Randomness: Part Deux

OK so this is less like a tag and more like the fact that I have a million things I've been wanting to write down and none of them related to each other.

Like "Twilight". Have we read this yet??????? Is anyone else as in love with this series as I am? I have read the first two and I am on the third, but I feel compelled to express my obsession with this since it's coming out on Friday. And even though I usually hate the movies based on books I love, I always must must must always watch them anyway. I've since learned to keep them separated in my mind. But I can't wait to see it. I must admit that at first, the thought of a 100-year-old (vampire) being in love with a 17-year-old did creep me out a bit, but once I get over it and repeat in my mind that he really is a teenager because he died as a human that age or something like that, it makes me feel a little better. That's probably my only weirdness with the book. And have you seen Biggest Loser this week? I'm coming in a little late on this one, I watched last week's and this week's and I'm finding with each episode, I dislike Vicky more and more. She's just kind of, how a friend of mine would put it, poisonous. I realize she's playing a game because that's what the Biggest Loser is in the end, a game. But shouldn't she realize that that's what Amy was doing too? Playing the game? It's every man for themself at this point! Am I missing something with Vicky? Did I miss previous episodes in which everyone liked her? Why do I care? Anyway...

I am living in sickhouse again. Honestly, I am so frustrated at this point, I can't even tell you. This is the third time since September that we have all been leveled with something. Now the kids have bronchialitis. I didn't even know that was a word. They're both on the nebulizer and both have to do four treatments a day. Poops puts his fireman hat and coat and boots on and watches Fireman Sam and pretends it's a firemask. He's been so great about it. And the littler one, he actually does it fine too if he's sitting on my lap and can finagle a thumb in his mouth somehow to do both. We've all been sicker this year since Poops started school than we've ever been. Right now I am listening to dueling coughing in the monitors. How sad is that?! Ugh. Can I just close us all up in a bubble surrounded by anti-bacterial gel and wrap them up in bubble wrap while I'm at it? My body hurts. I would like to send a memo to germs right now.

To: Germs
From: Christie
RE: Declined

I am sorry to inform you, germs, that the most recent family you chose as your host family has decided that they won't be able to participate in your program and host you afterall. In fact, in this difficult economy, you'll find that most families' resources are already spread thin. Families are finding that germs in most situations require an obscene amount of attention, time and financial commitment and in this crucial time families are having to pare down many of the non-essentials and extra-curricular activities. Like, for instance, hosting unwanted guests (germs) that require families to have to take off for days in a row to help with nebulizer treatments, doctors appointments, expensive medications, the two-parent-hold-down in order to dispense said expensive medications, and not to mention seeing their little people so uncomfortable because of your lengthy stay. So, thank you for your interest in our family, but we're no longer interested and I might be speaking for many families here, but neither are they. So, if you would, don't call us. We'll call you.

Finally, and completely unrelated, isn't it weird how in the drugstore the baby items are directly across from the contraception items in the same aisle? I'm just sayin..
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  1. Love, love, love the Twilight series! The thing that threw me off and kinda kept me from reading sooner was the fact that they bill it as young adult. Glad I got over it!

    When you are done you have to check out "the host" by the same author - I liked it better than Twilight but I wish there was a sequel to it!

  2. Loved the Twilight series as well!! Can't wait to see the movie... I hope it does it justice!

    Hope you guys feel better soon!

  3. I'm sorry to admit this but I have NO idea what this "Twilight" series stuff is about...well, I did just happen to see a movie trailer the other day...but other than that, I know NOTHING more than "Bob the Builder", "MM Clubhouse" get the idea. BUT I am the same way about seeing the movie AFTER I've read the book, and I have an equally hard of time separating the two (I was extremly disappointed with "PS. I Love You" the movie after having read the book).

    Moving on....I love your memo re: hosting unwanted houseguests. It made me laugh out loud. It's sooo very true. I'm sorry to hear that your little men are having to fight so hard. Nebulizer treatments every 3 hours is torture (and expensive).

    I hope everyone gets to feeling better soon.

  4. read all 4 twilight saga books within 5 days. 3 of those days were spent on the last one, breaking dawn. i HATED it. i mean, parts of it were o.k., but to me it got just straight up ridiculous. that being said, i LOVED the first three. i'm not even freaked out by 100 yr old vampire and 17 yr old girl. what bothers me most about the books is that it's written very 'high school' like. i understand it's geared towards young adults. i suppose that that is why people love it so much lets them escape into a fantasy world without trying hard. there's nothing to understand but the love story.

    don't get me started on vicky and the biggest loser. did you read my post on it? wonder what she thinks of herself when she sees this played back? wonder what her kids/family/friends think of her. she is very toxic. i don't understand why amy sent colleen home. if she had ANY chance of staying there until the end, she should have sent vicky home. colleen is not a threat as she's finally plateaued. this season has stressed me out. i love this show when it's encourage and inspiring, but not so much this season.

    hope everyone gets better soon...those things seem to hang on forever. wanna hear something strange/funny? my bro & sis don't smoke, don't let ppl smoke in their house, don't want smoke near the kids (which is o.k. because we are like that, too...well hubby smokes but never in the house or around us), disinfect everything, wash hands a lot, and complain about ppl smoking and generally everything a lot. they are ALWAYS has asthma, my nephew & niece get sick. my nephew got encephalitis a few yrs ago so he's not even 100%.

    this is what my 21 yr old son said to me last week or so when i was sick...he said that everyone was getting sick. he said that he never washes his hands (i think he does sometimes, definitely at work!) so he can get immune. he RARELY gets sick. when he does, it's brief and not that debilitating (he sucks lol)i get sick and i'm laid out for a few days.

    o.k. i'm done ranting or whining (whatever it sounds like i'm doing) and taking up your comment space. lol :)

  5. p.s. taking my girls to see it friday....have tickets already.

  6. i knew you were in sick house again since you've been on phone hiatus. get better!! we're off to take our screaming baby on a 9 hour road trip (without including stops) ...yay, us!

    love you!!!!

  7. You know what I think is creepy - all the 30 year old women who are HOT for this "17" year old vampire. I kept reading it thinking - okay he is 17! He might really be 100 but why are you swooning over a 17 year old? LOL

  8. I'm so in to BL this year it's just scary. I simply cannot stand Vicky nor Heba nor the Blue Team in general. They are just nasty. You missed Heba in her "finest" moment ragging at Phil & his wife Amy at one point. Just plain old nastiness. I know it's a game & this year - the Blue Team is playing it HARD! I can't wait to see who wins & I'm praying it's Renee or Michelle!!!! ;-) I'm just pathetic I know. LOL


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