Motivation Monday

Good morning!!! Happy Monday! This week it's all about renewing our vows. Isn't that romantic? OK, I'll say it. We've been virtual dating (so to speak) for two months now, I may as well. So, here goes.

I like you.



I said it. I like you! All of you! It's a giant like-fest! I like you I like you I like you! (What a weight lifted -- I've been holding that in for weeks!) So now, as I mentioned Saturday, I think I'd like to renew my vows to you, and to myself, whom I also like (as it turns out...) So how bout it? This week, how about renewing your vows? Out loud. (On the computer). To yourself. To the blog. To the closeknit little pack that is the HFH. This Fat Ticker Friday link it up and release your fear of commitment! (My vows are at the end of this post but I'm gonna get to the other good stuff first).

For this week's prize, I'm gonna go back to the basics. Since we're all hopefully in cleansing-mode from our post-Halloween candycoma, this week's prize is going to be about detox. And it's one of my favorites. We're giving away tea! White tea! The queen of the antioxidants. It's crisp, it's friendly, a little fruity, a little caffeine and built to strengthen your immune system and metabolism (both of which I could sure use). I give you, Snow Geisha.

It's a Chinese white tea from Teavana, which combines dried cranberries and cherries, delicious and delicate and refreshing, healthy and lovely. You will also get this:

The Teazer mug, for tea to-go! It's a thermal mug with an infuser for loose tea. It's genius!

So make sure you weigh in this week for a shot at the prize! If you're not a tea-drinker, I'm pretty sure you'll be converted after this one.

* * *
So here are my vows.

My Vows, by Christie O.

I make the following vow to all of you: (and you know what? if your goals are even remotely near mine, feel free to copy and paste on your blog as your own. that's fine with me!)

-For the next 4 weeks, I will eat clean.
-Every time I want to sluff off a workout and/or a run, or I want to spontaneously stuff a donut in my piehole, I will think of this group and how it has pushed me to lose 8 pounds (your pounds here) already in the challenge and how we have lost 400 pounds as a group. I will think of how I have lost 30 pounds since April (your stats here) by staying true to myself and making myself a priority (for once). I will think about how I am only a stone's throw away from the healthiest me I can be.
-I will make healthy meals and surround myself with healthy choices. That includes (your events here) my son's 1st birthday party and Thanksgiving, (which is the day of my 10k by the way.)
-I will enjoy treats but only ones that I have planned in advance and in moderation, i.e. (your events here) small slice of birthday cake at son's party, small slice of pie at Thanksgiving, etc..
-I will run three times a week and work out an additional three.
-Above all, I will not comfort and/or reward myself in food. (No saying things like, "I deserve this." Because what I deserve is a healthythinnerhappier me. That stuff can wait.)

Have a great week everyone!! WWBD! It's off to the gym for me in a jiffy!
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  1. Thank you so much Christie for the motivation today!! I really needed it! I have copied and pasted your "My Vows" and tweaked it to make it my own. Thanks for that. I have 9 pounds to lose to reach my goal for this challenge and I'm bound and determined to do it!!!! :~)

  2. awe! i like you too!!!

    great motivation for me on this monday when i would rather be lazy! thanks!!!

  3. I like you, too. :)

    I'm cheering everyone on, but I'm kind of off the wagon while things are a little nuts and will continue to be. That said, I'm still trying to maintain most of the progress I've made within a few pounds, and so far, so good.

    Good luck, everyone!

  4. Thanks, Christie, I like you, too. *wink* This challenge has been a lot of fun, and I've met a lot of good women as a result.

    I LOVE Tevana. My DH was just saying yesterday how he wishes that there was one nearby. And the travel mug...genius.

    I think stating our "vows" is a great idea. Motivation to go out for a run last night was far from overflowing, but I remembered my HFH folks and our goal to lose 500 lbs. I didn't want to be the reason why we didn't make it all because I chose not to run 5 M.

    Thanks for the encouragement/inspiration...this is just what I've been needing.

  5. I like you, too, and want us all to reach the "hot for the holidays" goal. I promise to stick with it and do my part.

    My personal interpretation of "HFH" has been "halfway [to my goal weight] for the holidays." I'm so close I can taste it...and it tastes WAY better than stuffing and pumpkin pie, I can tell ya that!

  6. I'm already wondering how I'm going to keep losing if I don't have someplace to report though!

    I like you too **wink wink**!

  7. keep it up girlie! you are an amazing inspiration to everyone out there!
    love, love, love my jewelry!

  8. yeah we all LOVE YOU TOO...we were just too timid to say it first.

    xo xo,

    Miz., who will steal your goals and take em on...except for the running. I cant lie to you.

  9. I like you too...actually you rock! I really like and respect you for doing this whole "hot for the holidays" thing! Its hard enough for me to go to work and not smoke! I was thinking about the vow I took to be "Hot for the holidays" and I weighed in last week and I was shocked to see I still weighed the same....nothing more, nothing less! I am getting ready to get back on the wagon but until then, I will be motivated by my fellow bloggers! At least I have left cafeteria and fast food pretty much alone except in a few rare instances. Gotta run!


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