My Own Mastercard Commercial

Ok, officially sick of being in sickhouse here...
Had one great day then back down for the count. Everyone's all germy and dribbly, we're like a bunch of Pigpens on Charlie Brown with the dirt swirling all around us but instead of dirt it's germs.

The only one who isn't sick is my husband, and after the week he's had, I'm thinking he might wanna be the one on the couch by now. Because he's been a trooper. Don't these germs know we've got stuff to do around here???? (Like blog? Hello!) Made me think of my own personal Mastercard commercial:

Four boxes of the softy-aloe-y tissues: 5 bucks
Rotisserie chicken from grocery store because mom doesn't feel like cookin: 7 bucks
Two boxes of Dayquil because cold thought it was done before going a second round: 14 bucks
Tomato Soup: 2 bucks
Husband who cooks, cleans, feeds-bathes-clothes the children, does laundry, cleans garage, does the lawnwork, fixes broken A.C., takes time off work, becomes sickwife-errand-boy, fixes curtains that stircrazysickboy knocked down, wakes up with kids, puts kids to bed, gets kids out of the house so mommy can sleep, amImissingsomethingbecausehe'sdoneeverything: well, you know. Priceless.

Today feels like a good day so far. Time to go disinfect...
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  1. Yea! for your husband!! Hope your feeling better!

  2. oh, i feel your pain. the same thing is going on over here! hooray for the fabulous husbands we have!

  3. Sorry y'all are sick. And hurray for super-heroes!

  4. Sorry that you are all sick... but if that all came with the mastercard... where can I get one lol...

  5. Oh, you poor things, all of you! But yes, a man like that to be so sweet is priceless and lucky to have someone like you to appreciate him.

  6. Hope you're feeling better soon! I lost my voice for two days and still feel rubbish, I think I needed your husband! Get better soon!


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