Murphy's Law

It is, of course, Murphy's Law, that when one thing in the house breaks, then it too will logically follow that at least two more items will cease to work immediately or almost immediately after. It's like the "deaths come in threes" theory. Only for appliances.

First, our microwave. And I have to say, a few years ago when I lived in Utah and even when I lived in New York City, I wouldn't have given it a second thought. I didn't have room for a microwave, ate out most of the time, and couldn't have cared less. My fridge in New York was of the two-foot-tall variety because the entire apartment was, of course, smaller than my current bedroom, and in Utah, I had no counter space.

These days a microwave means the difference between breakfast or no breakfast for me.

Seriously. Bowl of oatmeal, piece of turkey sausage or turkey bacon, eggbeaters, these are my breakfasts. Without the microwave, I'm damned to stand over the stove for breakfast and I just don't have the patience anymore. I even went for a while on a microwave hiatus long ago because I was convinced that nothing good could come of radiating my food.

But no more. I need my microwave. Almost as much as I need my coffee pot. (Almost.) And not really for anyone else's food but mine. I didn't even realize how much I actually loved said microwave until I kept reaching up to use it realizing only a second later that I couldn't. Don't know what ya got till it's gone...

Anyway, we have the fancy over-the-stove kind, so my first thought when it went was, "Who on earth is the microwave-repair man?" Is there one? I guess the microwave falls under the "appliance repair man" umbrella but I think we'll just end up getting a new one and we must or I will start the week again without breakfast. Because I'm too lazy to stand at the stove in the morning.

The other wonderful gem of an appliance to meet its maker this week was, of course, THE A.C.


I know, right? I can't believe it either! I'm sorry, did I mention I live in Florida and it hasn't dawned on Florida yet to accept fall as a season? It was 80 today. I'm hot. It's hot in here. Of course, it too will follow that when the air is fixed, the temperatures will drop, because that's what happens. The A.C. couldn't have broken last week when there was a tiny window of days where we actually wore our big sweaters. (No, not jackets yet, sweaters.)

And there's nothing like the breaking of two major appliances to highlight all the unfinished project/slash/messes/slash/other broken things currently around the house and the garage and to show you that, no, indeed, there is no Magic Fix-It Fairy to swoop in and give a little sprinkly of her Magic Fairy dust onto said projects so that they might magically fix themselves. No magic talking animals and/or Dwarves to come into the house when we're gone and "Whistle While They Work." None of that.

Just waiting on that third thing to break. Any day now. God help me if it's the camera or the computer. Oh wait, that's it! Maybe that was the third one! Or the first, rather... Our camera died last week and we just had to buy the new Nikon! That was it! See? There were three! Crazy universe...

Needless to say, that's what we've been doing this weekend. Besides buying a microwave (tomorrow hopefully), the A.C. guy is coming in the morning, we bought all new shelves for the garage and are amidst an organizational extravaganza. We're halfway there! Putting things up on Craig's List, E-Bay, and putting stuff in piles for our big community garage sale next week which incidentally is amazing timing. One day, yes, one day...we might be a family who can park in their garage.

One can only hope.
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  1. We replaced a washer, dishwasher and stove this year. I HATE appliances:-(

  2. Seriously? Complaining about 80 in November? That's not right.

  3. again, following in each other footsteps: our fridge, washer/dryer and toaster oven broke. i hate being an adult and buying boring stuff like that!


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