaking.
So that was my turkey trot. Yay!! I did it!! I can't believe it's over!! Now, to that half-marathon....
Oh, and you think I'm kidding.
Anyway, I've got some exciting news about next week's prize(s) and finale, and the next edition of HFH, so stay tuned throughout the weekend and next week!

My loss this week was a big whopping zero. But I focused less on weightloss and more on getting healthy for this run, because as of Tuesday, I couldn't run an inch without landing myself in a coughing fit, and by the time I ran on Thursday, I was all clear. So I'll count that as a success.

Tomorrow morning we're celebrating my son's 1ST BIRTHDAY!!! Woohoo!! So I'll be posting the results in late afternoon. Happy Friday!! Thanks again to Angie for hosting this week's prize!
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  1. Oh, that is so awesome! I do wish that I could run because it sounds like such a rush. Glad the song helped keep you pumped and that you were still able to have Thanksgiving dinner even with fewer on the guest list. I'm sure everyone appreciates you being careful.

  2. I'm away from my scale... so I'll weigh in tomorrow! But pre-Thanksgiving day I lost 1 pounds, so we'll see if I can maintain that!

    Happy Black Friday!

  3. Congrats on your run! Way to go!

    Looking forward to seeing who the winner of my prize is going to be. Fun!

    No loss this week but I have been working out so life is good. I'm sure I'll see scale movement soon but probably not during our vacay to Jamaica that is coming up very soon.

    Hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Too bad about your thanksgiving with family - but probably for the best. TOTALLY CONGRATS on the run. I would love to run but I don't have the knees for it - when an orthopedic surgeon wonders how you walk with no pain - or at all you probably shouldn't run. Hahaha- that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

    I will weigh in a bit. Totally spaced it this morning and am sitting here eating breakfast and surfing the net. I was down yesterday though so I'll have to see what the damages are from dinner.

  5. I'm also a big fat Goose Egg for loss this week=)But I don't mind because this morning when I stepped on the scale it could have easily been up 5 pounds...right?!?!?!

    Can I just say that YOU look absolutely fabulous! Congrats on your run, to you and your hubby!!

    Happy 1st Birthday to your baby boy now quickly turning into a toddler, sniff sniff!

  6. Congrats!!! I know what you mean--running a race is such a rush! Can't wait to run another, and 6 months ago the idea that I'd be a runner and like it was absurd.

    I was down 3 pounds this week. Fortunately we didn't host or have to take home leftovers, so no extending the day beyond the day.

    Happy birthday to your little guy!

  7. That is awesome! I am proud of ya Girl!

    News, not so good here! :(

  8. YAY! Good for you! I hate to run, so the thought of running 10K just blows my mind. But I'm so proud of you. That is awesome!

    After two weeks of other stuff going on, it was good to get a little back on track this week. It's NOT Thanksgiving in Canada (ours was in October) but we did go to friends last night and she had made yummy cupcakes - who can eat just one?! I was a bit concerned what the scale would say this morning after two weeks of no change.

    But I'm DOWN 2 lbs!!!

    That puts me ahead - I've lost more than I had gained back, for almost 9 lbs total lost now! YAY!!!

    By the way, Happy Thanksgiving to all you Americans!!

  9. I'm up 1.2 lbs - it doesn't help that aunt flo also invited herself for the holiday weekend. LOL

  10. my first post didn't post.

    I gained 2 pounds.

    Meg from Lower Alabama

  11. That is so awesome and you look FANTASTIC!!

    I don't have a scale, we are staying w/my hubby at the rig, but I have a feeling I probably gained a few after our trip to San Diego! Boo!

  12. I stayed the same this week, and I'm pretty happy with that. I've been watching what I was eating and tried not to indulge too much yesterday.

  13. I'm down 1/2 a pound this week. We had to cancel our trip for Thanksgiving this year to grandma's house due to sick munchkins too. I so wish I could "run". I've never been a runner but know that would help get the pounds off faster. Great job!!!

  14. Congrats on your 10k run!

    I'm down 1.8 this week.

  15. You look fantastic!

    Down 1 pound. Too bad we didn't weigh in yesterday morning though, I was down 3 lbs then! (Ha! That meal was tasty and apparently 2 lbs worth!)

  16. Gain of 2 pounds here. I would wait until tomorrow to weigh, but Friday is the day LOL!

    Congrats of the 10K run -that is awesome! You rock!

  17. Congrats on the run, that is fantastic!
    I'm away visiting family so I have no idea what my weight is like right now. I do know that I did not stuff myself until I wanted to barf so that's something anyway!

  18. i gained. i haven't weighed in, but i don't need to. i KNOW i've gained. the question is how much? between swelling & eating a lot of crap it CAN'T be good. :-/ i'm gonna have to work hard to get this off LOL off to post my post thanksgiving edition. *sigh*

    congrats on finishing the marathon. that is something to definitely be proud of. wish i had that much determination.

  19. Congrats, Christie, on your 1ST 10K...and yes, now onto the half marathon. You LOOK wonderful and you SOUND wonderful (and so proud--as you should be)!

    Sad news to report....thanks to hormones (and for what ever reason, this month was a hard one) and my parents visit (especially my mom's famous chocolate chip cookies)...

    I gained 2 pounds.

    Sorry, girls. I didn't hold up my end of the bargain. Once my parents head back home tomorrow, I'm planning on getting back into the groove and losing these pounds gained PLUS some.

  20. Congrats on the 10K!!
    I so forgot to hope on here yesterday and give my results or lack there of. And yes I know today is saturday but i see some others put theirs up today as well.
    I lost a whole lot of NOTHING!! Nada, zero, zip, big fat goose egg. i guess I should be happy for no gain, but i seriously think it was the pan of pumpkin bars sitting in my fridge that caused the no loss. I promise I made them low fat but I guess not enough!!

  21. well, i totally forgot to check in yesterday but i am down 1.2 and wanted to report that loss!!! oh and that made me weigh in at exactly what i weighed in the 5th grade and have not weighed since! yeah!!!

  22. Wow, I've been so busy I wasn't able to check in on Friday. But, I maintained anyway, so I couldn't have added to the pot anyway.


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