I've been tagged to share 8 random facts and habits about me by Lissa at The Anderson Clan! OK here they are:

1. I almost always bring a glass of water to bed with me and put it on my sidetable where it almost always goes completely undrunk and I almost always forget to bring it out of the room in the morning so that when the following night I bring in another glass of water (that will go undrunk), there become two (full) glasses of water on my nightstand, then three, then four...

2. I have an obsession with fun cups, mugs, and glasses. I love thick handblown drinking glasses and big huge coffee mugs and handpainted wine glasses, and glass goblets. Even plastic wine glasses that light up or blink (which people were walking around with at a wine festival in our town a couple weeks ago). Our cabinets overfloweth. With cups.

3. I lovvvvve rice with ketchup.

4. I love having what my sister and I call "a beverage buffet". I'll order water and a coffee and possibly orange juice and quite often see myself sitting down to a meal, any meal, even at home, with three or more glasses of various beverage around me. (That I actually drink).

5. I must wear lipgloss and/or lipstick in any/every situation ever, with only two exceptions which are bed and the shower where really I am just washing it off just to put a fresh layer on.

6. I have a cat who is neutered who still mounts everything in sight and I don't know how to stop it. His recent advances have been toward my son's giant stuffed animals and soft blankets. (Any advice?)

7. I flooded a car once. There was a torrential downpour, I was on my way to the mall with my sister, I was wearing a skirt with pink and gray platform shoes, we drove through water that was just the teensiest bit too high (like over the hood high), we stalled, got out in the downpour and flood and pushed the car a few feet and the water somehow magically subsided. A tv crew was there and the guy asked me if I thought I was going to die which was ridiculous because if I were going to die it was going to be because my father would kill me for driving through a flood and ruining a perfectly good, newish Nissan Sentra.

8. Every morning I watch the Today show but I can't just watch the show. I must hear the very beginning little "Doooo Dooooo Doooo" and if my husband turns it on late I make him rewind it so I can hear it. He knows this about me and does it without my asking. Isn't he nice?

OK so here are the rules.
Each player starts with eight random fact/habits about themselves.
People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
At the end of your blog post, you need to choose people to get tagged and list their name - (and here's where I personally break the rules. I tag everyone.)
Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they're tagged and to read your blog.
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  1. You are too funny! Rice + ketchup = Eeeeewww! ;o)

    Thanks for playing, I love hearing your random quirks!

  2. SO FUNNY and quite intriguing (the bev buffet).

    Id try but I pee all the time as it is....

  3. I'll play. My sister in law taught my kids the rice and ketchup thing - EWWW!

  4. I like mashed potatoes and ketchup, it's like french fries without all the grease!

  5. You are so cute. I love you. I understand ketchup on rice, though I do that less than on noodles, which disgusts Tom. Now I know I'm not alone. Yours is a good man doing the rewind thing for the Today show, and it makes me kind of want a dvr thingy.

  6. Ketchup and rice? I want to gag just thinking about that, sorry! I'll try and get mine up today, but not going to promise anything. but it will get up soon!

  7. What a great getting-to-know-you tag:-)


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