Saturday Results: the Post-Thanksgiving, Baby's Not a Baby Anymore Edition

It is with great sadness that I must report that yes. It has happened again. Another one of my babies has turned a year old (well, technically it's Sunday but today we celebrated his birthday so really it's all the same..)

How does it happen? How do these little eensy-weensies get so big so quickly? All I could do on the way back from my mom's where I threw his party, as I was stuffed in the back of our minivan with presents, tables, chairs, and decorations piled all around me, was look up at the planets twinkling above me and think about my little baby and get all teary-eyed. Then, I feel eyes on me and see him smiling at me with his little Irish eyes and start laughing because he is literally. always. smiling. And then I get teary again because next week we'll have to turn the seat around to face forward because that's just another one of those steps that tell you your kid's about to go off to college and leave you.

Maybe that's a stretch. But I bet you I'll be blogging about that before I know it.

Should I get this week's weigh-in out of the way now or later? OK, so it wasn't a banner week. But it was Thanksgiving, so we should give our final week here at the HFH the ol' heave-ho and pound out just one more week (and if you're up for it, a few more after that...)

Our loss this week:

2.3 pounds
So, eh. Whatayagonnado. Ain't like I helped the pot along, that's for sure. So let's end it on a great and grandios note. I challenge all of you out there to lose one pound next week. One. Just one. Everyone who's in here. And then, we'll have some prizes to give away afterward, how fun is that?? Speaking of prizes, this week's winner of Angie's beautiful prize package is:
Congrats to you! I sent you an e-mail but I wasn't sure if I had the right one!
Have a happy weekend everyone! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!
Now, onto the HFH season finale...
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  1. Congrats Proud Mommy! Be sure to touch base with me ASAP so I can get your package out this week before we leave on vacation.

    Email me at

  2. I know what you mean about babies growing up but my baby turns FIVE in January & I am SO not ready for that....

  3. Aww! Happy Birthday to your little one.

    Why do they have to grow so fast? My baby is 6 months old already. It seems like I just had my first baby but that was almost 6 1/2 years ago. Time does fly.

  4. The 1st is so bittersweet isn't it?
    Woohooooo I won!!!! Thanks so much. What another great motivator for me this week!!!!

  5. I was reading your blog and catching up - Wow - I wish I had the motivation you have. I would like to loose 8 more pounds until my 31st birthday on the 18 of December? I don't know if that is possible, but you have motivated me to try - thanks. Off to exercise!


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