Motivation Monday

Good morning! Hope everyone had a great weekend! We've got a sick Poops in the house, he's miserable and cranky and fevery and cough-y and no one is getting any sleep (again) but now he's steroided and nebulized so that's supposed to help. Poor little guy. Man, he's been sick more since he started school since he has his whole little life!

So this month is flying by, huh? Less than two weeks till Thanksgiving (and my run!) and just one week after that, the finale of HFH. Wow. Where is the time going???

The prize this week is brought to us by StrollerFit. Ever heard of it? After Poops was born, I did Strollerfit for a while and loved it. I got out the jogging stroller and me and the boy worked out with other moms and their babies. After a while, Poops, however, had other ideas. He eventually became very un-thrilled about working out with me and I was always having to stop because he cried the whole time. But when we did it (peacefully), I LOVED it. We moms would all get together at a park along the water, we'd run, we'd exercise, we'd walk, we'd get all sweaty together and then end up in the shade under a tree in a group to do situps and then have nice mommy chitchat with our babies afterward. It was always so pretty outside in the morning and I got great workouts. (Then I got pregnant again and well, yada yada yada, I had double the babyweight to work on. Hence, this and previous weightloss challenges.)

This week, StrollerFit is giving away to us a lovely giftpack that includes a visor and a workout dvd! The dvd is called "Mommymuscle" and includes an intense 50-minute total body strength workout (which can be broken down into two 25 minute workouts for convenience sake). And I realize that not everyone has a newborn, and that's ok! This workout focuses on a woman's body and a woman's "areas of concern" and I honestly think anyone would benefit from it.

And if you do have a baby, and really want to incorporate baby into workouts, I'd seriously consider StrollerFit -- they have classes in almost every state and then you don't need to find a sitter! I'll write more about it this week so make sure you come back! Or pop by their web site!

This week I'm sending out another question into the World Wide Webvoid and it is this:

What was your "Aha!" moment? What was that moment you realized that life could not continue for yourself on the path you were on and that you had to dig deep and change your lifestyle and improve your health? Was it something someone said to you? A picture you saw of yourself? Was it a test result you got back after a doctor visit?

I had a couple of things happen to me that culminated into my "Aha!" moment. No, they weren't great moments for me, probably some of my life's rockbottom moments, actually, and this Friday, let's link it up and go ahead and tell our stories. I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours!

Maybe I'll even repost the godawful picture... Might do me some good to look at it again.

By the way -- I'm noticing a lot of 10 pounds gone badges out there!!!!!! How awesome is that???!!! I think I'll go through and list the 10 pound club this Friday too!

One last thing -- this is a "Bookmark!" alert! Here is the thread to our HFH chat forum. Head on over to share your week this week and for the rest of it all -- we need to keep each other going these last few weeks!! If you create a login for yourself, you'll be alerted when someone posts to the forum so you can see what and when everyone is saying something (or not).

Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Hey Christie-
    Thanks for the pep talk. I needed it. I know I just need to quit whining, get over it and give myself a swift kick in the butt while I'm at it!! :)


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