Motivation Monday

Good morning!! It's Thankgsiving week!! And I am thankful that whatever hex has befallen our home in the form of germflubronchialitisness has been lifted. (Almost. There's a lingering cough but mostly we're getting there.)

Bad news is, I missed a few of my final week before 10k runs, but since whatever it was was all in my chest, I think I had to in the name of getting better so I can run the 10k at all. Whatever exercise I had attempted had landed me in a coughing fit, so I think I will have to rely on the consistency of the runs of the past couple months and try to get in a 2 or 3 miler tomorrow just to get moving, then VOILA! The Turkey Trot! I can't believe it's upon me already!! And I'm not even nervous!! Can you believe that???

I will purchase my ceremonious new-outfit-before-the-run this week and hope for the best. Meantime, I have plans in the works for the next version of HFH...just saying..

This week's prize comes to us from Angie of Losing it and Loving it! Thank you Angie!! She has a wonderful blog about her weightloss journey that includes tips and recipes along with her progress. And she's come a long way, losing more than 70 pounds!! That's amazing!!! Angie is offering a surprise goodybox chock full of weightloss and fitness goodies. So if you want to win the prize package this week, ya gotta remember to weigh in! It's like Christmas only earlier!

This week it's about being thankful. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the whole year. This week you can do one of two things. Take a picture of what you are most thankful for, or something during your thanksgiving celebration. OR talk about what you are most thankful for. And link it up and share. That's pretty simple.

The final week of the challenge is fast approaching, so let's not lose momentum ok??? If you must throw caution to the wind this Thanksgiving, work in a plan to offset it. Build an extra workout in. Choose to enjoy or indulge without overindulging. Be aware of your every bite and enjoy it. The average American gains SEVEN pounds from Thanksgiving to New Years. If we all did that this season, we would completely UNDO everything we have worked for over the last three months and have to start over, like everyone else does, at the New Year!!!! We're doing this challenge so that we don't have to do that!!!! Seriously, let's not do that to ourselves.

Don't worry, I too will have to recite all of that myself on Thursday, when our traditional meal comes out to visit. (But I am working in the exercise that day -- I will have run 6 miles that morning -- which means burning at least 600 calories!)

Good luck this week!
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  1. Excited to donate the goody box this week. Thanksgiving day hubby, my stepson and myself are going to spin class and to do Elliptical at the gym. I thought they were closed but happy to hear they aren't.

    Thank you for your kind comments about my blog. I appreciate it!

  2. Good luck girlie! I will be virtually cheering you on!
    I love my necklace and bracelet..very cool stuff.

  3. We need to keep this going. I know I don't comment much here, but I read and I still feel accountable for my weight just knowing you all are here.

    SEVEN pounds? Yikes.

  4. My motivation for this week: I talked (OK, maybe forced is a better word) Hubs into buying an Eliptical on Sunday and it's coming on Wednesday. I can't wait.
    His PT told him to get an exercise bike or eliptical to help work his achilles, and I REALLY pushed for the elipitcal. The bike is nice but it's way too easy. I need something that burns :) Too bad the bike was easier on his achilles, but I'm sure he'll work into the elipitcal (bad wife!) and in the meantime, it's mine all mine!

  5. So glad that things are back on track with everyone starting to feel better. Good luck with the last bits of training for your big run! I think that is so awesome.

  6. I just went back and calculated it up and realized that I have lost 12.8 since joining the HFH challenge so I guess I am part of that 10 lb club! thanks for the accountability!!!

  7. Best of luck on your big day tomorrow! You rock! And have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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